Durkon Learns to Hunt (Again…)

This is a live recorded-as-live-ish blog detailing my journey into the Brave New World (of Warcraft) that is 4.0. The world may still be the same, but the rules have changed. Let’s see what happens…

We are off-air for now. I’ll pick up again tomorrow evening.


Some time this YEAR?!2000 BST: Downloader continues to download. This morning it assured me that the patch was complete, only to get home and find that actually it wanted to download more random stuff. Bah.

2108 BST: Installation complete. Streaming client starts up. Downloads additional tools. Restarts. Then decides it needs to download 1.6GB more data. Yeah, it seems pretty likely that I won’t be playing this tonight.


0001 BST: Spent tonight playing Minecraft over LAN. It has ‘craft’ in the title and I kind of play a Dwarf, I’m afraid that’s the best you’re getting tonight…


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