Well, this is easy…

Or “Druid flight-form makes levelling through outland trivial”.

How do I grip it? By the husk?

It really does. I’d even go so far as to say it breaks the game, or at least spoils you badly. Why? Because unlike players on their gryphons and other flying mounts, you can pick up or operate most objects in the world without breaking flight form (and in fact while still hovering OVER the object in question). Instead of fighting your way into a heavily defended outpost / haunted ruins of something you simply fly around picking up the appropriate quest objects while all the guards ignore you (for the most part).

When I say it spoils you, I mean that I felt genuinely irritated yesterday when the game made me actually kill things – this despite being a feral Druid who can bounce from target to target without ever stopping to eat or drink!

There are a lot of gathering quests in Outland, they award very decent amounts of XP and they may as well be messenger quests for me! Not that I’m complaining. Once I make the mental adjustment for being able to fly and do things at the same time without dismounting it’ll be hard to go back to flying mounts.

I still love my Netherwing Drake though…

Jorus the Netherwing Drake

Next time: Soloing Group Quests as Feral is Trivial and Why Berserk is Awesome (or Manglemanglemanglemanglemanglemangle ahahaha!).


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