Guest Post: The new BM Hunter in ICC

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Semseye of One Shot, One Kill. Unfortunately I didn’t get into the guild’s 10-man raid last week, but Semseye did and he ran it as Beast Mastery. This is his account of running ICC as a beastmaster with a casual raid group that normally doesn’t get past Putricide. Long story short: Beastmastery is back!

Hello everyone it’s a me Mari….. Semseye!

I’m making my first appearance on YBS and I’m here to talk about the raid that is Ice Crown Citadel. On Sunday the 24th I was invited to the raid to “Try out” the new talent tree. This being the first time anyone from the guild had been in there to test them, No one thought that we would get far.

As I’m sure most people know, Icecrown Citadel is the final encounter against the Lich King. It consists of 11 bosses and then the Lich King, with each boss more challenging then the last. If you haven’t been in there yet now is the time, you will love it!

Hell has a door

I was in Dalaran waiting for the raid invites to go out. The raid was going to begin at 8pm, where we would all make our way to the entrance of Icecrown Citadel. I turned up in style on my 2 seater rocket mount! While I was walking down the main entrance to the Citadel I was starting to get really nervous about my spec. About 3 days before the raid I was with Durkonkell playing around with different pet specs and my DPS wasn’t looking too great (just about hit 4k). Durkonkell reassured me that it was only a target dummy and that when in a raid its a completely different situation. He was, of course right but I was still nervous none the less.

Read on to see how I got on.

We all got to Light’s Hope and waited for everyone to get ready for the battle ahead.

The guild I’m in always use Team Speak when we do raids, whether you have a mic or not you have got to be on there. When I got the information I inputted it into the “connection settings” and logged in. I didn’t really think too much of it after that and was sitting waiting to start. After about 5 min had passed I was thinking to myself “Wow people are quiet today…” I could not hear anyone on there. I decided to alt tab out of the game and have a look. “Whhaaaa?!?” Some how, and don’t ask me how I had managed to join a completely different TS server… Crazy thing was that it was also a wow TS server! (What are the chances) I quickly logged out, checked the setting and re logged back in to TS. This time it was the right one!

So anyway we finally set off about 8:20 pm and started to clear all the trash leading up to the first boss. Now that hunters have lost the “Volley” ability, AOE is kinda sucky. The best I could do was to launch an explosive trap into the middle and multi shot like mad. I didn’t think I would get that much DPS but some how I hit 10k with no problems at all! Apparently AOE still works with hunters!

Within 4 mins we had got to the first boss. Lord Marrowgar!

Lord Marrowgar. He has many skulls.

This is the easiest boss in ICC. There are only a couple of things to watch out on when you come to this boss.

Cold flame – A 4 way Ice attack

Bone Spike – Ice spikes that trap you and do a lot of damage

Bone Storm – A spinning attack that hits the whole raid

We had all been up to this boss and all knew what we were doing so there wasn’t any reason to brief. We all felt confident that we could do this with no problem. So the fight began! The tank (Druid) charged off towards the boss and instantly got an insane amount of aggro. There was hardly any need for me to use my “Misdirect” onto the tank. I hadn’t had much time to learn what my rotation was with BM but I have got to say I dont think I got a single thing wrong. I was hitting Kill Command on every cooldown. My pet was hitting for 16,000 with crits and all looked good! The boss did his first bone storm and started to fly around the room like a crazy person! But me being a ranged person didn’t care, I could hit him wherever he went and continued to DPS him down. After the bone storm finished the tanks picked him back up and all the DPS started to wale into him again. In no time at all Lord Marrowgar was on the floor dead! And by “in no time” I mean it took 1 min 19 seconds to kill him, a boss with 7 million HP! No one could believe it, and there was much rejoicing on TS! After giving out the loot we went on to fight Lady Deathwhisper.

Lady Deathwhisper

Once again we all knew what we had to do so there wasn’t any real wait between the fight. The first step was to get rid of her mana shield that she had so we all started going to town on her shield. Every 30 or so seconds she spawns adds that come from either side of the room. These were picked up by our off tank and killed very quickly. Yet again we got the shield down in not time whatsoever! She only had enough time to spawn one lot of adds before her shield was destroyed and phase 2 began. Phase 2 is more of a tank and spank. The only thing you have got to watch out for are ghosts that can deal a lot of damage to the DPS or even kill them in one hit. However, before anyone could say “Burger town” she was also on the ground not moving a lot. I decided to have a look at my DPS as a Beast Master in the instance. For Lady Deathwhisper I was top dps with 11K and also did the most damage! Beast Masters CAN raid! (To be fair, I raided as BM before, I just had to put up with people criticising me. Sounds like that won’t be a problem now -Defensive Ed.)

Next boss is the Gunship battle! (Okay not so much a boss, more of an encounter)

Why don't they use the giant cannon on the front?

For ranged DPS this is a very easy boss encounter… just DPS the Axe Throwers. It’s really trivial when you have good DPS as they die really quick. Once they’re dead you don’t really get to do much unless they attack your gunship with melee, then you can help take them out. But other then that for ranged I’ve got to say this isn’t that fun to play. I’ve always found it best to stick your pet on aggressive so your pet will attack the melee targets even if you’re attacking the ranged. Just don’t forget to take your pet off after the battle or much “noob hunter” will be said in chat (Or over TS). (If you wipe the raid due to poor pet control as a Beast Master, you will never hear the end of it – Cautionary Ed.)

After the battle is over we head up to the upper entrance to the Citadel, but first we must get through Deathbringer Saurfang!

Deathbringer Saurfang

This is another easy boss IMO. The only thing is that he has a lot of HP. 12.3 Million if you wanted to know. As Muradin Bronzebeard says. “A lone orc, against the might of the Alliance” though bear in mind he has been empowered by the Lich king… Muradin Bronzebeard seems to forget this and charges in. Now it’s down to the raid to take him down. For hunters, the battle only has 2 things to worry about. Don’t stand next to each other and don’t let his Blood Beasts get anywhere near you! Other then that you just DPS him till his dead. Now I have the advantage with this battle! Trap Launcher FTW! I’ve never seen a better boss to use in on then this one. Once again the boss was down within 2 mins! We had finished the lower spire in about 20 mins! After the loot was shared out people started to joke about getting to the Lich King because of the speed we were going.

We all entered the upper spire and headed over to the Plagueworks.

The 3 bosses in this area are Festergut, Rotface and Professor Putricide. Most of the time when we go on an ICC Raid we down Festergut and then end the raid as it would be getting late. We charged into Festergut and downed him before he had the chance to use Gaseous blight for the second time! This is one of the bosses that we had so much trouble on in the past. There was always 2 reasons why we would wipe. First was that someone would always miss one of the spores and die (Normally it would be someone like the healer) and the other way is that we just don’t have enough DPS to kill him before we hit the enrage timer. When we downed him there was still another 3 mins before he would have enraged! 3 MINS!

Festergut. I wonder why he's called that?

We moved over to Rotface and engaged him. My DBM was still showing me how long we had till Festergut would enrage (There was much laughter over TS). Rotface was another boss that would also give us lots of trouble in the past, mainly because people didn’t know what they were doing and would always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time we downed him before he had the chance to make a single Ooze explode! Now people were thinking about us getting to the Lich King as more of a realistic chance. On another glance at recount and I was second DPS on overall damage. We then moved onto Professor Putricide!

Rotface. I wonder why (etc.)

I have never done Professor Putricide before but my raid members were more then happy to inform me of what I had to do to stay alive. After a quick briefing (Semseye you just stand here and shoot things) we started the boss. I stood in the place they asked me to stay in and shot things… Quite well if I say so myself :) ) But we had a problem. One of the orange Ooze sludge things targeted a kitty druid and began its charge on the target. The kitty druid seemed to want to play with the Ooze instead of wanting to run away from it and pounced right into the middle of it… BOOM! Kitty be no more. Due to the “BOOM” The healer also took the brunt of the attack and was sent to the other side of the room. This meant that the tank would not get any heals. Tanks don’t work too well without any heals. We lost both tanks and that was the end of that. I tried to get through it with “Feign Death” but some green slime decided to form beneath me. After a little more talk about tactics and after everyone had regained there life back and buffed up we gave it another go.

Professor Putricide. He was kind enough to pose for this snap before killing us all.

“If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!” – Zapp Brannigan

This time we were perfect throughout and the boss was defeated! Also I got the achievement for completing the plague quarter!

Blood Prince Council

Next in line we had the Crimson Hall! Home to the Blood Prince Council and the Blood Queen herself! If you had ever been in Naxx and had done the four Horsemen encounter then the council is a little like this. There are 3 bosses, each share the same HP but only one can be killed at one time. They also do some crazy spells! I’m not too sure what one does what I just know what the spells are! The main one that range need to worry about is the “Kinetic Bomb”. This is a glowing ball in the air that slowly heads towards the ground. If it hits the ground then boom! The only way to keep it up is to shoot it. The more damage you deal to it the higher it will go. I decided to take it upon myself to keep these up and use my pet on the bosses. I was doing a really good job but something happened to the off tank that ended up killing him. At this point I wasn’t to sure what happened so it ended in a wipe. Yet again I tried to use Feign Death to stay alive but wasn’t able to. Now what happens next I’m not too sure. Bug found! When I hit the release I went back to the graveyard but I wasn’t a ghost… I didn’t have any HP so if I was engaged then it would have been the end of me! I quickly mounted up and charged back into ICC. During this time I had found out that yet again the healer was sent flying to the other side of the room and was unable to heal the tank, causing another wipe. This time we knew what we were doing and went crazy on their asses!

I took the time to screen shot the overall recount data. Here is the screen shot!

As you can see being 3rd highest DPS in the group is very good! I forgot to get a screen shot of my pets damage as well. Got to remember to get that more often now.

Up to this point in ICC It really felt like we were running a Naxx run. It was all a little easy. Granted we had wiped twice, but that’s nothing to what we use to be like. Take Festergut, We would wipe about 5 times before we finally killed him! I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was too easy now. Its all good finishing something but there no real achievement if it doesn’t make you try.

Take this for example.

What would make you feel more like you have achieved something? Killing a level 79 with green items, no pvp gear and not all there spells? Or killing someone who is level 80 in full PVP gear and there using all there spells.

To me Killing the level 80 would be the biggest boost to my confidence then the level 79. That’s what it felt like. No boss in the current raid should be killed in 1 min 20 seconds. There’s just no fun in it.

But anyway getting back to the raid.

Blood Queen

We were now coming up to the Blood Queen herself! I’ve only even downed this boss once and that took about 4 tries to do it. So I didn’t think this one was going to be a walk through. We all stood there looking at the her waiting for the storm to begin. The tension could be cut with a knife. The druid shifted into his bear form and charged in! Spells, blades and arrows were flying straight towards her. All looked good. She bit her first victim and vampires were born. When you get bitten by her you have 60 seconds to bite another target or she controls your mind and the only way to break the spell is by death. One good thing though is that your damage is increased by 100%! If your the first one to be bitten then watch your DPS fly! We got her HP down to about 40% Then the worse care scenario happened. We lost our tank! This was bad news, we all thought that was the end But NO! Our off tank jumped in and took the boss. With one of the melee DPS taking the Blood Mirror (Causes the player closest to the tank to take 100% of the damage done to tank as Shadow damage) The melee DPS was there long enough for our main take to be battle rezzed back up and he charged back into the battle! Things were looking good again. We got her down to about 5% when I noticed that a kitty druid was attacking the healer… “OH NOES!” We had lost the kitty to the Blood(y) Queen we had to take her down fast! Her HP was at around the 130,000k when I noticed that most people had been killed around me. There was me a healer and a melee dps that were going at it with the Queen. With my Kill shot glyph I could fire 2 kill shots in one go, and I was never more glad of it than now. The Queen was no more! Wow that was a close one… Maybe it wasn’t so easy after all.

Valithria Dreamwalker. She's a green dragon!


We decided to make our way over to the Frostwing Halls where it was home to Valithria Dreamwalker and the annoyingly voiced Sindragosa! First up is Valithria. Now Valithria is a different kind of boss. The thing is… She’s on your side. The battle is only against adds. You never need to shoot her. Its completely a heal battle. Your healer must heal her back to full HP to win the…. emmm… Fight?? (I will beat you by healing you!) With the new specs this was a little too easy. She opens a portal where you can go over to the “Dream world” and it will increase your healing done by a crazy amount (I think that’s how it works anyway, Being a hunter I’ve never been in there.) Our healer on TS was laughing every time he cast a healing spell on Valithria “Hahaha I just healed for 150,000k and critically healed for 200,000k” Now she starts off at about 6 mill HP and you need to get it to about 12mill. If your hitting for 100,000 – 200,000 each time then it would be easy to reach the 12 million required. And it was. We had finished it within no time. I even helped with my Spirit Beast’s “Spirit heal!”

Next is the most annoying and hardest battle in ICC (IMO) Sindragosa! If you have haven’t read Durkonkell’s blog about the battle on here then do so! You will know what I mean by annoying!

We charged down there talking about the tactics before we were at her lair. This is known as “The Frost Queen’s Lair” and its situated at the back of ICC at the lowest point. (See Durkon’s post about Sindragosa being the farthest point away from the Lich King! Lol)

Lucky we all knew what we were doing when it come to this boss also so it didn’t really take much explaining. More a recap, also with the new raid markers we could mark out where people would need to run to when they get iced!

Sindragosa. Suffer, Mortals etc.

So we started the battle! Before you get to engage Sindragosa you need to take out 2 other dragons. You may know them! They are Rimefang and Spinestalker, these are easy to kill. Each have about 5 mill HP. The annoying thing is that the second both are dead Sindragosa shows up and attacks. You don’t really get a rest point to get your mana back to max. So we engaged Sindragosa with the sound turned off so we didn’t need to hear that voice. (I’m sure its meant to be there to distract you from what you’re meant to be doing (like driving examiners talking to you during the test – Cynical Ed). All was going really well until we get to phase 3. Problems started to form. Tanks get a de-buff that can only be removed by going behind someone that has been ice blocked, But the person who has been ice blocked needs to get out of that ice block quick before they die. This is done by the other dps who need to shoot or hack the ice block and break it. This happens every 15 or so seconds so you can Imagine it’s easy to get out of hand very quick. The problem is that if one of the ice blocks are not broke quick you could have the whole raid frozen because there’s not enough dps to break all the ice blocks so the dps tends to go all out when they see one. The tank cannot remove the de-buff because of this and ends up dyeing. This is what happened and we ended it in a wipe. We tried again and the same thing happened. Another problem is that when she uses the “Ice Tomb” anyone who is within 10 yards of the person getting ice blocked will also get ice blocked. So you need to run to a place that isn’t full of players and with such a quick cast time you don’t have much time to find a place. On the 3rd time we did the same thing and 3rd wipe was in the tin. People were starting to lose faith in if we could do this or not. We decided to give it one more go!

This time we got it right. Sindragosa didn’t stand a chance against us. Everyone was in the right place at the right time and there was a lot of cheers when the dragon fell to the ground!


At that point people had to go so we all decided to save the raid and finish (Yes I said finish) it this Friday!

The Lich King

I will create a post about the battle on the Saturday or Sunday! Keep your eyes open on Your Best Shot or on One Shot, One Kill.

Before I go, Here are the final DPS figures for me and my pet:

Final Recount Report

Follow Semseye’s adventures in Warcraft on One Shot, One Kill. Thanks for reporting back to us, Semseye, I’m looking forward to trying this out for myself! Good Luck against the Lich King!


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