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I am Durkon Kell. I play a Beastmaster Hunter in the World of Warcraft, and I enjoy training others to do this. I love the Warcraft world – Blizzard have spent a lot of time making it a compelling place to be – and almost every aspect of Hunting in that world.

I’m also a broadcast Studio Operations specialist and a bit of a sci-fi and (to a somewhat lesser extent) fantasy geek.

My thanks go to the following for their inspiration. These are the people who made me a hunter, rather than a shambles. These individuals are the reason I am here, posting this entry. I owe to them not just my class knowledge but my curiosity and my desire to dig into the mechanics of my class and find out for myself. Thank you!

BigRedKitty, of course.
Pike, of Aspect of the Hare
Klinderas of Slow Wolf
Odu and Tromb of the Dark Avengers, my MM and SV colleagues.
Combatmage, also of the Dark Avengers, for his seemingly infinite knowledge regarding gear.
Metaguard, AKA Semseye, for levelling with me and helping me to discover the World of Warcraft in the first place.

Proper posts (i.e. posts with actual content) will commence shortly!


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