What is it with me and Tenacity?

My apologies, I haven’t been able to form any solid conclusions on Tenacity specs yet, so my spec is late. It’s very difficult to test for the effectiveness of Tenacity pets without going out and actually soloing hard stuff, and I don’t have the gear for that right now. Actually, I don’t have the pet for that anymore since Warp Stalkers no longer have an ability that gives them a chance to dodge (or anything worthwhile for soloing elites or bosses whatsoever).


Talenting a Tenacity pet hasn’t got any easier, and I’m having a hard time deciding where to put things in the 16 point spec.

Instead I went out and levelled my Cunning pet to 80, in the process doing a heroic Halls of Lightning run with an amazing tank and super-competant healers and DPSers. I haven’t given Cunning enough time in the past, I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen tonight. I shall spend some time tomorrow with my B’Rel Class Bird of Prey testing against a Ferocity pet. I suspect target dummy damage will be noticably lower, but that doesn’t tell the full story as Cunning pets can be talented to do substantially more damage to enemies with less than 35% health. They’re still pretty clearly aimed at the PvP area, but they are certainly viable in heroics. More than that I can’t really say till I’ve crunched some numbers.

This means that you’ll have the Cunning specs first, then Tenacity (probably). Either way, work continues!

EDIT: First two Cunning specs are up now!


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