Good grief! How strange to see you here!

Hello, Internet!

Well! It has been a while, hasn’t it? How are you doing? Good, good. Me? Oh, I’m fine. Got a new car! It’s magnificent!

Oh, yes, well I haven’t been around very much recently. Writing about something is fine when you’re really enthusiastic about it, but when you play on and off it’s a little hard to put the necessary effort in. Also, at some point I decided that if I was going to make a real go of this that I may as well do it right – no posts without header images and so on. I still have a draft post from a couple of months back that is waiting for a header image!

Actually, I’m working with PsySniper now. Remember him, he posted here once or twice as Semseye? We’ve been putting game videos up on YouTube, usually with some talking. We’re trying to find our style at this stage, but that’s definitely an interesting thing to pursue. It’s supposed to tie-in to YBS, except that I haven’t really been posting here very much. I don’t fully understand how writing is harder than planning, shooting, editing and then speaking over the top of a video, but there it is. Strange, eh?

Yeah, I am still playing WoW actually. My hunter’s average item level is up to 372, and I’m blasting my way through the Raid Finder version of the Dragon Soul. I’m really enjoying 4.3 so far – the story, the new 5-mans, transmogrification, the raid finder – the whole package. Best patch ever? Maybe. Ask me in a few months! I’ve also been playing quite a lot of Skyrim – Morrowind is one of my ooh… Top 3 games of all time? Something like that. I really love the Elder Scrolls series, and Skyrim might just be the best one ever. We’ll see about that after the Creation Kit is released and Bethesda finishes patching it up. What else? The Old Republic is out very imminently. Knights of the Old Republic is the game that got me into the RPG genre in the first place, and it’s up there with Morrowind somewhere. I played a little bit of the Beta when they did the stress testing weekend. It’s not really KOTOR, but it is massive, story driven and likely to be updated and added to for a long time. Also: Optional drop-in co-op and group content. I liked it quite a lot, and expect to get into the pre-order head start tomorrow. Psy and I put together an impressions video during the Beta, so have a look at that if you’re interested in OPINIONS.

Anyway, I should really be off. It’s been really good chatting with you, Internet! Drop back in soon, I have a Beast Mastery hunting guide which has been sitting there in a half finished state since the end of Wrath, gotta get that cleaned up and posted. I expect I’ll have some more videos and things too.

Sorry about the whole ‘disappearing for ages’ thing. You know how it is.

Take care. Talk to you soon!


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