New Edition

Dodgy textbox-overtype intentional
With apologies to Rich Burlew

Tomorrow, US realms will be updated to World of Warcraft 4th Edition Patch 4.0.1. EU realms will presumably follow the day after. 4.0.1 contains the ‘rules’ for the new Cataclysm-era game system, so focus, new 31-point talent trees, no ammo, new pet skills, new stable and so on. World and Cataclysm Only changes won’t happen until 4.0.3 and Cataclysm release respectively.

I’m nervous. And excited! Hunting as we know it is about to change for good. There’s no going back. Addons will break, utilities we have come to rely upon will be unusable, we will have to make our own judgements on spec and gear until the community can get caught up. This is a time for pioneering, really playing around with your class and spec. A time when no-one can tell you that you’re doing it wrong, because no-one knows!

Spear will be shaken, shield be splintered! A sword-day, a RED day, ERE THE SUN RISES!

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. If you’re in the US, good luck. I hope the maintainance isn’t extended too much. Those of us in the EU have at least another 24 hours in which to enjoy Bestial Wrath breaking CC before our empathic link with our animal companions mysteriously lessens. I’ll miss that, I really really will. But I’m ready for the coming challenge…

The image is from Order of the Stick, a webcomic by Rich Burlew. It’s not a WoW comic but a D&D one, but the party-based setting should resonate pretty well with most Warcraft-types. I recommend it, it’s really bloody good, although if you’re not familiar with the 3.5ed D&D rules it can be a little confusing at first. Here’s the first strip, you can click on the question-mark to be introduced to the party.


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