The first step…

…is admitting that you were wrong.

I beg your forgiveness

So, uh… I screwed up. I made an assumption that turned out to be incorrect. I’m sure that I read someone else saying this, that it was verified but apparently not. Apparently I took an ommission in a tooltip as fact.

I was incorrect (repeatedly) and for this I apologise. Here’s what happened.

King Ymiron, last boss of Utgarde Pinnacle periodically stuns the entire group. In the past I always BWed out of the first one or two and continued attacking. Today I went there, sighed and thought well, “I’ll BW anyway and at least my pet can keep attacking. He still gets to be immune to fears for a while”. So, he stunned the group and I hit my BW macro button. A few seconds later I realised to my utter astonishment that I was attacking still. The stun was still in place as the others in the group were still standing around staring at the walls or some dust caught in the light or something. We went to Halls of Lightning where in one section enemies use fear. I activated Bestial Wrath. The fear effect fell off me. I got Semseye’s Paladin to duel me and cast a stun effect, BW broke that too. I can also confirm that BW works against fears, roots, stuns and so forth in Wintergrasp (which we promptly lost despite four stacks of tenacity and instant promotion to Lt, but still…)

The Beast Within does break fear, stuns and movement impairing effects. Despite the fact that no evidence of this appears in the Beast Within tooltip the fear/stun immunity has not been removed in 4.0.1.

This means a couple of things. Firstly, it means that I failed to check my facts somewhere along the line and then complained endlessly about TBW nerf in many, many posts. No-one corrected me (please, do let me know if I get stuff wrong, I genuinely appreciate it), so I suppose I just filed it in my head under ‘truth’. Secondly…


I’m really sorry if I’ve misled anyone out there. I realise that my information was based on a false premise and I should’ve made this the very first thing that I verified once 4.0.1 went live. With that said, it’s possible that BW continuing to break fears is unintended and some kind of bug. Gods, I hope not. If anyone reading this has Beta access and a hunter on the Beta realms, I’d really appreciate them running a quick check to see if this still works in Beta. That’ll be a pretty good indication of whether we’ll be more pitiful and easily scared in the future.

Despite the knowledge that I’ve screwed up, I’m actually really happy to have my favourite ability still operational. Additionally, it seems like Blizzard have accidentally set everyone’s battleground rating to 1800 so all 1800-rated PvP gear is currently available to purchase and use. For everyone.

I just bought myself a 294 DPS rifle. I have my fear, stun and warlock immunity back and I have my firearm back. I am a very, very happy Dwarven Beastmaster tonight.


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