It’s not my fault…

I now own Lego Universe.

Rilgon is to blame.


3 thoughts on “It’s not my fault…

  1. Rilgon Arcsinh 31/10/2010 / 17:24

    I regret nothing. >_>;

    Are you on Overbuild Universe or the UK one?

  2. semseye 31/10/2010 / 22:25

    You WoW traitor!…. Oh wait I have a copy as well….

    *Runs away*

  3. Durkonkell 31/10/2010 / 23:20

    I’m on Storm Universe, the UK server/cluster/shard/whatever.

    Unfortunately, been working long hours and haven’t had much time to play Neuro Laserbrick, my Assembly Engineer past Nimbus Station. Soon!

    *Persues Semseye, armed with a Battlewrench.*

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