Luck, BRK and Shinies

Also a word or two about RealID on the forums. But not much more than that.

Logged on last night. Got pulled into an ICC guild run. We shot some things, did gunship on heroic – it’s pretty much the same as normal gunship, except that the rockets (that you should be avoiding anyway) also knock you around. Some shoulders dropped, Semseye rolled 99 on them. I didn’t even bother rolling :P

Festergut. Got [Taldron’s Long Neglected Boots] to replace my Relentless Gladiator’s. Between bosses, I typed /roll for some reason while we were sitting about waiting for someone. It came up as a 99. Damn it, that was my high roll wasted for the night.

Rotface went down. The [Shaft of Glacial Ice] dropped! I rolled a 99, again. I suppose that just goes to show that the RNG can be cruel to you for months at a time, then all the numbers come up at once. I’m just sorry that my Mysterious Egg didn’t crack yesterday too…

BigRedKitty Worldwide Amalgamated Productions has gone into full production – three BRK Cataclysm Hunter Guide movies up so far! Admittedly, it always seems as if someone has taken his notes and written ENTHUSIASM!!! in giant red letters as voice direction, but that is his style. Wouldn’t be BRK otherwise! Interesting to see that /petattack doesn’t work from 1-10. Also I love the Pet Move command instead of stay, that’s a nice pet-control improvement.

Also, I suppose I should say a little about the latest Real ID news, that soonish all new posts on the Warcraft forums will display a user’s real first and last name and optionally a WoW character underneath. I think this could have a measurable impact on the maturity levels of the official forums. I think it could also lead to undue harassment and a lot of people who have valuable things to say no longer posting because they’re concerned about privacy. I don’t post on or spend much time reading the forums because they tend to be a hellhole of immaturity and constant, pointless complaining about every little thing. Once this change goes in, I still probably won’t post on the forums even if it becomes a much nicer place. My prediction is that people will be less likely to troll when they can’t hide behind a level 1 alt, but that the number of people actually posting will fall dramatically. And that’s about all I have to say about that.


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