What have I created?!

You have no idea how long this took...

Update: Guide is now up! Click here for all your Beast Mastery requirements!

I have been working on a guide to Beast Mastery hunting in 4.3.

I have written so much.

It’s almost complete, but I need to edit it down to at least less than 3 quintillion words, find some pictures to break it up and illustrate things and mess around with the formatting. It should be up this week, and will discuss the following:

  • Spec, naturally
  • Glyphs
  • Gear, gems and reforging. I suppose I’ll have to find somewhere to cram enchants, too.
  • The shot priority
  • Cooldowns – execution and macros
  • Beast Masters and Battlegrounds (maybe – I haven’t PvPed very much this expansion)
  • Pets!

Unrelated: If you grouped and quested with a Smuggler called ‘Myra’ on the Handmaidens of Atris server in the TOR Beta stress test weekend, drop me a comment! I’m on Bao Dur now since Handmaidens of Atris turned out to be a German server on live. Also: Not called Myra any more :P


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