Soooo, Blizzard announce that the next expansion is called Cataclysm (which we knew). And the new races are Goblins (horde) and Worgen (alliance). Which we knew.

Then they told us some stuff we didn’t know.

  • The level cap, as rumoured is 85, which was surprising to me. This is because they’re halting ‘traditional’ character development through levelling and spending talent points. Characters will now progress with the new “Path of Titans”, which really intrigues me. Can’t wait to hear more about how your character’s path progresses, and if it’ll continue after you hit the level cap. The paths will apparently be independent of class, all characters will be able to choose any path.
  • The Old World will be completely rebuilt. A ‘cataclysm’ (hence the name!) will befall the land, altering almost every zone in the game in a catastrophic, irrevocable way. The world will be altered for everyone, not just people who purchase the expansion. Yes, flying mounts will be permitted in the old world. No, nothing will be the same, ever again! This one in particular, astonishes me. There are seven new zones, plus the entire of Old Azeroth is changed. This is a really massive expansion. In fact, it doesn’t so much ‘expand’ on the game as overwrite it!
  • The goblin and worgen starting areas / quests look amazing…
  • All those unfinished zones, Uldum, Grim Batol, Mount Hyjal will be accesible.
  • Heroic Deadmines?! I’m not even joking. Heroic Deadmines.
  • Guilds will level based on the activities of guild members (dailies and so forth), and gain talent points. This seems like a really cool way to get guildies to co-operate and work together on things more, and some of the rewards are pretty cool. Mass Guild Resurrections in particular sounds attractive!

There’s a lot more as well. I’ll direct you to for the current coverage, and it’ll be continuing there throughout Blizzcon. Honestly, some of the things appearing in the next expansion are astonishing, the art and sheer scale of the thing have blown me off balance completely. I cannot wait to see what’s next!

EDIT: Bullet points do not appear to work. I’ll investigate this after I’ve had some sleep. For now, use your imagination :P
EDIT EDIT: Bullet points do work, but only if you view the post individually, not on the front page. Eaargh.
EDITED EDIT: They’re going to do it. They’re really going to do it. They’re going to destroy the world!


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