And what have we here? Unscheduled work pause?

So, apologies for the temporary discontinuation of posts here. There are a couple of reasons; I’ve been madly busy these last two weeks, and I’ve not been playing WoW much. This is partly because of the aforementioned busy-ness and partly because I’ve been doing other stuff when I have had some free time. There’s not much new material being generated for a wow-centric blog under those circumstances :P

I plan to post a BM hunter-guide or two up within the next week, and maybe even a post or two about guilds soon (depending on what I actually experience!). I also have some Beastmasterly fictional-type writings in the works, so look out for that if you’re into such things…

In totally tangential, unrelated, almost totally irrelevant news, I picked up the ultra-extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy from Amazon last week. Twelve disc set and two of the movies now run to over four hours! It’s like the director’s cut, but they didn’t want to call it that because it implies that the theatrical release was not the best cut it could be. It adds a LOT of really quite relevant stuff back in that shouldn’t ideally have been cut in the first place – I can see why it was, people don’t want to sit in cinemas for over four hours and the films still broadly make sense without these extra scenes. It is, however, really nice to have them in as it really adds to the background of certain characters. Faramir’s actions – attempting to bring the Ring back to Gondor (“A chance for Faramir, Captain of Gondor, to prove his worth”) are a lot more believable, make a lot more sense with the restoration of an important scene explaining his relationship with his brother and father.

An absurd twelve-disc ultra-extended trilogy of films (which must run to over ten hours without any of the special features factored in) sounds expensive. I paid a whopping £18 for it. EIGHTEEN. I’ve paid more for single DVDs, let alone special edition box sets. If you enjoyed the films originally or if you’re a fan of the books and would enjoy seeing several critical scenes restored, I’d highly recommend it. Hie thee to the Internet Store!



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