A Skyrate’s Life, Part 2: Accents!

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

The first line of this log entry after the {Static} is “Argh, connection failure.” This means that a fair chunk of content is missing again, and we have to work out what’s going on through context. I can’t make sense of the first part, and I was there! Four years ago, admittedly.

I’ve been trying to piece together what happened to the people I used to know. So far, I can see that both Mahmoth and Talon Karrde have logged into the Skyrates forums this month. Zekkass hasn’t been active for years.

I feel really bad about Zekkass. We were working on some fiction together when I just disappeared. I was also working on an in-character engineering project with Copper Cheetah. Just… disappearing without a trace is such an awful thing to do to an RP community, particularly when you’ve worked your way into it and are involved in things. Going through all this Skyrates stuff has made me absurdly angry at myself, not just for screwing up other people’s stories but for denying myself the chance to be a part of all this.

If any of the RP channel veterans see this, for what it’s worth… I’m really sorry for bailing on you.

Enough melancholy recollections. Who’s new in this entry?


  • Mairi Valentine: Female cat, current owner of the Rotor and Prop tavern. Exceptional roleplayer. Despite having all kinds of IC personal issues, people being shot and a dozen other things going on, she still managed to find some time to welcome me in and integrate me into their little community. Karrde once called her the “heart of the community”. He wasn’t wrong. Member of the Azure League (Blues). Has lots of siblings and almost as many suitors.
  • Sirrus: Appears to be new. A bear. Nothing else is known about him!
  • Marcus Cunningham: Male fox, airship captain. Member of the Jade Hand (Greens), a group of (not even remotely) neutral traders and profiteers. Often spends more time roleplaying as his crew than as himself.
  • Silura: Female red fox, independent. What was the incident that happened last night that she’s apologizing for? I don’t know, damn it!
  • Cecil Lancaster: Male squirrel, electromagnetic scientist. Blue faction, of course.
  • I can’t find an entry for Moros or Trichechus in the Skyrates Dramatis Personæ, the RP character directory.
  • There isn’t an entry for Skylark Quintessa either, but I think this is the same character as Skylark Cunningham. Her profile on the forum seems to match up.
  • Ellington: Male ferret. Radio personality, nutcase, drunkard and one of Mairi’s ex-es. A notorious figure. Faction unknown. I have a faint suspicion that he was Red at this time.
  • Nero Shade (Sr.): Elderly male squirrel. Rather senile. Enjoys chocolate milk and giving people cheap jewelry.


  • This is not long after Mairi stuck me behind the bar for the first time. If I remember correctly, she just dropped herself into a comfortable chair and said something along the lines of “Okay, your turn to serve me for a bit!” This theory is reinforced when she says “I’m taking a day off” later on.
  • This is a lovely (and rare) example of the R&P when there’s not a major disaster in progress. People are for the most part happy or at least contented. It’s this kind of gathering which allows people to catch their breath between events and explore the more mundane (not to be confused with uninteresting) and human aspects of their characters.
  • Mai asked me who else got me? Nope, I don’t understand what the question was either, and I don’t have any idea what the answer means. Everything before the first line has been lost, so your guess is as good as mine. Argh, indeed.
  • There’s some complaining about accents in OOC further down. I loved the accents.
  • There was a ritual for people who were new to the R&P. Whichever bartender was around would ask three questions to the newcomer: Their name, where they were from and where they were headed. Answering was optional, but it was the way things were done. Sirrus was probably the first person I asked the three questions to, although it’s before the {static}. I also would have been the one to tell him that payment isn’t required although restocking the bar is welcomed. This is referenced when Sirrus leaves.
  • I’ve deliberately left all the mistakes in. Removing them would make the log neater, but then it wouldn’t be a true snapshot of what RP was like at this time. Like aggressive editing of documentary footage to change the meaning. Other than replacing the formatting (I only have plain text), I’ve made every effort to leave these logs exactly as they were.

Fer t’day’s log, click ye thro’ belo’ tha jump.

RP 16/07/08 1725

[INT. Rotor and Prop tavern]

Alex Webster: ((Argh, connection failure. Anything happen after Mai asked me who else got me?))
Mairi: ((this: Sirrus shakes his head. “I don’t mind tellin’. Ah’ve got my eyes on a Cyclops. Ah consider myself to be an honest workin’ man, but I won’t hessitate to shoot down any varmint what trys to take my cargo.”))
Alex Webster: Heh, was Mah. Wasn’t there the first time.
Mairi: Hmm, cyclops, huh? Heard it looks decent on paper, but doesn’t always deliver in the air. I never flew one, though, and I know a few who stand by it.
Sirrus: Well, ah’m not going to make like I know much of what there is to know about planes, but she looks about right to me fer my purposes.
Markus Jarnhann: I flew a ‘clops.
Markus Jarnhann: Wors’ ride o’ me life
Markus Jarnhann: Sluggish, an’ a ‘uuuuuge targe’.
Mairi: I think I had a Spectre when I was in that price range. Was decent. Didn’t set my heart on fire, but definitely decent.
Mairi: now my brother has a Seahawk, and he’s got nothin’ but good to say about it
Markus Jarnhann: Ye’d be bette’ serve’ wit’ a ‘Hawk. Cargo’s near ‘nough tae same, an’ tae ‘Hawk ‘andles a lo’ bette’.
Mairi: ended up with an Osprey, says he’s not likely to trade out for a while
Markus Jarnhann: Plus tae weapons loadou’ ‘s fa’ s’perio’.
Alex Webster: Hm. I’ve had a couple of pirates try to take me down with a cyclops. Looks like she has guns in every direction, but you fire and you can’t really miss it. And, heh, as a recent Seahawk owner I can definately vouch for that.
Mairi: if you’re going for somethin’ defensive while you’re hauling, from what I hear, seahawk’s the way to go
*Sirrus turns here and there, taking in the opinions of just about every person within earshot. “Well, how’s that Seahawk do in a firefight?”
Markus Jarnhann: tae ‘awk’s tae way tae go, ’til ye ge’ yeself a Vengeance.
Markus Jarnhann: Exceptionally well, she does.
*Mairi chuckles, “you and your Vengeance.. just a big ol’ cannon with wings”
Markus Jarnhann: Goo’ cov’rage, excellen’ weapon range, an’ she ‘andles nicely.
*Moros turns around. “Oy, nuthin wrong with a flyin’ cannon!”
*Markus Jarnhann grins. “Dinnae thin’ she were sayin’ tha’, mate. She were givin’ me ‘ell as she’s wont tae do.”
*Mairi laughs, “yeah, nothin’ wrong with a cannon. But you’re in tinfoil and engines same as me, so you’re not allowed to defend ‘im”
*Sirrus pulls out a small notebook from his breast pocket and flips through it. “Hmm, s’posin’ y’all might be right there about the Seahawk… dunno why ah didn’t look at is before.”
*Moros looks defensive, and then shrugs.
Markus Jarnhann: Poss’bly tae same reason I bough’ tae ‘clops. She’s nea’ lookin’, an’ her cov’rage looks nice, on pape’.
Moros: Back in the good old days, I had me one of them.
Mairi: aw, it’s a good plane, but I can’t say that in front of him ::nodding at Markus::
Moros: But I think you’ll agree m’dear that tinfoil and engines are all the rage?
Alex Webster: Heh. ‘Hawk’s an outstanding ship. Triple engines helps with redundancy, and she can ditch into the sea as well.
Mairi: mhm. true true, shiny and quick
*Markus Jarnhann grins at Mai. “Jus’ ye wai’, m’dear. ‘fore lon’, ye’ll see me in somethin’ ye’ll be ruddy suprise’ ‘bou’.”
Mairi: if it’s a Bismark I’ll shoot you down myself
Alex Webster: Cram a surprising amount of cargo in if you pry out some of the extra hull panels and bits.
Moros: I’ll bet she does a fair impression of th’ dread Cap’n!
*Markus Jarnhann snorts.
Markus Jarnhann: Ye shou’ know me bette’ tha’ tha’, b’now.
*Mairi grins, “Just makin’ sure”
*Marcus Cunningham :: A low rumble runs through the skylandette as the mammoth engines of the Bismarck-Class gunship, the Iron Vulture, pass overhead. Felt in both bottle and bone, the goliath zeppelin turns to rest in her usual berth: Open Air hangar 12.
Markus Jarnhann: Ye’d ne’er catch me in one o’ those paper dragons, ‘les’ I were usin’ i’ fo’ a free fall platform.
Markus Jarnhann: …Speak o t’bleedin’ devil…
Markus Jarnhann: Righ’ on cue… Tae lad’d be goo’, if ‘e werenae drivin’ tae ‘unk o’ cra’.
*Sirrus nods. “It’s lookin’ like I’m going to be makin’ a change to mah flight plan real soon, then.”
*Mairi laughs
Mairi: aw, it’s not so bad
Alex Webster: Picked mine up on Cidade, that’s not far from Jordan anyway.
Mairi: it’s a really nice cruise liner
Keyo: ((Species check on Sirrus?))
*Marcus Cunningham enters the tavern, a smile once again on his muzzle as he strides in, an aluminum briefcase in hand, and the barest sign of a limp in his step. “Afternoon everyone.”
Mairi: ((bear ))
Mairi: Morning Markus
Sirrus: Ain’t no problem, I can find plenty excuse to head that way, s’pecially fer getting a good set of wings.
*Alex Webster inclines his head in the direction of Marcus. “Uh, drink for you?” Webster seems to be enjoying playing bartender.
Mairi: Rum ‘n Pop, Alex
Marcus Cunningham: How’s doin, Mairi? *He smiles to the gentleman behind the bar, then chuckles* Please, thank you
Mairi: start on it soon as you hear the stabilizers and he starts to feel old and predictable, and then you get to tease him for it too
Alex Webster: Right, Okay…
*Alex Webster starts to rummage through the various bottles behind the bar
Marcus Cunningham: Bartender training? *He smirks*
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles slightly, and nods to Marcus from his spot just past Mairi at his table. “…Mornin’.”
Alex Webster: Heh, think I got conscripted by Mairi…
*Marcus Cunningham gives Markus a nod.
Markus Jarnhann: Ye di’, lad.
Markus Jarnhann: An’ I’m thinkin’ she made a righ’ nice choice o’ i’, tae.
Trichechus: ((lemonade soda is lemonade made with club soda.))
*Trichechus walks in and sees Alex playing the role of bartender, but decides to make a lemonade soda
*Sirrus drops a few coins on the counter, and stands. “Thankee kindly for all the advice, folks. I best be shufflin’ off, though, seein’ as I have cargo that’s beggin’ to be sold.”
Trichechus: eh?
Markus Jarnhann: Right’o, an’ goo’ luck tae ye, lad.
Mairi: hope to see ya again, Sirrus! Safe skies
*Alex Webster finds the bottles he’s after, and prepares Marcus’ drink, concentration evident in his expression. He passes it across the counter to Marcus.
Mairi: Alex, I’m thinking you keep this up I’m gonna have you on day shift while Mah’s asleep
*Markus Jarnhann grins.
*Sirrus strolls out of the bar a fair bit more comfortably than when he arrived. “With tea like that, sure’n you see me again”
Alex Webster: Heh, still got a lot to learn about this job…
Marcus Cunningham: Nothing wrong with being predictable, though. It just means that folks here pay attention, and know what I like. That being said… *he reaches into his white coat, and pulls out a hand radio.* *ahem*… “Now.”
*Alex Webster waves at the departing Sirrus with a smile.
Markus Jarnhann: I like tha’ idea, Mai. ::He quirks an eyebrow at Marcus::
*Alex Webster thinks: now?
*Marcus Cunningham :: Scampering in a moment or so afterwards…. is a white ferret in a white uniform, carrying a tray. The tray contains one amateur attempt at Eggs Benedict, along with some of the better sauce some furs would ever taste, which he places before Mairi.
*Mairi laughs
Mairi: ((specific ferret or generic ferret))
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> Eat up. Dah boss made dah eggies, I just made dah sauce. *He smirks*
*Alex Webster ‘s eyebrows go into overdrive
*Mairi gets up and gives Lucas a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “You are my very favorite ferret”
*Markus Jarnhann tilts his head as someone puts… Eggs Benedict on his table. He quuuuuirks an eyebrow at Mai, as it’s pretty clear he’s once again missed something.
*Mairi grins and sits down, looking up at Marcus again, “decent try at poached eggs, I’m impressed”
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *The ferret returns the hug* And yous is my favorite cat.
*Marcus Cunningham smirks, scratching the back of his neck, “Well, third times the charm…”
*Mairi laughs again and takes a fork to it, getting eggs, bacon, and muffin on one forkload before dredging it through the hollandaise and taking a bite
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> More like sixth, Boss.
Markus Jarnhann: …’Ow quain’…
*Mairi leans back in her chair, eyes closed in a moment of breakfast nirvana
*Mairi grins at Markus, “Quiet, you” as she takes another bite, quite thoroughly enjoying it
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> * The ferret gives a nod to Markus * Lucas Shaffer, dah cooka’ dah Vul’cha.
*Skylark Quintessa stumbles downstairs, yawnning and rubbing a paw trough her mussy quills, eyes all bleary.
*Trichechus nods a good morning
*Marcus Cunningham nods, “Morning Sky.”
*Markus Jarnhann nods back to Marcus. “Charme’, mate.” ::He shrugs, and quuuirks an eyebrow at the hedgehog coming down the stairs, before muttering something about countdowns, and explosions.::
*Mairi beams a smile at Lucas, “The hollandaise is magnificent, Lucas. Need to steal more of your secrets. Mine comes out pretty good, but this is pure silken indulgence”
*Skylark Quintessa nods to Trichechus and then jumps and gives a half nod to Marcus “H-hi…” she turns and climbs onto a bar stool and lays her head on the counter, closing her eyes.
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *He thinks, then shakes his head* If I taught yous, then yous wouldn’ need me anymores. T’inka dis as jaab sa’curity.
*Trichechus once again trying to popularize tea in the tavern, hands Skylark a hot mug full of dragon’s well tea.
*Markus Jarnhann quiiiirks the eyebrow furhter. “…Guess nae. An’way!” ::He grins from Lucas to Mai.:: “…Tae fella’s righ’, m’dear. Ye cannae ask ‘im tae give up ‘is secre’s fo’ tha’.”
Trichechus: Grown in the empty crew seats of my Bolo
Alex Webster: … You grow tea in your aircraft?
*Skylark Quintessa lifts her head curiously and then takes a sip.
*Skylark Quintessa makes a face “Needs sugar.”
Mairi: aw, not even if I ask pretty please? ::pouting at Lucas::
*Marcus Cunningham takes his drink and finds a seat at one of the nearby tables.
*Mairi breaks into a grin quickly after, taking another bit of her breakfast
Mairi: ((bite* ))
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *He chuckles* Mai, dere’s a hart’a ice here in dis chest, dough you almos’ cracked it. How dis? I won’ teach you, but if you wanna cooked meal, you call up dah Vul’cha and I’ll come runnin’. Except if it’s chow’dah.
*Mairi chews slowly, savoring her treat before turning to Marcus again, “Thank you, Marcus. This means a lot”
*Trichechus gives Skylark a cookie for good measure.
*Marcus Cunningham smirks, “For all the times and things you’ve done for us, Mai, it’s the least I could do.”
*Mairi grins at Lucas, “What? I didn’t have that offer before?”
*Trichechus starts nibbling on one himself, listening to the conversations in the bar.
Mairi: I figured we were beyond secrets, what with the stripper wedding cake thing and all..
*Markus Jarnhann snorts. “…Seems I’ve misse’ somethin’ on tae … Wut?”
*Markus Jarnhann suddenly looks *quite* confused.
*Mairi starts laughing again and takes another bite of her breakfast, eyes twinkling with amusement
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *He laughs* Now now, I taught I told dem to put dah strippa in AFTA’ dey baked.
*Skylark Quintessa takes the cookie and pushes it around a bit then pushes it away
Skylark Quintessa: No thank you.
*Mairi giggles around her fork before swallowing
*Alex Webster notices that Sirrus had left some coins on the bar. “Eh, I always did have a problem making myself clear.” He collects them up, and puts them behind the bar in the hope that he’d remember to give them back.
*Trichechus smiles, happy that another cookie has been refused, and eats it.
Mairi: Alex, you can put ’em in the donation jar ::nodding toward the piggy bank with paper wings and a pair of goggles at the far end of the bar::
Mairi: some people like to pay anyway
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> Bu’ yeah, yous always got dat offah.
*Marcus Cunningham smirks, opening his briefcase and starting to sort through some documents there-in.
*Mairi grins at Lucas, “haven’t taken up on it as much as I should. I miss your cooking”
*Trichechus stashes a bag of tea in a “secret” cabinet at the corner of the bar.
Alex Webster: Hm? Heh, I never noticed that there. *Mutters* How I failed to notice a pig with goggles and wings…
Markus Jarnhann: Fairly easy, ‘pparan’ly, mate.
*Markus Jarnhann grins.
*Trichechus sticks a gold piece in for good measure.
*Alex Webster transfers the change into the donation… pig.
*Skylark Quintessa blinks, confused.
Mairi: Nero left it the other day, Kincaid and I decided to make it the mascott
Trichechus: hmmm. the mascot of the tavern, a flying pig.
Markus Jarnhann: Senior’s a bi’ o’ a rio’. Junior’s interestin’, in tae borin’ way chaplains ten’ tae be.
Alex Webster: Ah. Should’ve recognised it as a Nero thing, heh.
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *chuckles at Markus, then turns back to Mairi* Well, I don’ wanna dis’toib you two. I’ll be in’dah ki’chin if yah need me. *He turns to look over his shoulder* Boss, headin’ in dah back! *And with that, the white ferret scampers into the kitchen.*
Mairi: thanks Lucas!
*Markus Jarnhann nods to the cook. “…Werenae a disturbance, mate, all tae same.”
*Mairi sops up more hollandaise with muffin, egg, and bacon, taking another long and savoring bite
Mairi: nah, he’s not exactly the most sociable. he’s happier in the kitchen
Markus Jarnhann: Heh, fair ‘nough, jus’ were speakin’ tae trut’.
*Mairi sighs happily, slowly enjoying each bite of her breakfast
*Skylark Quintessa sighs a bit and sips some more of the tea
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *From the Kitchen* “Alright! Who wants what!?”
Markus Jarnhann: Heh, looks like ye di’ alrigh’, Cunning’am. ‘Course, wit’ tha’ slow ride, ye ‘ad plen’y o’time tae ge’ i’ righ’. ::He grins, obviously joking today.::
*Marcus Cunningham smirks, “Thanks. It’s a slow ride, so I get to enjoy the comforts of life.”
*Trichechus yells toward the kitchen, may I have some deviled eggs please?
Trichechus: ((forgot “”))
*Skylark Quintessa pushes the mug of tea away and lays her head back down on the counter and closes her eyes.
Marcus Cunningham: Consider today a day off, Mairi. You’ve earned it.
Mairi: wait, he’s staying? ::blinking in surprise::
*Markus Jarnhann quirks an eyebrow, and looks at Marcus appraisingly. He finally nods a bit. “Ye know, ye’re nae sae bad, mate. A windbag, still, bu’ nae sae bad.”
*Mairi rolls her eyes at Markus, still smiling though
Marcus Cunningham: Well, I have a lot of paperwork to sort out, and that should take, oh….. At least until after dinner.
*Mairi beams another smile at Marcus, “You are a saint sometimes”
*Mairi grins at Markus, “And you’ve lost some room to talk, Mr. Machismo”
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles. “…Ye didnae complain.”
*Marcus Cunningham chuckles, “Sometimes…”
Mairi: complain? was I supposed to get a word in edgewise?
*Mairi keeps up the teasing grin as she scrapes up a bit of sauce with the fork, licking it clean
*Skylark Quintessa lifts her head and sips the last of the tea.
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *from the kitchen* Just Eggs? Dis is’a easy room…
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles, and grins back. “‘ey, someone ‘ad tae keep ‘im fro’ pesterin’ ye.”
*Mairi shouts to the kitchen, “Ha, today maybe”
*Trichechus yells back “ya, only eggs please!”
Mairi: uh huh. you’re so.. considerate?
Markus Jarnhann: Ye know i’!
*Mairi rolls her eyes at Markus and laughs, pushing aside her empty plate with a contented sigh
*Skylark Quintessa gets up and goes outside, making her way over to a tree and sitting under it.

Alex Webster: ((Connection failure again! Anything I need to know about after Skylark going outside?))
Trichechus: ((i don’t think so))
Silura: ((Sorry. I just changed characters.))
Trichechus: ((wait… from who?))
Alex Webster: ((noted. Thanks.))
Skylark Quintessa: ((huh? ))
Marcus Cunningham: ((Question Mark))
*Alex Webster Wha?
Alex Webster: ((Blast. OOC that.))
*Skylark Quintessa takes her leaf chain and sighs, looking up at the clouds moving through the sky.
*Silura limps into the tavern and looks around to see who’s in there that the moment, and where they are within the tavern.
*Mairi smiles at Marcus and rocks on the back legs of her chair, balancing with her knee under the table
*Skylark Quintessa is outside the tavern.
*Marcus Cunningham is at a table, with a briefcase open and shuffling through papers. From the back of the kitchen comes a white ferret with a white uniform on, with a plate of deviled eggs * Eggies up! Who wanted dees eggies?
*Markus Jarnhann hrms.
*Alex Webster leans on the bar, and notes that the place looks different from this side.
*Mairi stares up at the ceiling from her tilted chair at Markus’ table, seemingly lost in thought
*Markus Jarnhann watches Mai in relative quiet, also lost in his own thoughts.
*Silura looks at Mairi and starts to make her way towards her and Marcus. There’s a slight smile on her face today, much as there way yesterday. For some reason when Silura smiles it worries some people…
Trichechus: ((i had to refresh, did my eggs come yet?))
Mairi: ((Mairi is sitting at Markus’ table, Marcus is at another))
Mairi: ((yes: Marcus Cunningham is at a table, with a briefcase open and shuffling through papers. From the back of the kitchen comes a white ferret with a white uniform on, with a plate of deviled eggs * Eggies up! Who wanted dees eggies?))
*Trichechus nods. “here”
Marcus Cunningham: ((Thanks Mai!))
Marcus Cunningham: *he puts the plate of deviled eggs by Trichechus* Dere you go. Dem eggies is ready.
Mairi: Lucas, you are my hero
Trichechus: Thanks.
Markus Jarnhann: T’fellow’s quick…
*Skylark Quintessa closes her eyes and yawns, falling asleep.
Silura: “Mairi, I was wondering if you had a moment…”
*Trichechus pulls out a spoon and knife and begins eating his eggs.
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *He gives a smirk* Yah welcome. So, anyone else got somethin’ dey want before I w’oik som treys?
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> And you, Mai. Just lemme’ know wha’chu wan’ and you got it.
*Mairi smiles warmly at Lucas in thanks and looks up at Silura, “sure..”
*Mairi sets her chair down and stands
*Silura smiles at Mairi and nods towards one of the currently empty corners of the bar.
*Mairi heads to the nodded at corner table and sits down
*Silura limps after Mairi and then sits down opposite Mai before leaning forwards to speak in a hushed voice. “Listen… About what happened after… That coffee…”
*Mairi shakes her head and puts her hands up, answering in as quiet a voice “No worries, Silura. I’ve been drunk and stupid enough to end up making out with Ennia, you really don’t have to say anything” chuckling softly
*Skylark Quintessa jumps and wakes up, squeaking at a bee flying close.
Silura: “I just wanted to say sorry.”
*Mairi smiles at Silura, “It’s alright. No worries, okay?”
Mairi: I’m just glad you’re okay
Mairi: you seem.. better
*Silura smiles and nods, answering Mairi simply with a “Yes.”
Mairi: good
Mairi: I’m glad
*Skylark Quintessa gets up and goes back inside, going to the bar and sitting there.
Silura: “I think things are really working out now…”
*Markus Jarnhann glances at Silura, and then back to Mai, simply watching the exchange.
Mairi: I’m really happy to hear that, Sil. I worry about you
*Mairi leans over in her chair to give Silura a hug, “I know I’m probably not the most supportive, but I do worry”
*Alex Webster glances at Skylark with a polite smile. “Ah…is there anything I can get you?”
*Skylark Quintessa smiles shyly and shakes her head no “No thank you…”
Alex Webster: Ah, okay. Heh, just let me know…
*Skylark Quintessa nods and looks down at the bar top.
*Alex Webster resumes his leaning on the bar, a polite distance from Skylark, and watches the people…
*Silura returns the hug softly before letting go of Mairi. “Thanks. It’s… Kinda nice to know.”
*Mairi smiles, “good. need me to get you anything from the bar?”
Silura: “I could use a coffee… But I could get that myself.”
*Cecil Lancaster walks downstairs, yawning and stretching.
Mairi: if you want. I might go harass Markus a bit more
*Marcus Cunningham gives Cecil a nod from his table.
Silura: “And… I need to talk to Sean at some point…”
Cecil Lancaster: G’morning, Marcus.
*Cecil Lancaster walks over and sits down next to the fox.
Cecil Lancaster: How are you?
Mairi: hm. yeah, he kinda disappeared. I’ll tell him you want to talk to him
*Silura nods “Thanks Mai.”
*Mairi smiles, “No problem”
Marcus Cunningham: Me? *smiles* I’m doin’ alright. Half my hold is filled with paperwork, though. *he settles the page he’s on, then piles them together and sets them aside.* There we go. So, how’s on your end?
*Mairi gets up and fetches her empty juice glass, bringing it to the bar and leaning at the edge
Mairi: Hey, barkeep.. more orange juice?
*Mairi grins at Alex
Alex Webster: Heh. Yes ma’am, right away ma’am. *Grins back*
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *The ferret shuffles out of the kitchen long enough to get a head count… He chuckles.* Oi, Mai. T’ink four trays’ll be’nuff?
Cecil Lancaster: It’s going. I’ve been lately doing some modifications to my plane.
Cecil Lancaster: Research is progressing well, actually have some prototypes.
*Alex Webster retrieves a bottle of orange juice, and carefully fills the glass before handing it back to Mairi and restowing the bottle.
*Mairi giggles at Alex and turns to Lucas, “hmm.. depends. Trays of what?” asking with a curious glint in her eye
Mairi: thanks, Alex
*Silura slowly stands and slowly makes her way towards the bar.
Trichechus: Alex, could you pass over the bottle?
*Markus Jarnhann reclines against the wall, propping his feet upon the table, as he fishes the ebony object he’d been working on from his pocket. His fingers run over it, as he fishes out the knife he used for carving.
Alex Webster: Yeah, sure. *Passes it over to Trichechus*
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> Well, I got de veggies in dah soak, t’inkin two trays’a dah man and cheese, and den I was t’inkin’a last tray’a cold cuts for dah sammitches, and I can get dat from dah Vul’cha.
Marcus Cunningham: Oh excellent to hear, Cecil.
Mairi: hm.. sounds good to me ::smiling at Lucas:: you’ve got it under control
*Mairi takes her juice from the bar and reclaims her seat at Markus’ table, a rarely seen genuinely tranquil smile on her face as she leans back in the chair
Cecil Lancaster: Things going well on the Vulture? You…. holding up?
*Trichechus nods a thanks, and pours himself a cup. “Anyone else want some?”
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> Den, lemme barra dah radio and get mah crew down here. *he chuckles* No ki’chin ovahlord’s good wit’out his minions. *Lucas gets on the radio, and starts tuning in the Iron Vulture.*
*Markus Jarnhann sings softly to himself, as he begins carving and whittling away at the block, mostly obscuring int in his big paws. “…Bless me, wit’a; leaf off o’ a tree; on i’, I see; the freedom reign…”
*Marcus Cunningham nods and smiles, “Things on the Vulture are well. Crew’s happy, and the engines start up when I turn the keys. As for me…. I’m doin’ better. Thanks.
*Cecil Lancaster nods.
Cecil Lancaster: I’m glad to hear it.
*Alex Webster looks at his pocket watch.
Alex Webster: Hm. Sorry, but I’m going to have to leave you people. I’ve got an interview with a potential new navigator, and I don’t want to be late. First impressions and all.
Cecil Lancaster: I doubt if I’d handle it nearly that gracefully.
Cecil Lancaster: Speaking of which, I still owe you one for that date you arranged.
*Alex Webster gives a mock salute to mairi, before waving at the others.
*Marcus Cunningham nods, “So how *did* things work out for you with that?”
Alex Webster: Spect I’ll drop back in later on. Bye for now…
Cecil Lancaster: Oh. I thought you’d heard.
*Silura slowly gets herself a coffee and then sits at the bar
Cecil Lancaster: Sluor left.
*Alex Webster hurries out of the bar in the manner of someone who should watch the time more closely.
*Mairi grins and waves at Alex, “Seeya later
Mairi: ”
Marcus Cunningham: …. Sorry to hear that.
*Markus Jarnhann seems to be caught up in his own little world, as he continues singing, his knife digging and gouging chunks of wood.
Cecil Lancaster: So am I.
*Mairi leans on her elbows, trying to get a peek at the carving with an impish grin at Markus
Cecil Lancaster: But I’m not going to keep waiting on my knees for her.
*Marcus Cunningham nods, then smirks, “That’s good to hear. So, tell me, how’re things now? Any hopefuls? Should I tune up the Vulture for another night on the sky?”
Cecil Lancaster: Well, I met someone a couple of weeks ago. A wonderful vixen with a sound head on her shoulders. Her name’s Amarra.
Cecil Lancaster: And actually…. that might be just the ticket.
Cecil Lancaster: I’d hate to impose on you *again*, but if the Vulture is up to it…
*Marcus Cunningham smirks, “Well, I’m a busier man these days, but I always will make the time for a friend. When’s good?”
*Markus Jarnhann glances up, snapping out of the daze, as he smirks at Mai, and closes his hands around the objeckt. “…’snae done ye’. I nee’ tae ‘ead ‘ome, an’ do some ‘dditional wor’ o’i’.”
Markus Jarnhann: ((…wow, that k totally wasn’t intended, but it looks cool.))
Marcus Cunningham: ((Dah, dat extrah K is addingk much to your sentence, yes?))
Markus Jarnhann: ((heh. ))
Markus Jarnhann: ((something like that))
*Sirrus strolls back into the tavern, hands in his pockets and a sprig of straw perched in his maw. Slipping back into the seat he occupied earlier, he tried not to interrupt anything already going on.
Markus Jarnhann: ((by the way, is Lucas supposed to be a Cajun, or is it just me misinterpreting his accentt))
Mairi: ((I think brooklyn))
Marcus Cunningham: ((More a heavy brooklyn / traditional gangster))
Markus Jarnhann: ((got it))
*Ellington wanders into the tavern, yawning and heads to the bar to stare blearily at the bottles
Cecil Lancaster: I don’t honestly know. I haven’t talked to her in several days. I’ve been caught up at Islo modding my plane.
*Skylark Quintessa yawns and lifts her head, blinking all bleary eyed.
*Mairi tilts up her chin to try and get a peek, grinning at Markus, “aww… please?”
Bushido: ((you guys and your accents are getting out of hand))
Ellington: ((if Bushi says so, it must be true! No more accents!))
Silura: ((Wha’chu’sayin’bout’our’cents? ))
Bushido: ((they’re annoying))
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs. “…Ye’ll ‘ave tae wai’.”
Markus Jarnhann: ((Says the thirteen year old who makes all things in a day.))
*Mairi giggles, “aww. fine”
Marcus Cunningham: ((What’chu talkin’ bout, Bushido? Don’t make me hafft’a pity dah foo!))
Ellington: someone find me a breakfast scotch
*Skylark Quintessa rubs her eyes and looks around.
Bushido: ((yes but i’ve already hit the annoying cap))
Bushido: ((everything can only be so annoying before it becomes ANNOYING))
Marcus Cunningham: Well, as soon as you can nail down a date, I’ll arrange for a pickup. Dining and a view of the ocean, and I’ll see what events are happening around then.
Silura: ((Something you are very good at demonstrating Bushi))
*Cecil Lancaster nods. “Thank you.”
Markus Jarnhann: ((heh, whatever kiddo.))
*Sirrus waves down the bar, getting the attention of whatever keep was in charge. “Don’t s’pose ah could have me another glass of that fine Iced tea?”
Bushido: ((if you say so))
Bushido: ((i still say accents are being overdone))
Cecil Lancaster: I’m hoping to finish my current research project and get it wrapped up and moved off of Islo before Sluor returns.
Markus Jarnhann: ((there’s two people who use them regularly; with a third backup. I think you fail. :P))
*Skylark Quintessa flattens her ears back and gets up, going into the kitchen.
Phedre Spitfire: ((as is your ooc comment take it to world bushido and clean up our radio))
Mairi: you’re late for breakfast, and I’m getting a day off. besides, you don’t accept things from me anyway, Ell
Bushido: ((well you’re contributing to it))
*Markus Jarnhann snorts at Mai’s comment.
Bushido: ((on a side note, did everyone just become hostile to me or what))
Mairi: though I would consider being in a good enough mood to bring it if you promised to be civil
Ellington: then I request a brunch scotch
Markus Jarnhann: Yeh, mate, I’m sure there’s plen’y o’ scotch behin’ tae bar.
Markus Jarnhann: ((naw man, I’m just giving you a hard time))
Markus Jarnhann: ((you’re mostly a cool little bugger))
Phedre Spitfire: ((we’ve been hostile to you for a long time))
Mairi: you gonna play nice today? If you kill this good mood, I’m out for blood
Phedre Spitfire: ((no just about it))
Bushido: ((mmk than))
Marcus Cunningham: ((Is still Bushido’s friend))
*Skylark Quintessa makes herself a cold sandwhich and sits in the kitchen and nibbles on it.
Ellington: Markus, come find me a drinkable scotch, would you?
*Mairi smirks at Markus, “go fetch, soldier. Didn’t figure he’d take it from me anyway”
Marcus Cunningham: <Lucas> *perks up at the visitor* Oi Sky. Want some mac an’ cheese?
Cecil Lancaster: ((Likes Bushi :)))
*Sirrus slowly finds himself feeling a bit lost in the crowd.
Markus Jarnhann: Mmm, I lef’ a bottle be’in’ tae bar, mate. ‘s tae goo’ stuff. Nicke’ it from Fuseli’s private stores.
*Skylark Quintessa flattens her ears back and shakes her head no
Phedre Spitfire: ((okay then, let me rephrase this. I don’t like you.))
Ellington: ……..Admiral Fuseli, or the Fuselis stores….. aka….. MY stores?
Bushido: ((alright than))
Markus Jarnhann: Admiral Fuseli, mate.
*Mairi notes Sirrus looking lost, “hey, sorry. ‘tender took a break and so am I. you can serve yourself if you like”
Marcus Cunningham: *nods to the hedgie, and continues grating cheese*
Markus Jarnhann: Wouldnae nick fro’ ye stores. ::He chuckles::
*Nero Shade Sr. shuffles in, his cane seems to have bike horn attached to it.
Ellington: good answer. Both might get you shot, but one would get you shot much, much faster *grins a bit, laying down on the bar to start lifting bottles*
Markus Jarnhann: Mos’ly ’cause ye’re more likely tae shoo’ me tha’ ‘e is.
*Skylark Quintessa sighs and puts her sandwhich down and pokes it
*Sirrus considered the unothadox manner of service, but decides to run with it. Given the liberty, though, he wanders behind the counter and prepares himself a particularly large glass of iced tea.
Ellington: very smart man, Markus. *finds a bottle of cheap wine, glares at it and drops it back to the bar, and picks up another bottle to examine it*
Ellington: you! new person! find me a good scotch
*Nero Shade wanders over to the bar and sits at his useal spot.
Cecil Lancaster: I’m trying to decide where to go.
Cecil Lancaster: You’ve been around, Marcus. Know any particularly good places to live?
Nero Shade: [Sr.]*looking at Ellington* What?
Mairi: I can find you the good stuff if you just get your head outta your ass. For one day is all
Marcus Cunningham: Aleut’s beautiful this time of year.
Cecil Lancaster: Hmmmm…. That might work. I’d probably need my own lab. How’s availability of space?
Nero Shade: *To Cecil* Arcadia! Only place to… *thinks* Live.
*Ellington glances over his shoulder at Nero, from his position on top of the bar “oh, hey. didnt see you come in. How are you?”
Markus Jarnhann: Aye, ’tis. ‘snae tae ba’. If ye really nee’, I coul’ pro’ly put ye up on tae ol’ fam’ly ‘omestea’.
Markus Jarnhann: Don’ ge’ used much, these days.
Nero Shade: *To Ell* Good. *pointing to Markus* Have you met him. He is nice.
*Skylark Quintessa gets up and throws the rest of her sammich away and goes back upstairs to her room
*Sirrus returns to his seat, spinning around so that he can lean back against the counter and watch the other folks chatting back and forth. The young rookie wasn’t long off the farm, and this sort of gathering fascinated him.
Marcus Cunningham: It’s pretty open, really.
Cecil Lancaster: Oh, I’m not out on my tail or anything. I’m just not looking forward to Sluor coming back. I’d prefer it, I think, if it was just a notice on her desk when she returned.
Cecil Lancaster: But I appreciate the offer.
Mairi: I’d say Steppe, but I don’t quite see you living there, Cecil
Cecil Lancaster: Oh?
*Markus Jarnhann nods slightly to Cecil, as he covertly slips his carving into his pocket.
*Cecil Lancaster smiles at Markus.
Mairi: dunno how well you’d take to rural life. or how well rural life would take to you…
Ellington: yeah, I know Markus. hes one of my friends *finally slides off the bartop*
*Mairi tries to peek as the object is slipped into a pocket and mock-pouts when she can’t see
Cecil Lancaster: Ahhhhh. Yeah, I don’t know if that would work all that well.
*Nero Shade Nods in his senile way and says “Good.” Then he points at the milk. It seems as if he is going to say somehting, but he doesnt. he just points at it.
Mairi: if you wanted to try, I’d be more than happy to get James to set you to work
Cecil Lancaster: Nah. I’m not changing careers, just scenery.
Marcus Cunningham: ((brb ))
*Ellington follows the pointing finger and tilts his head, then deciding its some form of drink, and pours Nero a glass (the glass being plastic, with a bendy straw) and puts it in front of him
Mairi: chocolate, Ell. you forgot the chocolate
Cecil Lancaster: But thanks for the offer, Mai.
Nero Shade: *Smiles at Mairi* Your so nice! *Looks at Ell expectantly*
*Mairi smiles warmly at Nero
Ellington: errr… chocolate…. vodka?
Bushido: ((ell’s drunk isn’t he))
Mairi: chocolate syrup as in to mix and make chocolate milk


Bonus! World Radio Chat, 16/07/08

Note: ‘phil’ is one of the game’s developers.

Chuckler: Folks it’s time for celebration
Chuckler: … I am back in a Lancaster.
*phil celebrates good times
phil: “it’s the semi-annual lanca-star factory-authorized clearance!”
Alex Webster: Argh, shouting salesmen and poorly designed graphics!
*Alex Webster hides and puts earplugs in.
phil: “see your partycaster/revengenator dealer today to snap up these deals”
phil: *tiny voice* factory-to-dealer-incentives not applicable in all areas.  price is actually 1.34 times as marked.  see dealer for details
Moros: indeed
Xorolundra: It IS time for a celebration!
*Alex Webster rocks back and forth
Chuckler: *tiny voice* kits not included
Alex Webster: terms and conditions apply… terms and conditions…
phil: haha
phil: this would be so easy to mock up
*Rimdar Klall is just browsing, but gets harassed by salesmen anyways
Alex Webster: warranty… buy the extended warranty… but I don’t want… no…
*Alex Webster continues gibbering
Chuckler: rust proofing sir?
Zekkass: Yessiree, I like my new Seahawk.
Turbo Lance: do i still get a free tank of gas?
Rimdar Klall: Do I get gremlin insurance?
Rimdar Klall: Free paint on the plane?
Rimdar Klall: Are the cockpits included or extra?
Alex Webster: Indeed. They wanted me to buy the warranty. Oh-ho, and the rustproofing, and the leather upholstery. But I told them! Told them where to go! Hah.
Chuckler: Why do I need rust proofing? Do these things rust?
Alex Webster: They got the manager. Told me that in a year, the gear would fall off, and the paint would corrode, and the upholstery would be ripped.
Cannonball: My Hades has leather upholstery. Totally worth it.
Batty Den: oh…kay. Just had a couple of weird combats. Facing zero planes,  combat lasted about 2 seconds, won by shooting down zero planes for zero G, and got 3 combat point. I’m happy for the points and all, but still can’t help feeling it’s a bug of some sort.
Burrito Loco: Man
Burrito Loco: Those weren’t even options on mine :(
Cannonball: I rust proof mine with the blood of my enemies.


3 thoughts on “A Skyrate’s Life, Part 2: Accents!

  1. Aeauna 26/01/2012 / 18:47

    Skylark married Marcus Cunningham and took his last name.

    Talon’s found this, by the way. He’s kind of a stalker like that. :P

    • Durkonkell 31/01/2012 / 20:45

      Ah, that would make the maximum amount of sense!

      I spoke to Talon the other day on Skyrates and aimed him over here. No doubt he would’ve discovered it at some point, anyway :P

      I don’t recognise your username – who were (or are!) you on Skyrates? After speaking with Karrde, it turns out I wouldn’t recognise you as we weren’t about at the same time :P

  2. EllingtonEllington 29/04/2015 / 02:18

    Hahah, Ellington. Of all the psychotic crazy insane pants on head people I’ve played in my life…. Ellington is by far my favorite. Oh, I’m Ell by the way! I actually remember you a bit. You were around at one of the golden times of Skyrates. Such a interesting game… A shame it never really took off.

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