Oh, it’s the apocalypse all right…

… I always suspected I’d have something to do with it. Wait, you mean all that shaking and shattering was the giant dragon and not my latest engineering project? Ah, that explains it. I mean these turbo-charged rotor-jets are powerful but not that powerful! The wormhole generator on the other hand…

Anyway, turns out Deathwing has been disintegrating in the elemental plane of earth for some time and decided to do something about it. This ‘something’ involved persuading the Twilight’s Hammer cult to nail giant plates of armour onto him in exchange for him taking a crack at destroying the world. He hasn’t done a bad job so far, although there seem to be a lot of people still alive so subtract some Effectiveness Points for that.

By King Magni’s nigh-indestructible beard, I have a lot to write about!

I picked up archaeology which seems to be an interesting enough diversion. I like all the story I can get, although it’s disappointing that the common artifacts are merely grey vendor-trash. It would have been more interesting if the common items formed part of a greater story – so completing enough fossils would allow you to discover a missing link or something significant from Azeroth’s biological history. Finding enough Dwarven artefacts would enable you to piece together some unknown detail from the civil war. Still, looking forward to finding some of the rares.

Ryoku and I went to Hyjal as planned but it’s absurdly crowded there. Fierce competition for a lot of quest mobs and items and – far more irritatingly from my perspective – people standing on quest givers on giant flying mounts. This has never been a problem before as people didn’t have access to flying mounts while levelling through new content. We’re levelling in Vashj’ir instead, which is magnificent and less crowded.

I also have two new characters! A Draenei Arcane Mage and a Worgen Arms Warrior, both level 20. I love the Draenei, but their starting area’s pretty dated now and seems to have more than its fair share of irritating low-drop-rate quests. The Worgen on the other hand…

The Worgen are so full of character it makes me want to reroll on an RP server. Their starting area does an amazing job of developing their feel while being great fun throughout. It’s brilliantly crafted, and when contrasted with the Draenei experience just shows how far Blizzard have come in terms of quest and zone design.

I didn’t have any plans to roll a warrior, till Semseye convinced me to instead of a rogue. I thought “I’ve played a bear, warriors are pretty similar, right?” Heh. Turns out playing a DPS warrior doesn’t feel like a bear Druid at all. It’s more or less completely new to me, and I don’t regret the choice at all. Although the Worgen stealth animation is pretty cool…

Who am I kidding, ALL the Worgen animations are exceptionally good and they look amazing. I’m still not really happy with the female Worgen snarl, but I guess I just won’t roll any female Worgen characters. I can’t look at my new Warrior on the character selection screen without wanting to play him. And so it is that Sir Lucian Cortez, man-at-arms of Gilneas and Ashaari, arcane mage of the Hand of Argus join my list of characters.

I’ve been trying (along with Semseye) to get one of my lowbies into a New Deadmines run. Unfortunately, the random dungeon finder invariably drops my in Hellfire Caverns, usually with a group so catastrophically incompetent it makes me seriously fear for the future of humanity.

Alright, so there we were. Two new Worgen Warriors, Arms and Fury. A Warrior tank. A Mage and Shaman healer. We overpull slightly, the healer’s not really familiar with her class and the tank dies. I immediately switch to defensive stance and jump into the fray, taking over from the fallen tank. We barely defeat the rampaging enemies as I work out how the hell to tank the hardest way. No-one even mentions the fact that I saved the rest of the group from horrible death which should have been a warning sign for me I suppose. There’s a boss that casts some kind of AoE thing – apparently none of us know about it and everyone dies. Fair enough, we have now learned that boss mechanic. The mage says that we have to play better. The tank instructs the mage to sheep whatever she puts the ‘X’ symbol on. Naturally he sheeps the skull and then proceeds to sheep every boss from this point on the pull, ignoring adds completely. We engage and defeat another boss, and the mage then immediately rolls on and wins a strength and stamina cloak, which is to be expected I suppose. After some significant amount of explaining and persuasion, he passes it to Semseye who rolled second highest. We defeat another boss who drops a caster staff. The tank rolls on and wins it. We ask her why, she says “for the lolz”. I take a few seconds to call her an imbecile, apologise to the rest of the party and then Sems and I drop group.

Someone in an RPS comment thread said that using the random dungeon finder would put you into contact with the best and worst of the WoW community. Sometimes you get some really awesome pick-up-groups and sometimes you get… that group. And we STILL haven’t even got into a Deadmines run!

Posting will continue to be intermittent through to Christmas. My apologies for this, I’m pretty busy!


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