This is an unrecoverable loss

I have just suffered a hard disk drive failure – two actually, first my backup external drive and now just two weeks later – while a replacement external drive was on order – my Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB internal drive. I have lost everything, and the backups.

It will take me a while to organise replacements – the internal drive is still under warranty. Additionally, I’ll have to reinstall and patch up the client which will take a significant amount of time with my connection being as it is. Needless to say, I’m out of it for a while.

I have also lost every WoW screenshot I’ve ever taken which is surprisingly painful, particularly when a lot of the areas and things in them no longer exist. I also had 300GB of steam games and a fairly hefty iTunes directory on this disk, and it will take me literally months to redownload everything stored server-side. Anything not stored server side… is just gone. This is what happens when you lose your primary drive and backup in the time it takes to get a replacement drive out. What are the chances of that even happening for Elune’s sake?!

And all this, just as I was really getting back into Hunting. I even had a few articles underway. Sadly, these will be delayed while I smash my head repeatedly into nearby solid surfaces.

Durkon will be away for a while. It’s really not his choice. Why do you hate me, O Hardware Gods?


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