Moving on

When I was around level 25 or 30, I’d already recieved more than my fair share of ninja guild invites. Then an officer of a little guild called the Dark Avengers approached me, talked to me for a while and asked if I was interested in joining. Just for the novelty of someone actually talking to me instead of just waving a guild invite wordlessly in my face, I signed up. My friend Semseye (also levelling his character through the same area) also joined and later Signal, all the way from the United States.

I’ve been with the Avengers ever since. We have been through a lot together, and when the GM and his co-leader resigned to do other things Jayun and Skyshell picked up command and ran the guild as best they could. We built up quite a community. Sems and I both made officer. We raided, we did instances together, we did battlegrounds together. We certainly weren’t the most successful guild, clearing naxx-10 easily but never making any serious inroads into Ulduar or the Trial of the Crusader and unable to field a 25-man team.

But still, we were a community. Our bond with the people there kept us there despite offers from other guilds. I really liked those people…

Sometime in the last couple of days – I was away and then working, so haven’t been on – the two guild leaders decided that they didn’t want anything to do with raiding any more, told everyone this, invited them to leave the guild and then went to level horde alts. This worked badly for the guild, as everyone important to our little community abandoned ship pretty sharply. The leaders declined to pass command to any of the officers, and have made it clear that they have no intention of disbanding the guild. Since the GM will be contactable and would like to retain his position, waiting for a month and then petitioning a GM for control is out of the question. Regardless, the community has already dispersed and apart from its bank tabs there is no real reason to attempt to resurrect the Dark Avengers at this point. Gods, I can’t even cast resurrect, only revive pet!

So, this leaves me and my friends with only two real options if we don’t want to become lone wolves:

  1. Sign up in another guild. Besides the problem of finding a guild that suits us, there is the consideration that we would be discarding all the work we put into advancing ourselves. We would be unproven, untested newbies and it’ll take a long time to establish ourselves in the new community. On the other hand, we will be dropping into a pre-established, hopefully stable and competent guild where we will have no responsibilities other than to do our best should the guild deign to take us into any instances.
  2. Establish our own guild. This will give us an opportunity to do things in the way we prefer, hopefully building on strengths we have observed while minimising problems we encountered. All three of us are experienced leaders of some kind of player-group. I led for some significant amount of time a military-roleplaying clan on several Freelancer servers, with Sems as my exec and Signal as a key officer in our closest allies. Semseye led a corporation in eve for a while, with me as Chief Engineer and Signal in command of our defence force. Signal himself already led a WoW guild over on the US realms (Sems and I weren’t in that, we’re EU-types and haven’t really seen fit to buy a second account in the US yet). There are numerous potential snags too, including what to name it, what type of guild we intend to be, financing it, recruiting players. The last is probably the most critical: is Blade’s Edge-EU already saturated with guilds? Will we get players easily, or will it be uphill both ways? How are we going to recruit experienced players? Where will our first ten come from? How will we manage the guild (likely through a triumvirate, a council of three)? Running a guild is difficult, but we’re obviously attracted to command as we’ve each done it before. I suppose the question is “Do we want to do it now” is applicable, as well as considering whether we have the time to give it our best shot.

I’ve written recently about my desire to hit Icecrown before Cataclysm and my fear of running into the Loot Wall. It seems that we three will be taking matters into our own hands in one way or another, and I can only hope it works out better than the Dark Avengers’ rather sad final fall.

I’ll miss you people, Avengers. Good luck in the future, wherever it takes you.



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