Armory Datamining thinkses

Just wait till the Worgen arrive...

Armory Data Mining has been updated for 3.3.3, our current patch (via druid blogger extraordinaire Alison Roberts). The idea is that its administrator Zardoz interprets the information in the World of Warcraft official armory and compiles it into statistically interesting information. There’s quite a lot of interesting information in there. For example:

  • Roughly 25% of all level 80 hunters are Beastmasters, 28% Marksmen and an astonishing 45% are Survivors. This, despite recent rebalancing.
  • 2.3% of level 80 hunters use a 53/18/0 BM spec, making it the most popular single BM spec. 53/11/7 is at 1.2%. The same percentage of level 80 hunters use 71/0/0!
  • 34% of all hunters are Night Elves, making them overwhelmingly the most popular.
  • The most popular profession for hunters is skinning – 47% of hunters have it. 15% at level 80 are miner/engineers like me.
  • The most popular hunter pet is the cat! 24% of all hunter-pets are cats. Note, however that this almost certainly includes stabled pets and will include non-80s. With that said, only 18% of all hunter pets are the “technical best”, wolves.
  • Gondria is the most popular spirit beast, followed by Loque’nahak.
  • 51% of hunters with Ferocity-class pets take Heart of the Phoenix.
  • On the other hand, 92% take Spiked Collar. This means that there are 8% of ferocity class beasts whose owners turned down 9% extra damage on all attacks (or perhaps haven’t talented their pets).
  • Bloodthirsty is favoured over Improved Cower by 86% to 4%. This stuff is interesting to me as I’m just finishing up a discussion of ferocity talents!
  • Hunters get by far the most killing blows at level 19, but are only just behind warlocks in deaths per game. By level 80, this is reversed – hunters die the most, and are just behind warlocks on killing blows per game.
  • Druids seem to do badly at killing other players, placing last at 80, 69, 59, 49 and 29. The sample size for druids at 39 was so low that they do not appear on the chart. Worth noting though that they are among the best survivors in PvP. I would tend to suggest that most druids PvP as restoration.
  • Almost all of the most popular glyphs in the Auction House are minor.

Interested? Hie thee to Armory Data Mining!

  • Bonus stat: At level 80, the Ice Striker’s Cloak is the most popular single item of gear across all three hunter specs.

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