The catchup game

Ryo doesn't understand why we can't just kill him for his loot, like everyone else.
Ryo doesn't understand why we can't just kill him for his loot, like everyone else.

Yes, I’m playing WoW, but I’m also playing catchup. Not just with my friend Semseye (and I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to him for complaining: It really isn’t your fault that you did stuff while I was busy being not online) but with most of my guild. Since patch 2.2 was released and emblems of conquest started dropping from everything I seem to have fallen behind somewhat on gear.

Fortunately for me, catching up is easier than ever before at this stage. A couple of weeks of running heroics, and I can conceivably have two tier-8 pieces and a couple of general emblem of conquest items! While I can understand some raiders’ frustrations, for me this is A Good Thing, as it seems like the Guild is still a few weeks off making proper attempts on Ulduar. And lets face it, the rest of the T8 and T9 gear is still unavailable to me so I don’t see the dedicated raider’s world collasing in upon them or anything.

So that’s my project for the next couple of weeks, and it’s not really that interesting. I have a proper hunterly project next in my list, though: I’ve finally levelled my tenacity pet – Draigan the Warp Stalker – up to 80 and once my gear is sorted it’s my intention to dual spec and experiment with pet tanking! More on this, including a plan of action (such as it is) nearer to the appropriate time.



2 thoughts on “The catchup game

  1. Semseye 27/08/2009 / 14:26

    That’s cool mate :)

    But as we see in VH (I think I was) you still out dps me so I’m not quite there yet.

  2. Durkonkell 28/08/2009 / 14:32

    I’m not convinced that this is the case. My crit rating in BM is higher than yours, but you have more attack power than me and less bloody useless haste (can’t get rid of the stuff), which is closer to the ideal BM itemisation.

    I suspect I just got lucky in VH. Did it again with a similar group and didn’t even hit 3000 on Cyanigosa.

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