Decisions, decisions…

A conundrum presents itself.

I’ve been listening to the Wrath soundtrack tonight while filing my endless endless paperwork. If it’s done anything, it’s made me really want to take down the Lich King before the Cataclysm. And Malygos – ye Olde Guilde never did manage to take him down, and he needs killing for what he did to Keristrasza (also the genocide thing). The problem is that my hunter isn’t exactly wearing modern gear. To be honest, at the speed people are gearing up nowadays you’ll probably need Nozdormu‘s help to find the Armory entry for him…

So I need to get my hunter transferred and haul him through as many heroics and into as many appropriate raids as possible before everyone gets bored of farming Arthas and heads off to the Ruby Sanctum or something. Except…

I have a Druid on the very verge of hitting Outland. I love Outland, I really do. I will probably stay there until he hits 70, faster levelling and better Northrend gear be damned. Yeah, sure, Outland’s not going anywhere if I want to focus on my Hunter now – gearing Durkon’s time critical, levelling Amaras probably isn’t. I am however somewhat disinclined to play my hunter right now as

  1. Server transfers cost money.
  2. It will be the total, final end of Dragonsworn. And there’s a load of stuff in the guild bank and I have no bag space.
  3. Being rediculed for my gear in heroics (which I outgear completely – remember when people were doing sub-1000 DPS in heroics?) doesn’t really seem like it will be fun.
  4. Outland!
  5. Druids are rather fun to play, I can tank any level-appropriate instance and no-one will excoriate me for my gear. Granted, DPSers never watch their aggro and many do astonishingly incompetent things. Remind me to tell you about The BRD Run of Ultimate Doom at some point. I’ll take it over absurd unwarranted gear-eliteness.
  6. The Lich King does not live in Outland.
  7. Flight form!


Postscript: Convenient gearing up sans-raids post appears.

Postpostscript: The Wrath soundtrack is really bloody good…


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