Return of the Headless Horseman

Prepare yourselves! The bells have tolled!
Shelter your weak, your young and your old.
Each of you shall pay the final sum!
Cryyyy for mercy! The reckoning has coooooome!

It’s Hallow’s End time once again! Really, Brewfest was the first annual holiday that I experienced but it’s Hallow’s End that I remember most fondly. Putting out Goldshire, eating too many sweets and turning party members into things. Last time I was around level 35 and so didn’t get to kill the horseman’s head. This year? He has a horse that can fly. I want it. Also he needs killing, I suppose. I need the Hallowed Helm from him, and a full set of wand transformations to get the meta-achievement.

A level 35 Durkon being big and orange
A level 35 Durkon being big and orange

It seems to me that the Shade of the Headless Horseman has been killing far more people this year than last. Those firebombs he drops on people tend to instantly incinerate anyone of a low level – I have no particular memories of being instantly incinerated last time.

All my screenshots from this year are on another computer. Therefore, please use your imagination to fill in. You may also like to imagine some kind of brilliant writing or – let’s say – fill in for the entire last week of missing posts. Sorry…


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