System Online

Through a process of refrigerating my faulty hard disk and then quickly plugging it into my computer to pull as many files off as possible before it reheats and fails again, I have managed to avoid redownloading WoW and all its expansions. This is fortunate, as it would have taken approximately 318300 seconds to download again, and that’s far too many seconds.

Actually, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Blizzard Repair Utility, which has been improved recently. In the past, it would scan your files and say “Yup, you’re right, something’s broken or missing. You’ll have to reinstall” (Thanks, Repair Utility). It turned out that about 2GB of files were corrupted when I transferred them, and the new Repair Utility detected what was missing or kaput and directed the WoW launcher to go ahead and reacquire them.

It took about a week for the replacement drive from Western Digital to arrive – they must’ve sent it out almost as soon as they recieved the RMA request. Before anyone takes the wrong idea about WD’s reliability, I still have a 40GB WD as my system primary. It must be 8 or 10 years old now!

Oh, yeah. There are some changes coming for YBS shortly. Look out for some new content and perhaps a broadening of our focus in the coming weeks…


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