Connection restored (ish)

My Internet connection now breaks only some of the time as opposed to all of it. So, you know, progress.

I managed to squeeze into the guild’s allied 25-man ICC run last week. I have never been to ICC before, except very briefly when someone bailed on Festergut and I was the only replacement available. I had damn near zero Ashen Verdict rep and only a basic understanding of the tactics on each boss. I spent most of my time alt-tabbing and reading up on what the hell to do for each fight. I managed to perform reasonably well, getting myself horribly killed only once when Lady Deathwhisper’s ghosts floated up to me and exploded. They do 15k damage each, so I could have survived two of them at once. Naturally there were three…

Oh, I knew that I had to run away from them, but the problem with speed-reading tactics in the brief gaps between shooting things is that you miss some of the more minor details such as “they don’t have name plates”.

The sequence of events:
Durkon: She’s almost finished! Arcane shot! How’s serpent sting doing? Steady shot! Refresh that serpent sting. When’s my next Bestial Wrath? Ooh, killshot!
~0.2 seconds

Deadly Boss Mods is utterly indispensible for me, and it does its best to keep me alive. Unfortunately the ghosts explode on contact and DBM only warns you when they start meleeing you. In the words of Rilgon “THEY DO NOT HAVE NAMEPLATES – ZOOM YOUR CAMERA OUT”. I should have read his guide in the first place, really.

I managed to disconnect just before the pull on Festergut – the one fight I’d done before – reconnecting to hear “He’s down, well done everyone” over Teamspeak. Bah. We made it up to Rotface before dying repeatedly due to a general tactics failure. Still, a pretty good night which put me on Friendly with the Ashen Verdict.

Guild’s been extending their 10-man raid lockout each week to try and progress – it’s probably the only way we’ll get to the Lich King on one raid night per week. I didn’t get in, but I was able to observe. They made good progress, getting as far as Sindragosa and getting her into phase three before the tactics failure – people got the indicator to show that they were about to be iceblocked, and ran to get away from other raid members. Unfortunately they ran IN FRONT OF THE DRAGON. Three times. After my ghosts incident I’m not the most qualified person to speak about situational awareness but you should probably notice that the last two people who got iceblocked are dead and everyone on teamspeak’s going on about not going in front of the dragon. Let’s face it, these are standard blizzard tactics: Don’t go in front of or behind dragons, and don’t stand in fire! :P (actually, I expect them to subvert it one day by giving everyone who stands in front of or behind a dragon some kind of huge buff, and those who stand on the side get crushed by the wings or something).

Oh yes! The Orca Hunter’s Harpoon finally dropped for me! Finally a replacement for my Silvery Sylvan Stave. That staff incidentally is an excellent buyable weapon for those of you who are unlucky with weapon drops like me. It costs 25 Champion’s Seals and you must be a Champion at the Argent Colosseum. That staff has been with me for a long time, I’ll kind of miss it.

This week: Few daily dungeons, weekly raid, if I’m lucky another ICC run. T10 headpiece. Level my druid a bit more (he’s 72 now). I guess I’ll have to finish up my ridiculous endless paperwork related to my actual job too (last week of a big project this week)…



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