A Skyrate’s Life, Part 1: Dramatis Personae

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

It’s 15/07/2008, 0200 local time. That’s 2:00 in the morning, of course. This is what the date and time stamp says on my first Skyrates RP channel log. Unfortunately, a lot is missing – not only the beginning of this session due to a connection failure, but my first entrance into the Rotor and Prop, the introductions of Mairi, Mah, Markus, Burrito Loco and indeed Zekkass. Since we’re missing all that exposition, I suppose I’d better write up what I remember.

The Setting: A tavern called the Rotor & Prop, often abbreviated to R&P or RnP. You can read about the tavern over here. Skytopia is a world of floating islands, although it was not always this way. It is populated by various anthropomorphic animals, and is influenced a little bit by TaleSpin. Piracy is a serious problem.

The Characters: If you keep reading, you’ll learn more about the characters as you see them. With that said, here’s a brief introduction to the key players:

  • Alex Webster: Me! Male fox, recently graduated from flight school. Competent enough pilot, lacking in experience. Also lacking in experience at: Pretty much everything else.
  • Burrito Loco: Elder male donkey. General in the Azure League (blues’) armed forces. AKA “Papa Rito”.
  • Markus Jarnhann: Male bear. Colonel in the Crimson Armada (Reds). Mercenary, but decent sort.
  • Zekkass: Female fox, not long out of Flight School herself. This is probably her first time in the R&P, but her introduction is lost due to a connection failure.
  • Mahmoth: According to his Skybrary entry, he is “a four meter tall, remarkably hirsute, quadrupedal sentient pachyderm of a wandering bent”. The default bartender during the evenings. Will eject or dismantle troublemakers.
  • Rimdar Klall: Male squirrel, famous for his musical trading and musical crew.
  • I can’t tell you anything else about the other participants that you can’t see for yourself – memory failure, lack of interaction or lost notes and logs.

Notes: Since this is the first entry, let’s talk a little about how and why Skyrates RP worked.

  • Skyrates is a long format semi-casual game. Once you take off, it can be an hour or more before you reach land again, and it’s often 10 minutes or more between combat events (which you can optionally deal with, or leave until later). If you’re into the setting (which I was) and wanted to immerse yourself further, there’s the RP channel. I lurked and listened for a while before I jumped in myself.
  • What happened in the RP channel was completely de-linked to what your character was doing in the game world. You could have your character flying about, trading and shooting things down while you were in the tavern in-character. This is one of the factors that led to the Skyrates RP community really working.
  • You can type normally, which is speech. There are also emote (/me or /em) commands, which colours posts and formats them as “Alex Webster does something” and the OOC (/ooc) command which places text in ((double brackets)) and in a different colour. I can’t tell you WHICH colour, because it seems to be different than I remember now. I went through and added formatting in for emotes and OOC, because apparently I have too much time right now.
  • There were no asterisks next to actions ingame. I added those to aid readability here.
  • Player names were in their faction colours, so you could tell who belonged to which faction. This information is also lost.
  • Every time you open the game, {Static} is printed to every chat channel. If you see this, it means that I opened the game at this point, or lost connection and reconnected. I’ve added it to the end too, to show disconnection.

Let’s also talk a little bit about what happens in this entry, which you’ll find below…

  • This isn’t the first time I’ve been in the bar, although it is pretty early on. The R&P is basically on US time, so this is the evening for them (and the very early morning for me).
  • Historian’s note: The planes referenced here are in the correct order for the time. I went from the starter plane (CR-4P), to the Phantom, then Seahawk, then Vengeance. I note this here as it wouldn’t make any sense to current Skyrates.
  • You’ll see a character named Manik and his coffee mentioned in OOC here. We’ll meet Manik later on. It seems like he stuck around far longer than I did, unfortunately (although the only person to blame for me never coming back is myself).
  • This entry is rather long, and nothing very important happens. I’ve included the whole thing, as it’s an introduction to some of the key characters.
  • The other reason for not simply omitting this entry is that it still shows Alex when he was at his most awkward and unsure.
  • Mahmoth is non-anthropomorphic. That means he’s the size and shape of an actual mammoth. How does he fit behind the bar? He just does. Maybe he uses A Plot Device?

Click through to meet some of the key characters, listen to the veterans go on about the Seahawk, see Rimdar put his foot right in it and discover if you really can survive a sea landing in a CR-4P!

15/07/08 – 0200

Burrito Loco: If I decide you’re a threat to the League, you won’t know ’till after you’re dead
*Markus Jarnhann slides into the bar as loco says this last. “…I wouldnae say we parade i’, mate.  We jus’ do wha’ we do.”
Alex Webster: ((Blast! Net connection failed again. I got upto Bouchie’s exit, can someone update me?))
Burrito Loco: ((Zekkass: ((Combat – just a moment, I’ll be right back.))Alex Webster: Erm… Burrito, if I may… If you’re a combat specialist, why didn’t you join the military?Burrito Loco: I am in the military, the Armada is not alone in maintaining an armed presenceZekkass: ((Back. ))Zekkass: It isn’t?Burrito Loco: All three major factions maintain a presence, but only the Armada parades it aroundBurrito Loco: If I decide you’re a threat to the League, you won’t know ’till after you’re deadMarkus Jarnhann slides i))
Markus Jarnhann: ((Markus Jarnhann slides into the bar as loco says this last. “…I wouldnae say we parade i’, mate.  We jus’ do wha’ we do.”))
Alex Webster: ((Thanks :)))
*Markus Jarnhann slips into his chair, at his corner table.  He shrugs.  “…Dinnae le’ Loco scare ye, lass.  ‘E’s a goo’ bloke, mos’ly, fer all tha’ we oft’ fin’ ourseves opp’site o’ one ‘nothe’.”
*Stella walks out of the bar, waving to the rest of the crowd. “I’ve gotta get over to Fuseli. Might stop by later.”
Burrito Loco: Not here to scare anyone
Alex Webster: I understand. Sorry. I just never though of blue as being that … militaristic.
Burrito Loco: We aren’t
Zekkass: ….right, stay on the good side of blue.
*Markus Jarnhann smiles. “Ne’er said ye were.  An’ t’blues are nae mil’taristic, fo’ te mos’ par’.”
*Zekkass blinks, noticing Markus. – “Hello there. Who are you?”
Burrito Loco: Heh, I haven’t had to order a hit in years
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs slightly, and reclines against the wall, propping his feet up on the table.
*Knappekat limps into the tavern and looks around before heading to the bar.
Burrito Loco: They’re nasty business
Alex Webster: Yeah, I can well imagine that they are…
Zekkass: I’d expect they are.
*Mahmoth looks over, nods to Knap.  “Evenin’ Knapling.  What’ll y’have?”
Markus Jarnhann: M’name’s Markus Jarnhann.  I fly fo’ t’Armada, when I’m nae takin’ reg’lar ol’ merc contrac’s.
*Zekkass waves to all unfamiliar faces.
*Markus Jarnhann smiles slightly at the mention of ‘nasty buisness’.
Knappekat: Sparklin’ water, Mah. How goes it?
Zekkass: It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Zekkass, and I’m still undecided. Leaning towards joining the Armada, though.
*Amber Summers walks into the tavern and takes a seat close to Knappe at the bar.
*Mahmoth picks down a clear bottle of the bubbling, pours out a glass and sets it down.  “Goes’s ever, lad.  Working’n th’trust’f K’dath, windborne most hours’r here, hauling this’n that, but most part, all’s salt.  Y’self?”
*Amber Summers smiles at Mah, “Can I get one of my coffees when you have a chance Mah?”
Mahmoth: ‘Course, Amberling
Knappekat: Eh… not bad. Been turning wrenches a fair bit, on account of Alexa bein’ off duty. Other than that… mostly stayin’ south and raking in the gold.
*Markus Jarnhann nods at Zekass’s comment. ” …If ye’ve any questions, I’m sure tha’ I can answer ’em.”
Zekkass: Thanks! I do have a few that I was hoping to get answered at some point…I’ll admit, most of what I know about the Armada comes from your reputation.
*Knappekat gives Markus and BL a wave, with a friendly nod to the ones he doesn’t yet know as well, then smiles at Amber.
*Mahmoth reaches back across, pulling down some creamstuff, adding that to a cup of coffee pulled from the Maker, setting that before Amber with a light smile.  “Naught but th’south?  Heard this’n that fr’m th’speech’f K’dath of Uurwerk needing much’f some stuffs.”
*Alex Webster listens in on Markus and Zekkass’ conversation, hoping to learn something.
*Amber Summers nods a thanks to Mah and smiles at Knappe as she sips her coffee. “Did you enjoy your fruit?”
Knappekat: Sure did! I really love str… I mean, we really love strawberries. *the inside of his ears turn a little pinker than usual*
*Captain Mullet jumps through a glass window into the inn with glass shards flying everywhere. Captain Mullet tumble through the mess he made and stands up. After a quick dusting off Captain Mullet looks back “Captain Mullet could of swore that was an open window”
Alex Webster: (To markus and Zekkass) uh, do you mind if I listen in as well? I mean, I intend to just fly about for a while but I’ve considered enlisting eventually, so…
*Amber Summers blushes redder than her fur, “Oh.”
Zekkass: I don’t mind, not at all.
*Zekkass looks at Markus. “Do you?”
*Knappekat looks a bit shifty as he casts about for a non-awkward conversational gambit.
Knappekat: So… uh, you still writing poems?
*Zekkass starts and looks at Captain Mullet. …best not ask. She looks back at Markus and Alex.
Amber Summers: Well, no…. not really…. I’ve been very busy and haven’t had any inspiration in a while.
*Alex Webster looks in surprise at the broken window, until he sees who is responsible. He shakes his head a little and turns back.
*Captain Mullet swaggers to the inn and grabs a Grog
*Knappekat starts a bit at the sound of breaking glass, but upon seeing no immediate excitement in the offing, goes back to his conversation.
*Alex Webster says quietly to Zekkass “I bet he won’t pay for the window…”
*Zekkass murmurs back. “Who is he?”
*Amber Summers sips her coffee quietly.
Knappekat: Huh. So, what about that kit’s book?
Amber Summers: I’m stuck. I don’t have an ending for it.
Knappekat: Where’re you stuck at?
Burrito Loco: ((how one does a rather brutal scene involving very adult themes on a single page of a children’s picture book))
Amber Summers: Well… the girl has gotten into so some trouble, and I don’t know or not to have her save herself, or to have someone help her out.
Alex Webster: I don’t know that much about him. He goes everywhere speaking about himself in third person, causing havoc. He’s a captain, but no-one seems to know how he got the rank or from where.
Amber Summers: that’s the first thing I need to decide. and then figure out how do whatever i chose.
Zekkass: From himself, probably.
Zekkass: ((Burrito Loco, what are you talking about?))
Amber Summers: ((to do*))
Knappekat: Hmm…
Alex Webster: Heh, probably…
Knappekat: I think she should save herself.
Knappekat: Yup. Maybe have to ask for help, but definitely save herself.
Burrito Loco: ((the part Amber is stuck at in the book))
Zekkass: What plane do you fly, Alex?
Amber Summers: ((you’re a jerk BL :P))
Alex Webster: I’m in a Phantom, the “Huntress”. Six .25 cal guns. Worked on the engine a lot, too. Uh, yourself?
Burrito Loco: ((it was funny and you know it))
Burrito Loco: ((;P ))
Zekkass: I recently got myself a Seahawk. I haven’t done much to it yet, but it’s a pleasant flight.
Amber Summers: I just don’t know if she can. I don’t know if it’s in the character to save herself.
Zekkass: And it’s good for pegging pirates, too. Those guns are nice.
Alex Webster: Oh, awesome! I’ve had my eye on a seahawk. Definately getting one of those when I get the cash together!
Knappekat: Oh. Well, you know her better than anyone else, I guess. Just seems to me that it’d be, um, you know. Better? More uplifting?
Alex Webster: ((actually already in a ‘hawk, haven’t got around to writing it IC yet though :P))
Zekkass: Good idea – my ‘Whitehall’ is much nicer than my old Kittyhawk.
Amber Summers: yeah, I guess you’re right. I could possibly change the trouble she’s in too.
Zekkass: ((Fine with me – you know how nice ‘hawks are, then.))
Knappekat: Aww…. don’t do it on my account. You’re the writer.
Burrito Loco: ((screw up by the bootstraps))
Amber Summers: No, not your account, it’s just… if I’m stuck i need to get unstuck.
Amber Summers: She’s gotten lost int his cave, and she’s been seperated from her brother and his friends, and she fell into a hole and can’t get out.
Alex Webster: I hear it can fly even with two of the engines out of action. Could be useful in a heavy fight. Course, worse comes to worse she can ditch into the sea, like the phantom…
Alex Webster: Heh, wouldn’t see too much success taking a kitty into the sea though.
Zekkass: I haven’t had that happen, and here’s a drink to hoping it won’t!
*Zekkass lifts her glass and takes a gulp.
Zekkass: ((Any clue as to what happened to Markus?))
*Alex Webster notices he doesn’t have a drink at all. “Heh, yeah, quite. I’d drink to that, but… I seem to have lost mine. Ah well. I’ll metaphorically drink to it at least, heh.
Alex Webster: ((he seems to have disappeared. Connection failure or RL perhaps.))
*Rimdar Klall walks into the bar, wearing his characteristic flight jacket and a pair of blue jeans. He sees Amber, smiles, and walks over to her.
Zekkass: ((Oh well.))
*Knappekat looks thoughtful. “Well, I guess she’ll need to find a way out of the hole… get a lift up, or find some way to contact someone, or find another way out…”
*Amber Summers looks into her coffee mug thinking about her writers block and does not notice Rim.
Zekkass: Thanks for the sentiment, anyways.
Markus Jarnhann: ((sorry about that.))
Markus Jarnhann: ((had a phone call.))
*Rimdar Klall peers over her, seeing some sort of story or something being written. “Need a refill on that coffee?”
Zekkass: ((Aha, welcome back, Markus!))
Markus Jarnhann: ((gracias. I miss anything?))
Alex Webster: ((Ah, good. Your internet doesn’t randomly drop out all the time like mine does…))
Zekkass: ((I’ll send the entire log, so you can read))
Zekkass: ((Er, wait. I can’t do that….I keep forgetting I’m not on AIM.))
Markus Jarnhann: ((no worries, Ill read up.))
Zekkass: ((Well, Alex and I talked about our planes, I mentioned knowing the Armada only by reputation, and Captain Mullet broke a window.))
Markus Jarnhann: Nae, I dinnae min’ if ye lis’en in, mate. As tae planes… tae ‘aw is nae a ba’ ride. I flew one fo’ a while. Bu’, I pers’nally love me Vengeance.
Knappekat: Oh, hey there, Rimdar. How’s it goin’?
Alex Webster: Ah, yes. Heard good things about the vengence. Heh, bit pricy for me.
Zekkass: I’d need to do a good amount of trading to get that plane.
*Rimdar Klall nods to Knappe. “Things are well. Minor engine trouble, but bullets /do/ tend to fiddle with their inner workings.”
Alex Webster: You an me both, heh. So, uh, Markus… Are you an officer in the Armada? I don’t fully understand how it all works.
Markus Jarnhann: Mmm, ye’d be bes’ served tae collec’ bounties on pirates, lass. Ye’re ‘Hawk is nae really fast ‘nough no’ ‘as a large ‘nough ‘old tae be an ‘ffective trader.
*Zekkass leans in somewhat, setting down her drink. This was information she was looking for, and it was a lot better than asking a Flight school teacher.
Markus Jarnhann: Aye, Alex, I am. I ‘old tae rank o’ Colonel, on top o’ bein’ an ‘ppointe’ Imperial Senate Chamberlain.
Zekkass: Yes, I thought so. Some trading here and there does help with costs, though.
*Knappekat gives Rimdar a friendly nod and slides his stool back. “Here… take my seat, Rim.” He limps over to Markus and Zekk and Alex’s spot.
Knappekat: Someone say something about the Seahawk?
Burrito Loco: ((I just realized I am officially a general according to my Avatar page))
Zekkass: Yes, we did.
Alex Webster: Can you apply for a commission, or is it a case of enlisting and working your way up?
Markus Jarnhann: Jus’ tha’ t’bir’s nae an’ exceptional trader. She excels a’ comba’, though.
Markus Jarnhann: I feel ye shoul’ always fly a bir’ tae it’s strengths.
Knappekat: Ah… yeah, well… that’t true enough. Mine did just fine tradin’ with a bunch of upgrade, though.
Knappekat: Good all-rounder, really. I kinda miss the Deibel III, truth be told.
*Markus Jarnhann hrms slightly. “Ye nee’ tae join firs’. Fro’ there, if ye do goo’ work, an’ ge’ notice’, things’ll fall intae line.”
Zekkass: I’m not against carrying goods when goods are selling well, though.
*Knappekat snags a chair and sits with a grunt.
*Zekkass nods. “Is there anything else we should know?”
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles and nods. “…Aye, t’Hawk was a joy tae fly. An’ I’m no’ sayin’ tha’, either, lass. T’poin’ is no’ tae o’eremphasize ye tradin’, ‘sall.”
*Rimdar Klall sees Amber to be deep in thought, and heads over to the bar.
Alex Webster: Well, that makes sense. I guess it’s good that the officers have all been just pilots once.
Rimdar Klall: ((who’s a-tendin?))
*Mahmoth looks up, nods gently to Rim as he approaches
*Markus Jarnhann nods.
Markus Jarnhann: We all ‘ave tae star’ somewhere, lad.
Rimdar Klall: “Heya, Mahm. Mind if I was to get a scotch? Nothing too old, maybe aged 5 or so years? Two rocks, please.”
Zekkass: Indeed.
Mahmoth: ‘Course, ‘course.
Alex Webster: I think… probably I’d respect an officer more if I knew he’d been just an enlisted pilot once. Thanks for the info. Heh, more than the flight school careers advisor could give me…
*Knappekat chuckles.
Zekkass: Between the drinks and the company, I do believe I will be coming back.
Alex Webster: Uh, question for you, Zekkass. Where did you get your seahawk.
*Mahmoth searches briefly with his trunk, sucking in long breaths of scent, before picking down a bottle of Baernach’s, passing across bottle and glass.
Alex Webster: ((+ 1 question mark to that, please :P))
Zekkass: Cidade.
Zekkass: Not too far, really.
Alex Webster: I don’t suppose you know if there were any more around there?
Zekkass: I’d think they’d have more. They had plenty of upgrades for the plane, and if I’d had more money at the time, I would have decked my Whitehall out.
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles. “….Lad, there’s plen’y o’ ‘awks a’ ‘dade. Ye’ll ‘ave nae problem gettin’ one.”
Alex Webster: Right, good, excellent. Heh, know where I’m headed next. Thanks *grins*
Zekkass: Good luck, then!
*Zekkass finishes her drink. She’d better stop there, and it’s probably time to get going. “I had better get going – Fuseli is waiting, after all.”
*Rimdar Klall takes his drink and glances at the new pilot.
*Knappekat blinks once.
Rimdar Klall: ((we’ve met, right, Alex?))
Alex Webster: Ah, right. Pleasure to meet you, Zekkass! Hope to see you around again.
Knappekat: You doin’ some recruiting, Markus?
Alex Webster: ((Ermm…. I actually can’t remember.))
*Markus Jarnhann smiles. “..’deed. ‘ave a good fligh’, lass. If ye’ve need o’ anythin’, ye tell ’em Colonel Jarnhann sen’ ye.”
Zekkass: Of course! I will drop by here again.
Alex Webster: ((I recognise your name, but I can’t remember if we’ve met IC.))
*Markus Jarnhann grins at Knappe. “…So ‘twoul’ seem. Were nae me inten’, bu’, I’ll nae complain.”
Rimdar Klall: ((Let’s assume we have. :P I’m a male squirrel, specialize in trading musical goods. you?))
*Zekkass smiles. “Thanks, Colonel.”
*Markus Jarnhann laughs. “…’Tis jus’ Markus.”
Rimdar Klall: “Alex! How’s things? You’re in the market for a new plane?”
*Zekkass stands and heads for the door, grinning. “Bye, all!”
Markus Jarnhann: Nae nee’ tae be formal ‘roun’ ‘ere.
Burrito Loco: Heh
Burrito Loco: Bye
Alex Webster: ((male fox, inexperienced and a little naive, but not lacking in enthusiasm!))
Burrito Loco: My name would get her better service, but I’d hat to burst your bubble
*Knappekat waves to Zekkass, then grins at Markus. “Well, I heard the Armada needed a few good furs.”
Amber Summers: ((omg, i’m back, what did i miss?))
Alex Webster: Heh, Hi Rimdar. Yeah, off to get myself a seahawk, I think. How’s you?
Rimdar Klall: ((I peered over you to ask if you wanted more coffee, assumed you to be in thought, and now am at the bar.))
Burrito Loco: ((wait, no I got my peoples bass ackwards))
Burrito Loco: ((Alex would get leverage with my name, Zeck with yours, right))
Rimdar Klall: “Them’s good planes. Avoid the Mastiff and the… whatchacallit… cyclops, and you’ll be fine.”
Amber Summers: ((so I wasn’t writing anything, and I was already at the bar. :P))
Markus Jarnhann: Aye, we’ll take wha’ we can ge’. Ye thinkin’ ‘bou’ joinin’ up, Knappe?
*Amber Summers starts as she realizes Rim has replaced Knappe, and looks shocked then smiles, “Oh hi there rim.”
Knappekat: Heh… nah… not really.
Alex Webster: Yeah, it’s what I’ve heard. I’ll kinda miss my phantom, though…
Rimdar Klall: ((O, I thought you had writers block about something?))
Amber Summers: ((I did but I wasn’t writing anything at the time, just talking about it))
Rimdar Klall: ((O. :P So you’re at the bar?))
Alex Webster: ((BRB, head hurts, need to find painkillers…))
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles. “…Wish ye woul’. Ye’re a decen’ sor’.”
Amber Summers: ((yes. ))
Rimdar Klall: “Aaah, the phantom. I loved when I had one of those. Totally underrated.”
*Rimdar Klall smiles. “Hey, Amber. How’s things?”
*Knappekat winks. “Well… I’ll keep that in mind… Colonel.” He emphasizes the “colonel” mischievously.
Alex Webster: So, uh, yeah. Thanks Markus. Like I said, haven’t really got any plans just yet, but I might head out to Fuseli at some point.
*Amber Summers smiles, “They’re okay, I suppose.”
Rimdar Klall: “You suppose? Something the matter?’
Amber Summers: Just stuck in my book.
*Markus Jarnhann laughs and shakes his head.
Rimdar Klall: “Your book? You’re quite the writer!”
*Rimdar Klall remembers what happened last time he asked to see her writing, frowns a wee bit for a second, and resumes his normal train of thought.
Markus Jarnhann: Fair ‘nough, lad. We coul’ use ye, eithe’ way.
Amber Summers: I told you about my book, about the tomboy girl who climbs trees.
Knappekat: I just bet you all’d love to recruit a fellow with his own Hades, all kitted out to the nines. *he grins widely*
Rimdar Klall: “Hehe, oh, right. Well, if it’s based off personal experience, why the writer’s block?”
*Markus Jarnhann grins, and nods. “…Le’ me pu’ i’ this way… we’d nae complain.”
*Knappekat smiles and stretches in his chair. “Yup… well… anyhow. How’s things in the shootin’ business?”
Amber Summers: I just can’t figure out what message i want to send in the end
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles.
Markus Jarnhann: ‘sbuisness, really. ‘Sae long as there’s two folk lef’ on this plane’ someone is goin’ tae wan’ someone else dea’.
Rimdar Klall: “Anything I can do to help?”
*Amber Summers frowns, “No not really.”
Knappekat: Yup. an’ if there’s a third one, there’s gonna be a conspiracy.
*Alex Webster leans on the bar. “Uh, Mahmoth, can I get something to drink, please?”
*Rimdar Klall puts his arm around her. “Well, just let me know if there is.”
*Amber Summers looks up at him, a slight glint of awkwardness in her eyes, “Okay. Thank you.”:
*Rimdar Klall smiles, noticing her vague uneasiness. “Of course.” He removes her arm and points to her cup. “The coffee good today?”
*Amber Summers nods.
Mahmoth: ‘Course, lad. Y’preference?
Alex Webster: I think… a midgard lager, please.
*Rimdar Klall considers getting a cup of coffe, then reconsiders, remembering his scotch. He sips it thoughtfully.
Rimdar Klall: “I think I’ll work on this, first.”
Alorwin: ((Mah, give him Manik-brand coffee! :D))
Mahmoth: ((Mah is not a sadist…))
Alorwin: ((No one ever is. ;-;))
Knappekat: ((we’ve had enough trouble over that silliness as it is.))
Amber Summers: ((not true, ell is))
Knappekat: ((right, Alo? ;)))
*Mahmoth nods, flicks his trunk up and across, pulling down something decent and coreborn, pouring out a pint of it and setting it on the bartop.
Rimdar Klall: ((what’s manik do to his coffee?))
Rimdar Klall: ((mahm, who’re you nodding to?))
Burrito Loco: ((some f***ed up ‘nip/coffee hybrid))
Rimdar Klall: ((oh NM, alex))
Alorwin: ((Sadist =/= homicidal maniac))
*Markus Jarnhann cracks his neck, and nods.
Burrito Loco: ((a good sadist would have skinned him alive))
*Rimdar Klall swishes his tail a bit uncomfortably. “Hey, Amber, Listen. About the other night… sorry if I… caught you off guard.”
Alex Webster: Ah, outstanding, thanks.
Alorwin: ((Sadist =/= [not always, at least] killer/maimer))
Amber Summers: Oh… um…. yeah…. that was… unexpected…..
*Rimdar Klall scratches the back of his head with one hand. “Yeah, I think the coffee, and the wine, and being tired got me a little… well, maybe it’s not always best to blurt things out right when you think them, you know?”
*Alex Webster takes a good gulp of the lager, leaning back and relaxing a little. “Aah. ‘S good stuff. Reminds me of home.”
Amber Summers: So… are you saying you don’t feel that way.
Burrito Loco: ((uh oh, I don’t think Rim can win this))
Burrito Loco: ((Run, Rim, run!))
Rimdar Klall: ((danger danger!))
Rimdar Klall: “Well, no, I actually do very much feel that way. But I think I might have sprung that statement a bit early.”
Amber Summers: Well, since you do feel that way I’m glad you told me, I would rather know and deal with it, thaen think you feel someway you don’t… but yes, I think it is a bit too early…. it kinda scares me that you feel this strongly so fast….
Rimdar Klall: “I don’t want to scare you, Amber. Really. I’m a bit mixed up with my feelings myself, and, you’re right. It probably is too fast.” *shrug* “It’s just… you’re a really wonderful fox, and I can’t help my feelings.”
*Knappekat runs a foreclaw over the table surface idly. “Yup… tough world out there.”
Markus Jarnhann: So ’tis. Bu’ tha’s t’nature o’ tae beas’. ‘Ow’s ye leg comin’ ‘long?
Knappekat: Eh, fine. Doc say’s it’s about as good as it’s gonna get, prolly, but at least I can walk and sorta jog. And fly, too.
Amber Summers: I know… it’s just…. this is the first time I’ve ever had someone like me…. and I’m not used to this at all,a nd then for you to say you love me…… i’m meverous that we’re moving to fast, I think maybe we should calm down a bit.
Markus Jarnhann: Bea’s a sharp stick i’ tae eye.
*Knappekat nods.
Rimdar Klall: “I know I can’t change my feelings, Amber. But I do know I can keep from pushing the boundaries of this relationship. I want you to know you don’t have anything to worry about, I’m not going to be trying to rush things. A first relationship can make a lot of unease, and I’ll try to avoid that, OK?”
*Amber Summers nods, “Okay…. I’m sorry I don’t feel the same….”
Rimdar Klall: “No, no, don’t be. Look- just becaue I feel one way, and am confused about the whole thing, at that, doesn’t mean you should. Take everything at its own pace.”
Amber Summers: But i feel guilty….
*Knappekat glances over his shoulder at Rimdar and Amber, and looks back at the table between himself and Markus, pokerfaced.
*Markus Jarnhann listens in on the Rimdar/Amber conversation, and quirks an eyebrow at Knappe, just as he turns to face him again.
Rimdar Klall: “Guilty? Amber, no, don’t. As I said, I can’t control my feelings. If you aren’t ready for /any/ step of a relationship, you just take it at your own pace.”
*Knappekat looks up at Markus and grins. “Girl trouble for the squirrel, sounds like, maybe.”
Markus Jarnhann: So i’ do…
Rimdar Klall: “I try to be a good guy, and if I ever feel like i’m pushing you, it’s not going to give me some stupid bravado or anything. I’m trying to make things /easier/ on you. So just forget what I said before, or keep it in the back of your mind. But don’t let it push you to anything you’re not ready for.”
Amber Summers: You don’t understand, my first relationship was something i dreamt abotu for a long time, and it’s not happenning like it should. I should madly in love too and I’m not…. I just… i don’t know… I need to think…..*she gets up and leaves quietly*
Rimdar Klall: ((aye, but he got himself into this mess :P))
Amber Summers: ((about* ))
Amber Summers: ((and *should be*))
Burrito Loco: ((Rim should have listened to his elder))
Markus Jarnhann: …Oy… ::He shakes his head, and mutters:: poo’ bugge’….
*Rimdar Klall scratches the back of his head again. “Whoopsie.” *he sips his scotch, deep in thought*
*Alex Webster looks sympathetically at Rimdar. “Uh… that didn’t seem to go according to plan?”
*Knappekat whistles under his breath. “Hoo, boy.”
*Mahmoth considers Rim somewhat sympathetically.
Rimdar Klall: “Well, there really wasn’t a plan.”
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs slightly. “…Pull up a sea’, mate.”
*Markus Jarnhann pulls the flask from his hip holster, and sets it on the table.
Rimdar Klall: “I kinda let sleip a few days ago that I was getting… really strong feelings for her. It was probably too early. I was wine-d up and had some coffee in me, as well as sleep deprivation. Not a good mix.”
*Rimdar Klall gets up and moves to markus’ table, looking to see if Alex is coming as well.
*Alex Webster looks a little unsure, but after Rimdar looks his way he shrugs, and follows him over.
Rimdar Klall: “Thanks for the seat, Markus. Got any advice for this foolish squirrel?”
*Knappekat scoots his chair over to make room.
*Rimdar Klall sips his scotch, and looks over at Alex. “You have a girl?”
Alex Webster: Heh, no. No, I am quite single. Not entirely by choice, if I’m honest.
*Knappekat chuckles.
Knappekat: Ah, I remember those heady days…
Rimdar Klall: “It’s a double-edged sword. I mean, sure, women can be great, but this whole “feelings” thing… ugh. I doubt I’ll ever understand them.”
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs slightly. “…Hmm. If I ‘ad goo’ advice, I would likely be in a bette’ position wit’ t’lass I’m chasin’. Bu’, tha’s neithe’ ‘ere, no there. Star’ from tae beginnin’… wha’ brough’ all tha’ on?”
Rimdar Klall: “They say they want communication. Then you open up, and they get scared. I tell ya, if it weren’t for my true love, music, I’d be single, bitter, and grumpy.”
*Markus Jarnhann passes the flask over to Rimdar. grinning slightly.
Rimdar Klall: “Who’s on your mind, Markus?”
Alex Webster: Heh, well. I guess I made all the choices that got me where I am now.
Rimdar Klall: ((declines the flask, raising his own scotch to indicate he’s well-stocked at the moment. he takes a big sip.))
Rimdar Klall: ((/em fail))
*Markus Jarnhann laughs. “Does nae matte’ mate.”
*Alex Webster has his own theory based on observation, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut for once.
*Rimdar Klall shrugs. “Bah. There’s always my other love, scotch. She’s a cruel mistress, to be sure, but she’s always there when I need her.” *he downs the rest, and excuses himself for a quick refill.*
Markus Jarnhann: We’re talkin’ bou’ ye, righ’ now. ::He slides the flask back to his side, his massive white paw covering the heavily accented golden inlay cross. He snatches it up, and takes along pull.::
Knappekat: Well, fella *turns to Alex* if you want a couple bits of advice… learn to tend bar, and be choosy.
*Markus Jarnhann laughs.
Markus Jarnhann: ‘e shoul’ know. ‘e’s go’ ‘imsel’ a decen’ one.
*Knappekat cuts his eyes to one side, and grins a little.
Alex Webster: Heh, noted and logged. Maybe once I’ve had enough of spending ninety percent of my waking hours in the sky, eh…
Rimdar Klall: “Mahm, another scotch?”
*Burrito Loco fades deeper into the woodwork, secluded in a corner and engrossed in a book
*Rimdar Klall assumes himself to have received more scotch one way or another and heads back to the table.
*Markus Jarnhann laughs. “Ye’ll be alrigh’, mate.”
Rimdar Klall: “Blarrgh” *as he sits down* “I don’t even know what to do. I’d chased her down the last couple of times she ran off, but it was more embarrasment then. I think best thing right now’s to leave the girl alone. All in favor?”
*Knappekat makes a non-committal motion with his paw.
Alex Webster: Uh…not that I’m an expert in this, but yeah, can’t be a bad idea to let her think it all through a bit.
*Mahmoth rolls a general shrug, sets the scotch bottle back in its place.
*Rimdar Klall makes a :P face. “Thanks, Knappe.”
Rimdar Klall: *to Alex* “Yeah, time’ll sort everything out. Always does.”
Markus Jarnhann: T’lad’s likelly righ’.
*Rimdar Klall takes a gulp of scotch. “I’m glad I didn’t ask for the nice stuff, I’d hate to waste that on getting drunk.”
Markus Jarnhann: Meh.
Markus Jarnhann: Dinnae ge’ drunk, mate.
Markus Jarnhann: if she comes back, an’ ye’re sloshed…
Markus Jarnhann: ‘twoul’ likely no’ en’ well fo’ ye.
*Alex Webster winces at that scenario
Mahmoth: Truth, seeming.
*Rimdar Klall stares almost accusingly at his drink. “I suppose. This here’s often held sway over me to a grat extent, I should probably want to be ‘with it’ in case she does come back.”
*Knappekat purses his lips.
*Rimdar Klall gives Mahm a “cut me off” signal.
*Mahmoth nods mutely.
*Rimdar Klall looks generally distraught and upset with himself.
*Alex Webster looks a little uncomfortable. He doesn’t know what to say.
Rimdar Klall: “Bah, best not dwell on it. I brought this mess on myself, it’ll clear up. Or not. Either way, time marches on.” *he looks as though he’s cleared his mind of the trouble, and is now smiling*
Rimdar Klall: “Tell me, Alex, of Flight School. How were things there? To be perfectly honest, I never went. But you didn’t hear that from me.”
Alex Webster: Oh, uh… Yeah, flight school was good. I mean, the instructors all know their stuff and its a good place to make contacts too. Has its downside, though. Now I’ve got my full wings, it seems like theres still a lot of stuff I don’t know about, that they didn’t tell me.
Markus Jarnhann: There’s only sae much ye can teach. Tae res’ mus’ be learne’ on one’s own.
Rimdar Klall: “Come to think of it, you didn’t hear what I said at all, mmk?’
*Markus Jarnhann snorts.
Knappekat: Right… experience is the best teacher. I reckon the license is a license to learn, really. Too bad a lot of kids don’t see it that way.
Rimdar Klall: “Experience and The Hard Way were my teachers, and in terms of flying, I think they did a pretty good job.”
Alex Webster: Yeah, I think you’re right. There’s no substitute for going out there and actually doing it. Still, I think the school gave me a pretty good foundation to build on. And a CR-4P of course, heh. Glad I went in the end.
*Markus Jarnhann nods a bit. “Lots o’ folk knock t’Four Papa. She’s a decen’ ride, wit’ decen’ all ‘roun’ capabil’ty.”
Rimdar Klall: “She is?” *scratches his chin* “I suppose, but you’ll be tons happier once you’re in the pilot’s seat of a /real/ plane, Alex.”
Knappekat: Yup. Not tto much plane, just enough.
Knappekat: ((*too ))
Rimdar Klall: “Hahaha, not too much plane. No, it certainly isn’t. You ever want a ride in style, come by my Hades, Alex.”
Knappekat: ‘course, not many folks regret stepping up, either. *grins*
Alex Webster: Certainly beats flapping your arms and jumping off the edge, heh…
Rimdar Klall: “Just flew in from echo, and BOY are my arms tired!”
Rimdar Klall: ((i said that in a rodney dangerfield voice btw))
*Alex Webster bursts out laughing
*Markus Jarnhann facepalms.
*Knappekat blinks.
Knappekat: Flappin’ yer arms doesn’t do a bit of good.
Knappekat: You don’t fall stable at all…
Alex Webster: Uh, I’ve… actually not tried it.
*Markus Jarnhann sighs. “…Bloody ‘ell.”
*Knappekat winks. “Did a little extra “bail-out” practice back in Flight School… pretty fun, once you get the hang of it. Getting the ‘chutes repacked for morning flight review was a pain, though.”
Rimdar Klall: “Bailing a craft is never a fun experience… nooosir.”
Alex Webster: Yeah, I’d imagine not. Haven’t had to do that for real yet. Hope I don’t have to, sea’s not a nice place.
*Markus Jarnhann snorts slightly, at the mention of chutes.
Rimdar Klall: “Make sure to invest in a good radio, it’d be a shame to go down and not have people know it.”
*Alex Webster shudders
Markus Jarnhann: All else fails… save tae las’ bulle’ fo yeself.
Alex Webster: I’ve heard enough stories of pilots who went into the sea without a radio in flight school…
Markus Jarnhann: ((afk for a bit.))
Rimdar Klall: “Markus, while horrible, that’s probably a good idea, I suppose.”
Rimdar Klall: “Seems they tell a lot of stories, what do they actually teach there?” *chuckles*
Alex Webster: They teach you to not ditch without a decent portable radio, heh…
Rimdar Klall: “Aye, I’ve got one built into my seat- the whole shebang just pops off the plane. Got an emergency kit, pistol, food, and some other thingsbuilt in.”
*Alex Webster drains the last of his lager. “At least if you have to bail, you’ll be well prepared. From what I hear, you’d have to have a lot of firepower to knock out a hades, though.”
Knappekat: Yeah, well, some pirates out there have it, and some to spare.
Alex Webster: Yeah. Yeah, I s’pose so.
Knappekat: Don’ worry, though. If they’re gunning for big fish, they don’t generally bother with small fry. If you’re even half-careful, odds are you’ll never see any of ’em you couldn’t take on.
Rimdar Klall: “Ha, ooh, I’ve never had any pirate problems with my Hades. The Allegro Assai can be a rela fight when she wants. Of course, a lucky shot messed up my starboard engine just today, but no big deal. I think.”
*Knappekat nods. “I’m not sayin’ you’ll never get taken out, mind you. It happens to all of us from time to time.”
Rimdar Klall: “I’ve lost three Phantoms, all due to mistakes. That’d be the ‘Hard Way’ I was talking about.”
*Rimdar Klall finishes his scotch and brings the glass back to the bartop, setting it down, and returning to the table.
Alex Webster: I’ve been pretty lucky so far. Took some pretty critical damage a couple of times, mind you. Had to make a sea landing and patch it together enough to get to the nearest skyland once. Never more glad that I had a sea landing capability than then, I tell you. Couldn’t do that with a CR4.
*Burrito Loco fades out of the woodwork hearing what borders on shop-talk
Rimdar Klall: “That’s definitely true. I think if a CR-4P hits the water, it’s not coming out.”
Alex Webster: Off to Cidade to get myself a seahawk next, methinks… Triple engines, and sea landing again.
Burrito Loco: You can very much get a CR4P out
Burrito Loco: They’re actually amazing pieces of engineeringin their own right
Burrito Loco: Alex, drop my name when you’re there, I go way back with Post
*Alex Webster looks to BL with interest. “Sure, thanks. I will do. But I have to know, how do you get a CR4P full of holes from combat damage out of the sea?”
Burrito Loco: Duct tape, bailing wire and elbow grease
Burrito Loco: See, the stupid things are very simple
Burrito Loco: very, clean and efficiently built too
*Rimdar Klall laughs. “I’d like to see that. You can be sinking quickly on the sea and I’ll hang out in a levi to haul you out, OK?
Burrito Loco: Sure, I’ve done it before
Rimdar Klall: “I’d assume the work would have to be done awful quick.”
Alex Webster: I mean, yeah, the CR4 is simply built and simple to repair, it’s one of the reasons its so popular. But patching it up when you’re half submerged and filling up with water? Not something I’d want to try. And since you can’t get unsubmerged, how do you haul it out of the water? Can you even restart the engine?
Burrito Loco: If the fuel tank isn’t filling with water you’re set
Burrito Loco: See, they’re primarily wood and cloth construction, cheaper that way
Rimdar Klall: “Naaaah, there’s no WAY you can launch one from the water. They don’t have pontoons or anything! They’d sink like a rock.”
Burrito Loco: so, the body will float if it has a choice
Burrito Loco: You’ve gotta jettison *everything* pretty fast though
Rimdar Klall: ((wood?!? :P))
Alex Webster: Maybe the ship would float, but without the pontoons, like Rimdar says, you couldn’t launch!
Burrito Loco: ((well through the WWII era, small craft and trainers were wood and cloth))
Alex Webster: ((The Spitfire was very much like that.))
Burrito Loco: See, you take off the landing gear, they have a smooth enough bottom to fake it
Burrito Loco: and the engines are so small you can manually turn them over
Rimdar Klall: “And how, pray tell, do you remove the landing gear when that whole part is under water already?”
Burrito Loco: with a socket wrench and a good set of lungs
*Alex Webster shudders again. “Cold, in that sea…”
*Rimdar Klall laughs again. “You know, I can’t believe it, but that’s a helluva poker face if you’re lying.”
Burrito Loco: Nope, you can do it
Burrito Loco: Actually, the CR4P is one of a very few non-sea planes that can take off from the water without extensive modifications
Burrito Loco: People belittle it, but the truth is it’s one of the best designed aircraft out there
Burrito Loco: ((I seem to have defeated RP))
Alex Webster: I mean, sure, make no mistake, they fly forever and you can pretty much maintain them with a screwdriver, but you won’t see me changing my phantom to get back in one.
Rimdar Klall: “Then why is it I’ve faced a herd of more than 10 before and sustained little to no damage?”
Alex Webster: I suspect it’s something to do with the whole being made of wood thing…
Burrito Loco: Rimdar, I said best designed not most combat ready
Rimdar Klall: “Ah. Well, I guess I can give it that.”
Rimdar Klall: “But it still can’t hold a candle to a Hades. Mmmmm, man I love my plane.”
Burrito Loco: Mm
Burrito Loco: Dunno
Burrito Loco: If I left you with nothing but a roll of duct tape and socket wrench for a month, that Hades would be lucky to be scrap
Burrito Loco: ((I’ve been dinner’d, brb in ~15))
Alex Webster: ((K. Might be gone when you get back, 0200 here…))
*Alex Webster stretches and stands up. “Eeh, while I’d love to stay and debate the CR4’s merits a little more, I have an appointment with a ship dealer on Cidade. Want to get there before nightfall”
Rimdar Klall: ((where does alex live?))
Rimdar Klall: ((jolly ole england?))
Rimdar Klall: “Best of luck, Alex. See ya.”
Alex Webster: ((Jolly ole England indeed :)))
Alex Webster: Cheers, Rimdar. Good luck to you as well, eh? Talk to you soon.
Rimdar Klall: “Thanks.”
Alex Webster: Good to meet you, Burrito. I’m sure we’ll talk later, too. Thanks for all the info.
Alex Webster: ((for when he gets back.))
*Alex Webster deposits his glass on the bar, nods to Mah, and with a final wave and smile at the other patrons, heads out for the hangars.
*Rimdar Klall stretches, gets up, and moves to the couch.



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