Whose idea was it to have a bonfire IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER?!

I knew a guy called Combatmage on the previous server. I logged on on the first morning of the Midsummer Fire Festival last year and he’d completed it. He pretty much just stayed up all night and did the fire festival, getting the achievement at like 5AM. Madness!

I became a flame warden at about 0130 this morning, and working with Semseye it took me quite a while to do. It was absolutely worth it though – I went from about 1200 gold up to just under 2000 after doing just Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Desecrating Horde fires is pretty profitable, although I’m not entirely sure who pays for it… Regardless, I’ll be doing the festival on my Druid as well. He shall have swift flight form post-haste (unless I spend all my gold on ammo and raid consumables).

EDIT: Saw the battered hilt drop for the first time. Rolled a 1.


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