Stop press! Uh… Reverse press!

Holy crap

Remember that post about the new talent trees just a couple of days ago? The one in which I mentioned that we can start playing around with talents now since the BM tree is 95% done?

Blizzard have scrapped the entire talent system as it currently stands. Absolutely obliterated it. I don’t even know where to start.

  • Players will now be awarded only 41 talent points, total. Around 1 point for every 2 levels.
  • The top talent point in each tree will be at 31 points.
  • Players will be presented with a brief description of the three trees at level 10, and will be required to choose one specialisation. At that time, they can spend their first talent point. They will receive key abilities and passive bonuses from that tree. They will then be locked in to that talent tree until they have spent 31 points.
  • Quote from Zarhym: “The idea isn’t to give players fewer choices, but to make those choices feel more meaningful. Your rotations won’t change and you won’t lose any cool talents. What will change are all of the filler talents you had to pick up to get to the next fun talent, as well as most talents that required 5 of your hard-earned points.”

This is massive. And unexpected. Here’s my first thought upon reading about it:


Having had more time to think… I quite like it. There are a lot of talents in the tree currently which aren’t very interesting and which grant only passive bonuses. Stripping them out to leave only the interesting abilities and talents could work well.  I really don’t know. More time to analyse is required…

EDIT: After more time and further due consideration I have determined that this is definitely something. Yes.

Links Time news post
Aaaand original Blizzard forum post


2 thoughts on “Stop press! Uh… Reverse press!

  1. Windpaw 08/07/2010 / 22:05

    I’ve decided to avoid the urge to post about Cataclysm Hunter changes. There are too many that are cool – too many that will suck and all of them entirely too likely to change before the game releases.

    Now…that said…the Worgen Hunter’s starting pet is tha-bombzorz….

  2. Durkonkell 08/07/2010 / 23:21

    Regrettably, I don’t have that level of self restraint :P

    In my defence, the dev notes did suggest that Pass 1 of the Beastmastery Tree was 95% complete and naturally I thought “I can start playing about with talents”. What I failed to realise was that “Pass 2” was “this is all wrong start again”…

    As regards Worgen, I like that Stormwind hunters venture out into the wild and come back with a Wolf while Gilneans resort to training domestic dogs. You can’t venture that far into the wilds with that giant wall in the way.

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