Make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony (etc.)

I’ve seen these words around a bit in reference to the Celestial Steed. At first, I thought that they were in reference to this (most excellent) wowhead comic by Noxychu. Naturally, the comic is a reference to something else. A quick glance through the comments and google search revealed that something to be a flashgame called Robot Unicorn Attack.

The music is actually Always by Erasure, and Noxychu did reference the song directly – most people seem to have jumped straight to Robot Unicorn Attack (for which it is the soundtrack) though, which is valid as the game features a faster-and-faster running unicorn that spends a lot of time aloft. It’s also rather fun, like Canabalt but more uplifting and with a charge attack. I recommend it!

(Yes, I have a celestial steed. I like it even more after playing Robot Unicorn Attack)


2 thoughts on “Make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony (etc.)

  1. Semseye 21/04/2010 / 20:35

    You are welcome. I also do like the mount, as you know I was trying to get the headless horse mount. Next year it will be mine :)

    On a diffrent note I got 33,000 points on the robot unicorn attack :D

  2. durkonkell 25/04/2010 / 01:32

    Thanks, Sems!

    I managed to get up to 35,000, but I seem to recall seeing that you’re on about 42,000 now :P

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