A year later…

Yesterday I completed Oculus. Actually, it was the first time I ever made any progress at all in Oculus, since Olde Guild wouldn’t do it and everyone I’ve encountered in the Random Dungeon Finder has dropped group instantly. This huge aura of fear and dread has built up around Oculus, but I knew it had dragons in so I still wanted to do it.

Actually I really enjoyed it. And I know that rising gear levels have made most heroics simple, but from the way people were talking about it I expected it to be difficult at some point. Yet with no-one explaining anything, 3 out of the 5 being new 80s by their own admission and me having no clue at all about what I was doing, we still blew through it with no problems, and quickly enough to get the speed achievement. Admittedly, they did fly off and leave me while I worked out who to speak to for drakes, which drake to get and how to summon him (before blundering into a blue dragon while trying to find the group). I liked the fact that the Red Drakes from Defending Wyrmrest Temple speak to you, so I actually grinned when I realised that you can ask your drake about what to do next!

So… What’s the problem? I’ve heard that the dragons were difficult to learn and control (not true if you spend a few seconds reading the descriptions of the abilities), that people resented learning to play a class for 80 levels and then being forced to play as something else (except that almost all of the fighting is done on foot, and only the last boss must be done with drakes).

I’ll just say it. I like Oculus! Please don’t bail on me if you get it as a random dungeon. Remember, if the random dungeon finder assigns you here, you get an extra two emblems of triumph and a chance at a blue drake from completing it!


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