Tick tock…

I think it's a self destruct timer. It's ALWAYS bloody self-destruct...

This has recently appeared on a page discovered on the Portal 2 website (except with actual ticking numbers and that). An ARG initiated by Valve working with a collective of indie developers has led up to this point. The community have engaged in an extremely organised effort to ‘solve’ the various puzzles thrown at them, and this is where it has led.

A timer.

And it ends in about an hour and a half.

What does it mean? Current speculation seems to be firmly rooted in the ‘Early Portal 2 release at that time’ camp, but I’m not so sure. GLaDOS (and that probably is Her speaking to us in the text above) mentions ‘the final test’. I reckon that whatever this ‘test’ is will be unleashed on us when the timer runs down, and Portal 2 will be released when that’s solved – maybe a little later today.

Or maybe the final test is completing the game itself? In that case that countdown timer may as well be ‘time to complete termination of productivity’ as far as I’m concerned.

A quick word about Warcraft and Hunting. You’ll notice the lack of posts about either around here since I returned. Essentially, my Internet connection has degraded to the point where playing Warcraft (and other-online-game-du-jour Minecraft SMP with the Guild) is technically possible but infuriating. I get random lag spikes that get me killed or otherwise make online games the next best thing to impossible to play properly. For this reason, I haven’t been playing a lot and writing about things I haven’t been doing doesn’t make very much sense. Even if my connection is magically improved at once… Portal 2 is imminent. So expect further delays.

With that said, I’m working with Semseye and the Guild (First Legion of Azeroth on Aggramar-EU-A) on something special. Expect to hear more about this soonish…


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