Durkon Learns to Hunt (Again…) Again

This is a live recorded-as-live-ish blog detailing my journey into the Brave New World (of Warcraft) that is 4.0. The world may still be the same, but the rules have changed. Yesterday I was foiled by long patch times and extra downloading, tonight… Let’s see what happens.

Off air! We’re done for tonight.

TIP OF THE DAY: Blizzard for some brain-damaged reason have enabled Sticky Targeting as default. This means that when you target something, you cannot simply click elsewhere to deselect. To toggle this off, go into your main menu (Escape with nothing selected) and go into your Interface options. Untick “Sticky Targeting”, first menu at the top.

1900 BST: I’m back from the Place of Work in Reality. WoW finished patching itself just before I left for work. First thing’s first, load up the Curse client and get those addons updated…

Oh. Right.Oh. Right.

1914 BST: Addons are all downloaded. Game’s up to date. It’s time. Let’s do this!


1915: What is that infernal noise? Ah. Thankyou, iPhone timer for reminding me that  I was waiting for something to cook and that something will become a charred mess if not rescued promptly. BRB!

1950: Logging in!

2000: Oh, good grief my addons are broken. Questhelper’s finished and lots of things that shouldn’t be broken… are. Then again, this isn’t exactly unexpected I suppose.

2002: Why is XPerl broken? This says that XPerl is supposed to work!

2005: Reset and empty all action bars. I wanted to redo my interface anyway, may as well be today. Deleted and reinstalled XPerl, which apparently unbroke it. Still LUA errors at startup though.

2016: Hunters have a Stance bar now?! I had no idea… Actually, now that I think about it I have a vague suspicion that I DID know about this but somehow forgot it completely.

2030: Actionbars in SOME kind of order now. Time to make a trip to me old Hunter trainer in Ironforge.

2032: How in Elune’s name do you summon mounts now?!

2033: Ah! I see, they have their own tab in the spellbook! Nice.

2035: Commence talenting! I have to play around with putting points in different places. I’m speccing INTO killing streak despite my previous post to see what the proc rate is like, and then I’ll think about whether a cheaper Arcane Shot or more ranged haste is more favourable.

2036: Beast Mastery’s Mastery is Master of Beasts.

2040: All talented up, pet talented. LET THE TESTING COMMENCE! Ooh, new Call Pet and stable interface! I like!

2045: Wow. This is… very… yes. Ah. Hm.

2050: I appear to be over my hit cap. 17%, in fact. On the other hand, I’m turning out 1.81 second Steady Shots and hunters have a 1 second GCD now. Perhaps more haste is in order?

2052: I LOVE the way that icons on your action bars glow when a relevant ability procs. That’s a really nice interface improvement. Actually, the interface has changed a lot since 3.3.5, Blizz have done a lot of work on it.

2100: Aaand time for me to relocate. BRB!

2220: I’m back, and I’ve been shooting some target dummies. Playing a Hunter in 4.0 is rather… different. I have essentially been rendered ENTIRELY incompetent. Re-arranged my action bars again.

2230: Actually I’m having real trouble adapting to this. I’m not hitting something every GCD because even after messing about for a while with haste rating I can’t get much less than 1.6 seconds per steady shot. After spending a good half hour or so with Semseye at the target dummies, I reckon that the BM shot priority is something along the lines of:

  1. Kill Shot (well, naturally)
  2. Kill Command (on cooldown, have enough focus for this)
  3. Arcane Shot (to burn up excess focus)
  4. Steady Shot (to regain focus).

But you can’t Arcane Shot if it means you won’t have enough focus for Kill Command (or enough time for a steady shot before KC comes off cooldown), and you shouldn’t steady shot unless firing arcane shot will cause the aforementioned situation to occur. Oh, and you have to keep Serpent Sting rolling too. Blow Focus Fire as soon as it procs. Bestial Wrath + RF + Trinkets on cooldown. I’m thinking that Fervor would be a good idea here too so you can Kill Command -> Arcaneshotarcaneshotarcaneshotarcaneshotahahaha -> Kill Command.

Something to think about for later: Are Arcane and Steady even IN a shot priority any more, or should they occupy the same position? If you have more than enough focus for a higher-priority shot, Arcane. Insufficient focus, Steady.

2240: Reforging’s really nice. That’s an excellent feature. I love the idea that everyone will be running around in customised gear.

2250: I peak at about 4500 on target dummies, but I’m still mashing incorrect buttons and the new shot-queueing system is throwing me off a bit. I understand what I need to do though now, which is progress at least.

2310: World Server crashed. Authentication server not responding. I think something broke… Damn it, I was just getting the hang of what the hell to do. I knew it was a bad idea to hit the Divide by Zero button.


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