What is the meaning of this?!

BRK is back (ish) and I had no idea? No-one anywhere I’ve seen has mentioned it? How is this possible?! He’s in the Cataclysm Alpha, and is posting about random things that he’s seen in a way that doesn’t violate the NDA.

Daniel Howell AKA BigRedKitty was one of my primary inspirations for getting into Hunter Blogging, and he probably contributed to my obsession with beastmastery too. The other major inspiration was also-beastmaster Pike.

She’s back too. Naturally.

I really didn’t expect to see them back this soon – not that I’m complaining, I’m glad to see them back and writing about Warcraft. It’s been far too long since I spent half a day at work reading BRK, but I kinda thought he was gone permanently and I didn’t expect to see Pike back this soon. I stop paying attention for a few days and this happens!

I should pay less attention more often, clearly.


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