I have returned!

Northern Skies

I have returned to northern skies
Where summer hasn’t touched
The clouds that pass above

I have returned to the sombre greys
Of days too early to come
And too hurried to stay

For once there was beauty here for me
Under the wide northern skies
And once there was magic here for me
Under the wide northern skies…

I took a bit of a wow-break. It wasn’t exactly planned, I had other things to do and thought “I’ll take a week or so off”.

Several months later, I’m back. Quite a few things have changed in my absence…

  • Pikestaff’s left (for now, at least. If she returns, there’s a good chance we won’t be seeing her again till Cataclysm). For some reason, I kinda expected to see that post when I got back. It saddens me greatly to see another Beastmaster (in particular) and hunter (in general) moving on from the community – first BRK, then Klinderas and now Pike. I think she was my favourite of the three; her love of the class was obvious to anyone and the combination of hunters, druids and roleplaying-without-explicitly-roleplaying resonated with me.
  • My Hunter’s fallen behind a lot. I mean really catastrophically.
  • Gearscore appeared. WHY oh why to people insist on trying to reduce an individual’s worth to an easily digestible number? Capability cannot be assessed so simplistically.
  • My friends all switched servers. My druid followed them. My hunter didn’t. I’ll have to move my hunter over at some point, but the combination of this gearscore nonsense and having a load of catching up to do has made me more inclined to level my druid.
  • I’ve grown to really like my Druid. I mean a lot – I’ve never levelled a non-hunter above 58 before. I’m taking Amaras to Outland tomorrow!
  • My Cataclysm predictions appear to have been wildly off – there’s no Beta yet. In my defence, Blizzard said that there would be no further intermediate major content patches and then announced a new raid (Ruby Sanctum) and some kind of big Gnome and Troll home-city-reclaimation event. Apparently these are minor patches and are a prelude to Cataclysm rather than Wrath content anyway. So, y’know…
  • Actually, my feelings towards Cataclysm right now vary pretty wildly between rabid anticipation and vague dread. More on this later.
  • My new guild on the new server’s alright, but I still miss running my own show. If I could make Dragonsworn work, I’d do it in an instant. Regrettably, it seems like New Server is even more saturated with guilds than Old Server which rules that option out for now. I still consider my characters Dragonsworn, at least for roleplaying purposes.

And probably some other things that I’ve forgotten, too. I’ve been meaning to start this back up for a while – I miss it – and so here I am. Now that Pike’s gone, someone has to help prop up the Beastmaster banner, right?



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