I Am A Beastmaster!

I am a Beastmaster. I’m sorry that you don’t approve. Please deal with it.

My pet flies into a bestial wrath while I am consumed by the beast within. He looks after me as much as I look after him. It is a symbiosis, and I cannot see myself hunting any other way. I admire Marksmanship’s many shots, particularly Chimaera. I covet the survivor’s Explosive Shot and stupidly high crit rate. But I cannot live without Bestial Wrath and my Spirit Beast.

So, today I managed to run into my long-feared criticism from New Guild and a few randoms too for good measure.

RU BM? lol why?

Oh yeah, you’re BM. You should change that.

This is expected for some time to be honest, but I am disappointed that some of the criticism is coming from my guildmates as it could cause problems further down the line.  I will do everything I can to make myself an effective hunter except to change my race, spec or pet. I prefer rifles, but I use a crossbow at the moment. It was an upgrade. I hate the way my shoulders look but I wear them because they’re the best I’ve got. I spend large chunks of money on arrows, because I can’t make the 91.5 DPS ones at this time. If I get invited to ICC, I’ll be sure to bring enough consumables and flasks.

I fully expect to be benched though. Because only a complete idiot would try to run as BM. And what’s that by your side? It doesn’t LOOK like a wolf. And your gearscore is too low.

Oh, and before I forget: To the human priest who was rude to me because of my cast announcer: screw you too.

Normal service will resume at some point soon. DK is a little busy right now – hence the lack of posts – but never too busy to become pissed off at idiots and gearscore.


2 thoughts on “I Am A Beastmaster!

  1. furnurgler 27/05/2010 / 06:10

    I’m a Survival Hunter. I was a Survival Hunter back when there was only one in each raiding guild (cause that’s all you needed). I’m still a Survival Hunter despite being told I should respec to Marks.

    Why the hell should I? I still do awesome DPS and I am aware of my surroundings. I don’t look at CD’s anymore as I’m so used to my spec that it’s second nature.

    Play whatever spec you want to and be happy doing it screw everyone else. Mind you if you have something like a 24/24/23 spec I might come knocking on your door and slap you around the head. If your going to play a Hunter at least spec correctly in one of the trees.


  2. Durkonkell 27/05/2010 / 08:34

    Heh, I’m 71/0/0!

    Ah, seriously then. I’m still 53/11/7 as the crazy new 53/14/4 spec causes a theoretical loss for me. I plan to spend a little time working out a new spec soonish.

    I fully intend to keep playing BM. Explosive shot tempts me, but I’m not running with a wolf! Ryo would never forgive me…

    Thanks for dropping by Furnurgler. Always good to hear from another spec loyalist!

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