So, I have no Internet…

My internet’s broken yet again, mostly in the evenings. I am working a 6 day week. I cannot be doing with this. This means I can only play at a friends house, and I can only post there or on my iPhone. The iPhone app only allows me to edit plain text, so no formatting or links because I can’t remember my HTML. No pictures, screenshots are all on my home PC.

Ooh, wait! I do have a picture of some kitty Druids I grabbed from somewhere when the new Feral forms were announced.

So, yeah. Proper posts when I can actually connect properly, hopefully soon.


2 thoughts on “So, I have no Internet…

  1. Semseye 05/06/2010 / 16:12

    I hope that who ever ur Internet providers are will reimburse you with all the time u havnt been able to use your Internet?… U know the one your paying for but not getting?

    Have you rung them? (I would think that would be a yes :P) what did they say? “oh it’s nothing to do with us, you will need to talk to BT” – *you call BT* “oh no it’s nothing to do with us, you need to talk to your Internet provider”

    Am I right?


  2. Durkonkell 21/06/2010 / 19:40

    Of course not, what were you thinking?! :P

    My ISP were pretty good actually, they got BT on the case quite quickly. Unfortunately BT has only a limited number of broadband engineers, and when they did send someone he was unable to resolve the fault as it was probably in the overhead wiring. They sent some normal telephone engineers to look at the wiring, but they didn’t know anything about ADSL…

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