Cataclysmic: Hunter class change preview review

In which my initial enthusiasm gives way to actual thinking. As usual…

So, I made a post about that Cataclysm hunter preview. I was enthusiastic! Upon further consideration however there are a few things that are a cause for some level of concern.

Now make no mistake: This is not a “Aaaargh hunting is ruined and doooooomed, curse you Ghostcrawler and your anti-hunter campaign” rant. I’m still confident in the general competance of the Blizzard team and I suspect that the changes will either work or they won’t make it into 4.x. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

  • Ammunition removal: I mentioned this before, then thought back to the days of Ye Olde Guilde. As an Engineer, I often used to send large batches of Mammoth Cutters to the guild’s alchemists and jewelcrafters (or rather their alts) in exchange for their services. It was’s Officers Quarters that crystallised this for me: If you’re in a guild that raids, generally everybody pitches in and does what they can. I was the one distributing vast quantities of Mammoth Cutters to the hunters. I also provided Jeeves, but that was somewhat situational. I know that engineering has never been about its usefulness in groups or profitability, but I’d like to see us at least contributing in some way to my team. Naturally, this will all be forgotten the instant they show me what new goodies they have in store for engineers in Cataclysm :P
  • So, uh… The focus thing. If Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, Deterrence and so forth consume focus, that could be a nightmare. We can blow all our cooldowns, but then not have the focus to actually make best use of our increased power. Currently, if I get feared I blow BW. In Cata, unless I predict exactly when I’ll be feared and hold back focus for that eventuality, BW may be off cooldown but still not be available to use when I need it. And having to choose between DPSing and holding back Disengage? Eeargh. My real concern however is that we will be unable to perform adequately on high movement fights. Regenerating sufficient focus seems to be dependant on firing Steady Shots / Cobra Shots, which will not be usable on the move. Whether or not this will be a problem depends on how many high-movement fights there will be in Cataclysm and whether Blizzard have a specific plan for us in this kind of fight.
  • Speaking of cooldowns, there was some mention at BlizzCon of making the class less dependant on cooldowns. I didn’t see much of a mention of them here and a lack of information = irrational fear. Pleeeeease don’t take my Big Red Kitty Spirit Beast button from me, developers!
  • See? Vague dread. I have no evidence at all that they may be considering such a thing, but in the absence of concrete confirmation my imagination fills in the blanks.

Durkonkell gains Durkonkell’s Vague Dread.

I’m certainly not saying that the new system won’t work or it’ll be terrible. It’ll certainly be different and I’m not sure yet if it’ll be an improvement but I am content to wait and see what comes out of the Open Beta. Only playing with the system in reality will tell us whether or not it’ll work well – if it really doesn’t, there will be time to fix it. However, they are under no obligation to make changes that I will personally like (I like Tree Druids :P). It’s entirely possible that they’ll put together a workable, fun to play and well thought out system that  I won’t like and I hate the thought of being severed from my hunter.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll be able to fly my Netherwing Drake around old Azeroth. To Heroic Deadmines. And there will be Worgen!

Durkonkell’s Vague Dread fades from Durkonkell.
Durkonkell gains Durkonkell’s Rabid Anticipation.


One thought on “Cataclysmic: Hunter class change preview review

  1. lauren 29/10/2010 / 02:11

    are we aloud to just stack and try to make a insalating device?

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