Cataclysm for Hunters

In cataclysm, Hunters will no longer use Mana. We will no longer benefit or care about Intellect. Aspect of the Viper will be obsolete.

Oh… My… God!

It will be replaced with focus (what am I, my pet now?!) which will regenerate over time, roguelike. I don’t really know what to think about this at this very, very early stage, but I will say this:

Of all the things related to the Hunter class… did this REALLY need to change? What was actually wrong with us as a mana-using class? Oh, I know it didn’t make sense, but is it that hard to envision hunters with mana-sensitivity and arcane inclinations being considerably more successful as adventurers? After all, we can tame a beast inside of thirty seconds (as opposed to let’s say a couple of years) and we can enhance our shots with arcane power. Sure, we’re not as powerful with magic as mages, but that’s why we use a rifle and not energy hurled from our bare hands. I’m just not sure what’s actually wrong with the current system. Sure, we become mana-starved if we DPS for too long at maximum power, but now we’ll just become focus-starved if we go all out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for me, but I’ll process this tomorrow at work and see what I come up with.

Also, ammo will finally become an item, not a consumable. I’m an engineer. There’s really not a lot here to make me jump for joy :P

EDIT: Good lord, that’s not all. They’re changing EVERYTHING. Attack power is apparently “Gone” although they go on to say that Agility now provides 2AP. Which makes no sense. Spell power no longer exists. Armor Pen is removed. I’m not even qualified to begin to consider the upshot of all this for our class…

Basically, I’ll have Chestguard of Power – 150 Agility, 150 Stamina… and that’s it? Then there’ll just be the Chestguard of More Power with 160. That sounds, uh… simple. I’m not certain itemisation will be interesting any more, though. How exactly does this affect me as one of my guild’s hunter trainers?
Guildie: “What do I gem for?”
Kell: “Agility.”
Guildie: “OK.”
Both: …

Update: Please note the slightly newer post, here, in which I actually think about this stuff. Gearing is simplified, but not as much as I originally thought / feared!


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