Cataclysmic: Closed beta commences! Kaboom the NDA!

This is it. The alpha is over, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm officially entered the closed Beta phase today. This means that the NDA is finished and the internet’s filling up with Cataclysm information.

BRK was right. There really ARE new Hunter aspects! Aspect of the Gopher is mysteriously absent – last minute change of course, as BRK would never fabricate something like that – but Aspect of the Fox is in:

The hunter takes on the aspects of a fox, increasing your focus regeneration by 20% and allows you to Auto-shot while moving.

Good grief.

Also: Bestial Wrath costs 45 focus. Bah. Deterrence and Feign Death have no cost. And disengage? Well, disengage doesn’t appear to exist any more.

Aspect of the Fox seems to replace Viper, but the auto-shot-while-moving thing is interesting. That may solve something like two thirds of the potential problems I had with the new system. I’ll really miss disengage, though…

Key changes to Camouflage too: “After 3 sec., you will enter a camouflaged state for 1 min, making you untargetable and providing stealth while stationary. While camouflaged, you and your pet’s movement speed is reduced by -30%, but the damage done by your next attack is increased by 15%.” It seems to indicate that we will now be completely untargetable, not merely untargetable at range. And remaining stationary provides full stealth!

It’s too late at night here, and I can’t process what’s going on properly. There’s some significant stuff here, though, I can’t wait to see what the hunter community makes of it all…

To the post and from there to MMO Champion!


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