Durkonkell salutes Brigwyn with respect

For the past week, I have been listed as the ‘Hunter Blog of the Week’ over at the Hunting Lodge. That anyone would care to link to my fledgeling internet-weblog at all is a surprise to me, so I almost fell over and exploded when I saw this:

Thankyou, Brigwyn – for the link, and for your past two years of service to the Hunter community. I may not have been present for most of it, but I can read back!

He has posted a fairly lengthy open letter which goes some way towards explaining why he’s moving on. He was very careful about not implicating anyone, but it seems pretty clear that a certain degree of internal community politics has been going on. I can understand his frustration with that, and with the current trend in some quarters towards an attitude of “There’s only one way to play the game and if you do anything differently you’re a noob and unworthy of inclusion”.

With that said, I find myself in agreement with his closing message. The community might be diminished by the departure of such people as Brigwyn and Pike but there’s still a lot worth sticking around for!

Good luck and fair weather, Brigwyn. I look forward to seeing what you do next…



2 thoughts on “Durkonkell salutes Brigwyn with respect

  1. Brigwyn 20/04/2010 / 16:12

    You deserve it! :) You have a good thing going on here and I hope you keep it up.

    So many bloggers start out strong only to end after a short while. I hope you’ve gotten some encouragement and loyal readers. If so? Then I’m honored to have helped.

    Now, your sentiment that there are lots of reasons to not be discouraged and to stick around? Absolutely!!

    Just because a few of us are shifting our blogging or playing focus, doesn’t mean that everyone should or must. It only means that we’ve grown weary and it is time for the next generation of bloggers, podcasters and WoW Community leaders to step up and carry the banner forward! :D

    Thanks for the post and your kind words.

  2. durkonkell 20/04/2010 / 19:59

    Thank ye, Brigwyn.

    I really am genuinely looking forward to seeing what you do with brigwyn.com. Good luck with it all!

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