I Am A Beastmaster (supplemental)

ICC Raid was scheduled tonight.

Good news: I didn’t get benched because of my GearScore!

Bad news: I got benched because I’m a beastmaster. Please review the content of the previous post. Do you think this makes me more or less angry (clue: It’s more).

Apparently there are a lot of fights where your pet cannot attack the boss. So I was disincluded because of the bloody GUNSHIP BATTLE.

(Addendum: I know I’ve spent a lot of time recently whining like a Ferengi, but that’s because I am ultra-busy at the moment and only have time to write about what Durkon’s doing right now. Which is whining like a Ferengi. And not going to Icecrown. Posts with actual content next week).


3 thoughts on “I Am A Beastmaster (supplemental)

  1. furnurgler 29/05/2010 / 04:05

    Tell them you’ve respecced…show up as MM, then change just before the fight.


  2. Semseye 29/05/2010 / 12:47

    Haha I was going to say the same thing :-)

    though it wouldn’t look right if halfway through you have a spirit beast :-)

    on a diffrent note – hit 10,000 dps on a single boss in ICC the other day and had a kill shot of 28k! I’m catching up with that 31k kill shot now :-P

  3. Durkonkell 29/05/2010 / 21:07

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I’m sure SOMEONE would notice if my pet started becoming giant and red during the fight :P

    I don’t mind my current guild, but if I start getting any serious aggro about my spec it’s more likely that I’ll simply jump ship than try to mislead them. We’ll see how next week goes.

    @Semseye: Congratulations! I do envy your rapid-killshots and absurd crit rate…

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