Futility, thy name is Khorium

This is Khorium. Khorium is very, very hard to find.

Khorium, Via Ironfungus at Wowhead.I require 24 bars of Khorium to construct my Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. That’s 48 Khorium Ore. While I’ve made some minor attempts to gather this stuff in the past, I decided a few days ago that I would spend some time mining the materials up. That was 3 days ago.

I have now farmed enough Fel Iron, Eternium and Adamantium to construct all the other materials for the flying machine. I have several hundred units of Adamantium ore and a lesser but still significant amount of Eternium and Primal Earth, which I intend to sell to all the people levelling tradeskills in Cataclysm (if the stupid server economy will allow it). I have less than half the Khorium ore required.

The worst thing is that I’m fairly certain that my normal flying machine travels at 280% speed since mounts were standardised in 4.0.1…

Let’s talk about Hunters.

Blizzcon wasn’t as incredible as last year, but we did get some interesting information about Hunters out of it. Naturally the first person to ask about Hunters in the general class Q&A managed to dishonour our entire class by being rude while simultaneously wasting a question on something utterly pointless. No-one asked about Revive Pet and its incredibly long cast time for Beastmasters. Actually, I think the most interesting information for me came out of Frostheim’s accidental interview with Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street in a corridor somewhere. You can read about that over here. For me, these were the highlights:

  • BM Multi-Shot / AoE damage is likely to be improved, as is Marksmanship to some extent. GC seems happy with SV doing more AoE damage (which is hardly fair if SV also does the same single-target damage as the rest of us), but currently the difference is too much. This looks likely to change though.
  • Intimidation may no longer be the BM bonus ability in the future. They don’t feel that it’s fitting to the identity of the BM tree. Intimidation seems likely to stay until some time after Cataclysm launch though.
  • It sounds like hunter pets being unable to become crit-immune is a developer oversight.
  • I like the idea of having non-visual collars to customise our pets, and that’s something that sounds like it may happen at some undisclosed point in the future. I’d like visible collars better, but it sounds like that’d be a huge amount of work and thus unlikely.

Well done to Frostheim for tracking down GC and asking some actually useful questions. A disappointed “What a Shame” is directed at the hunter who was rude to the development team over bloody Aspect of the Cheetah…


2 thoughts on “Futility, thy name is Khorium

  1. Chupacabras 08/11/2010 / 20:20

    Mine in the Isle of Quel’danas, the khorium spawn rate there is awesome. I mined all the khorium i needed for my mount in a few hours!

    • Durkonkell 12/11/2010 / 20:34

      My apologies, Chupacabras, your comment got lodged in my spam-filter for some unknown reason.

      I came to the same conclusion eventually, and mined almost all of my Khorium from Quel’danas. Unfortunately the RNG god has a personal dislike for my character and some hours later I STILL don’t have sufficient Khorium…

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