A Skyrate’s Life, Part 5: Deus Ex Machina Rain.

A Skyrate’s Life is a series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

First thing’s first: Just in case your browser doesn’t support displaying the title attribute for images, the header today is Captain Remy by the most excellent Tommy Chong, as posted in the Skyrates fan-art thread.

Okay, so part 5 it is. No Mahmoth in this entry, so no Mah-quote in the title sadly. Today doesn’t seem terribly remarkable at first glance, but we see a few more hints of Mairi’s upcoming meltdown (see also: end of Part 4) and discover that her waffles genuinely are “glorious, glorious, glorious!”. Also: Pretty much everyone enters through the Skylight and – surprise – we talk about aircraft and navigators. Again…

New Characters:

  • Jack Cross: Male fox, yellow (Flight School) faction. Seems to be involved in some kind of story with Tommy Chong.
  • Bushido: No DP entry! Apparently has a reputation for explosions.
  • Trystero: Male monkey, blue faction. Ninja! Yet another one of Mairi’s suitors. Markus ends up getting quite competitive with him.
  • Tommy Chong: Confusingly has no entry in DP, but it doesn’t matter. Tommy Chong is as legendary an individual as Skyrates has ever seen. Anyone who spends an extended amount of time around the Skyrates community will have run into at least one bit of Tommy’s incredible fan-art. In character, he’s a male squirrel with a background as a mercenary and pirate. Most recently, he took over a criminal organisation known as the Iron Crescent, although I’m not entirely sure what he was doing back in 2008. The Iron Crescent may be responsible for designing and manufacturing one of the game’s aircraft, the Barashiki.


  • This actually takes place the same day (in reality) as the previous log, 18/07/08. Part 4 was logged at 0300 Zulu – the bar’s evening. This one is around 1700 and covers morning and afternoon. I have another one recorded at 0300 on 19/07, so we effectively have most of an entire day in the R&P.
  • How exactly I managed to log everything before the power failure is a mystery to me. I guess I must’ve been constantly copying things over to the log as they happened, because there was no lurker bot in those days.
  • I’ve just taken delivery of my Vengeance which I am completely obsessed about. I loved my Vengeance. Apparently, so did pretty much everyone else – Zekkass had just acquired one and Markus was a well known Veng pilot. The Vengeance is well known for being a twin-hull aircraft with the second hull being just autocannon. It also features a crazy steam-gas hybrid engine which I spend the next few posts working out.
  • Unfortunately, I have no idea what Tommy and Jack’s story was up to now, or where it went from here – only that most of it didn’t happen while I was about.

Today’s chat log below, as always! For previous entries in this series, navigate here.

RP 18/07/08 – 1710

[Int. I’m not actually sure we EVER start a post outside the tavern so why did I start putting these in?]

*Markus Jarnhann heads downstairs from his room in the tavern, grumbling a bit as he slides his arms back into the black duster. He glances around, checking to see who, if anyone was alive, as he makes his way to his corner table.
*Mairi wanders into the tavern from the hangar after landing and parking the lightly less bullet holed silver plane
Cecil Lancaster: ((Good morning, peoples.))
*Mairi heads to the bar and pours herself a glass of juice
Mairi: morning Markus. get ya somethin’?
Mairi: ((morning ))
*JackCross waves to Mairi and Markus.
JackCross: ((hello. ))
*Markus Jarnhann nods hellow to Jack, as he looks at Mai, and hrms. “…Coffee wouldnae suck.”
Mairi: meh, coffee
Mairi: Jack, you’re recruited, you get to make coffee
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles. “‘SNae like I’m a coffee crack ‘ead, m’dear.”
Markus Jarnhann: Jus’ somethin’ tae wake me up, an’ ’tis a tad early fo’ vodka.
JackCross: Huh? I’m just back from Sakuran and the first sentence you say to me is to make coffee. *chuckles, goes behind the bar to blend the beans.*
*Mairi smiles at Jack, “Mhm. We missed you, I get to put you to work!”
JackCross: How strong do you like, Markus?
Markus Jarnhann: Stron’ ‘nough, if i’ pleases ye.
*JackCross blends some kinds of beans with storng taste and lots of caffine, than he put them into the pot with water. Start boiling.
Mairi: anything to eat either of you?
JackCross: I put some raw tuna meat in the frige, you may check them out.
JackCross: Nice for Sashimi, brought in Sakuran.
Mairi: mm. sounds good for lunch maybe. I know you’re on usually running an off schedule, hungry now Jack?
*Markus Jarnhann hrms… “I coul’ go fo’ a mess o’ eggs an’ bacon ‘bou’ now, tae be perfec’ly ‘ones’.”
JackCross: Yeah….I really miss your waffle here, but instead of seeing you in the kitchen, I heard there’s bar fight in here again, and heard your name.
JackCross: But when I heard the name “Ell”, I decided not to ask for detail. *grins*
Mairi: meh
JackCross: So I guess waffle will be good…please?
Mairi: sure thing
Mairi: how do you like your eggs, Markus?
*Alex Webster wanders in, whistling lightly. “Lo, all.”
*Josiah strolls down from upstairs, groggy and attempting to blink out the sleep in his eyes to no avail. His eyes budge open a tadat the smell of fresh cooking and coffee.
Mairi: heh, breakfast rush. you folks hungry too?
*JackCross pours some coffee into another glass pot, to clean the dregs. Then he pours a cup and hands to Markus. “Here, enjoy.”
Alex Webster: Well… Nero Senior has told me repeatedly that your waffles are “Glorious glorious glorious…” Heh, wouldn’t turn one down if you’re offering.
*Josiah glances over to Mairi, rubbing at one eye. “I am, but it appears your work is– *yawn* cut out for you.”
JackCross: Hello, Alex.
Mairi: alright, I’ll get started at least ::chuckling and heading in to the kitchen::
*Cecil Lancaster slowly awakens on the roof, holding Amarra tightly to him beneaththe blanket.
Alex Webster: Lo, Jack. How are you doing?
Josiah: I might go with the fine suggestion – hello again, Alex – so make mine an order of waffles.
*Mairi sets a skillet on the burner and adds some bacon, going to the fridge and snagging a few things to mix quick into her already measured mix of dry ingredients prepared earlier
JackCross: Fine, except the smell of tuna.
Alex Webster: Eh. Fair enough. Good night’s sleep, Josiah?
*Mairi brings out the mixing bowl, still stirring
*Josiah rubs his forehead, his brow still furrowed, and Alex earns a quick shake of the head from him. “Not quite, I fear.”
*JackCross smiles to Mairi. “Lots of new faces here.”
Alex Webster: Any reason? Hope there wasn’t another gunfight or something after I left…
*Zekkass enters the tavern, whistling off-key.
*JackCross nods to Zekkass. “Hello.”
Zekkass: Hi there – who might you be?
*Mairi sets the waffle iron on and finishes mixing, setting down the bowl a moment
*Alex Webster sends a wave towards Zekkass before returning his attention to Josiah.
Josiah: None of the sort, just… *He sighs.* Nightmares. Embarrassing, typical ones.
*Markus Jarnhann glances up from his corner table, and quirks an eyebrow. ((Got DC’d, so I’m gonna pester Mai to send me a log of what I missed. :P))
Mairi: ((done ))
Mairi: ((slowpoke ))
Markus Jarnhann: ((hehe, well, yknow))
*Cecil Lancaster gently nuzzles the vixen and falls back asleep.
Alex Webster: Um… Something recurring?
Josiah: Oh, not the mysterious, shrouded past kind of nightmare, mind.
Josiah: I don’t look like that sort, do I?
JackCross: Jack, Jack Cross. And you are….?
Zekkass: ((My turn to accidentally refresh…did I miss anything?))
Zekkass: I’m Zekkass. Good to meet you.
Alex Webster: Heh. Unless you’ve left your wide-brimmed hat and trenchcoat in your room, no, you don’t.
JackCross: Welcome to R&P tavern.
Markus Jarnhann: Wouldnae wha’ sor’ ye look like, lad.
*Zekkass nods. “I should say the same – are you new around here?”
Alex Webster: Got my new ship, Markus!
Mairi: so, what kinda eggs? ::looking expectantly at Markus as she pours some batter on the hot iron::
JackCross: Nah, I’ve been here for monthes. Can’t count how many, about 6 I think.
*Markus Jarnhann ponders Mai’s comment for a second. “…Scrambled!” He looks at Alex, and nods. “…’Tis goo’, mate. Yeh, Jack’s been a reg’lar fo’ ‘while. ‘E’s a goo’ sor’.”
*Bushido rockets into the bar, for the first time in a month or so.
*Josiah isn’t much of a sight; in addition to being disheveled by sleep, he looks somewhat bookish and lanky. “It’s just the usual sort of thing– pirates take not just the loot but the Larksworth too, while you’re left clinging to a log in the middle of the ocean.”
Zekkass: Funny, that. I’ve been here before – it seems we’ve just missed each other.
*Zekkass waves at Bushido.
Sharktooth: ((Bushi! ))
*Bushido waves back at Zekkass.
Josiah: Not a skyland in sight.
*Alex Webster shudders. We were talking about ditching in the sea without a radio recently, in here. Not a pleasant thought.
JackCross: Wow, long time no see, Bushi.
Mairi: Bushi, if you want waffles no explosions
Alex Webster: ((+ 2 speechmarks, please.))
Bushido: Do you have pop tarts?
Bushido: I feel in the mood for poptarts.
Mairi: nope. but still no explosions
Markus Jarnhann: ’tis why ye carry a gun, la’. Firs several roun’s are fo’ ye pirates… las’ one’s fo’ ye’self, less ye ‘ave a curst goo’ radio.
Bushido: Aww…
*Zekkass moves over to the bar and has a seat.
*Mairi ducks back into the kitchen, getting some eggs and scrambling them into another bowl before checking the bacon
Bushido: ((how hard is it to contemplate how you want eggs anyway))
*Josiah looks a little squeamish at the talk of guns. “I would hope that it would not have to end in such dire straits.”
Zekkass: Is anyone tending the bar, or should I get my ale myself?
Markus Jarnhann: ((considering the myriad ways that eggs can be cooked, it can be difficult.))
Alex Webster: Chances of getting picked up by someone who won’t sell you into slavery or kill you outright aren’t too high unless you’ve got a decent portable radio.
Bushido: ((I don’t eat eggs. :D))
JackCross: Excuse me, but did I heard somebody carry gun in here?
Bushido: Hi!
Alex Webster: Left my sidearm in my ship, so it’s not me.
*Mairi turns the bacon and pushes it to the side, adding the eggs to the other side of the skilet and stirring as she tilts the heated pan to keep them from running under the bacon
*JackCross shrugs to Alex. “My bad.”
Zekkass: Right, then…
*Zekkass goes behind the bar, digging out the honey ale and a clean glass.
Zekkass: Anyone else want anything?
Alex Webster: I’m good, thanks.
Bushido: Hey Mairi, where’s Mah?
Mairi: he’s usually around later
Josiah: The worst part was the cargo. Twenty crates of tools on the cheap and they dump it overboard!
Bushido: Hmm.
*Zekkass comes back around and sits near the others.
Bushido: Well, I feel like doing something crazy, after that long vacation.
Bushido: I think I’ll go fishing on the surface, anyone wanna come?
Zekkass: I’d love to, but my navi still needs supervising.
JackCross: Nah, I just came back from the biggest fish market in Skytopia. Too much fish for me.
Bushido: Alright than, see ya
Alex Webster: Found yourself a navigator then, Zek?
Zekkass: And a Vengeance, all at Fuseli!
*Bushido breaks out his collapsable fishing rod and runs off.
Alex Webster: Yeeah, took delivery of my Veng too. Heading out soon to find somewhere to have it upgunned.
*Mairi slides the bacon onto a plate, finishes up the eggs and slides them off as well
Zekkass: I fixed up the engines, but that’s it. I ran out of money for the good guns by then.
Josiah: A grand stroke of luck there. I hear navigators are hard to come by. *He sniffs the air, then looks at the fresh food.*
Zekkass: They are. Who might you be?
Alex Webster: This is true. Even harder to find someone you won’t jettison after 10 hours stuck in the same cockpit, heh.
Josiah: Smells like the hand of Magnus himself was flipping that frying pan, heavens be.
Josiah: Oh, me, I’m just a greenhorn. *After a reluctant pause, he coughs out his name, extending a hand.* Josiah.
*Mairi brings the plate out to the main room, sets it in front of Markus and goes to the bar, turning out a finished waffle onto a plate and pouring on more batter
Mairi: waffle up! ::sliding it down the bar to the first taker::
*Zekkass shakes Josiah’s hand. “Good to meet you. I’m Zekkass.”
Markus Jarnhann: Cannae ‘magine Magnus were much o’ a cook, ‘avin’ othe folks tae do i’ fo’ ‘im, bu’ Mairi ‘ere is a ver’table phenom, an’ she’s cute tae boot. ::He grins lopsidedly at her as she sets the plate down in front of him.::
Alex Webster: Heh.
Zekkass: Alex, you found a navi, right?
*Josiah shakes as well. His handshake is nothing to write home about. “It’s good to–“
*Alex Webster grabs the waffle, since no-one else seemed too bothered.
*Mairi wrinkles her nose at Markus, “hush you, and eat your breakfast”
*Josiah quickly darts out his free hand, missing the waffle, watching as it slides into Alex’s hands.
Alex Webster: Aha. Sun Park, she’s a rabbit out of Juliet. She’s pretty good, has a tendancy to steer me right into clouds of pirates. Works for me, heh.
Mairi: you guys want extras say so now
*Mairi turns out another waffle and repeats the process, sliding the plate and refilling the iron, “Waffle up!”
*Alex Webster finds himself some cutlery, and starts on the waffle.
Mairi: got fruit in the fridge back in the kitchen too, syrup’s right there ::nodding to the bottle on the bar::
*Markus Jarnhann laughs, and shakes his head, before digging in with reckless abondon. This morning, he’d realized he hadn’t eaten anything all day yesterday either. He rolls his right shoulder, tentatively; cringing a bit, but nodding to himself as he does so.
*Josiah is ready and waiting when the plate slides down towards him; the waffle is caught with ease.
*Zekkass nods, grinning. “I’ll pass – just the drink for me.”
Mairi: better now that a professional’s patched it up, hm? ::peering at Markus when he rolls his shoulder with a bit of a smirk::
Josiah: Many thanks to you, lass!
Alex Webster: Mm… Nero Sr. was right, you know…
JackCross: Thanks, Mairi.
Mairi: well, I when someone’s going around telling everyone “Glorious, glorious, glorious!” I gotta ckeep up
Mairi: ((keep* ))
*Markus Jarnhann glance at Mai, and shrugs. “…Meh.”
*Mairi grins at Markus and slides out another waffle, pouring on more batter before refilling her juice glass
Mairi: Waffle up!
*Josiah folds the waffle up in half – gingerly, as it’s hot off the pan – and has a nibble. A look of pleasant surprise dawns on his face.
*Zekkass sips her drink, content with life.
Josiah: Not to *chew* add to your workload, mind… but this is a -good- waffle.
Markus Jarnhann: Tol’ ye folk.
Mairi: glad to hear ::smiling as she goes on cooking and distributing waffles until everyone requesting one has one::
Mairi: Well, should have waffles any time ya want, really unless I’m in the skies. Prolly won’t be taking another day off anytime soon
*Trystero slips in through the skylight and surveys the room from the rafters. He drops lightly to the floor and approaches the bar.
*Zekkass waves at the newcomer.
*Trystero nods at Zekkass and takes a seat at the bar.
Zekkass: G’morning.
Trystero: Morning. Don’t know if we’ve met. I’m Trystero.
*Alex Webster finishes his waffle. “Outstanding. Cheers, Mairi.”
*Mairi turns to Trystero and hesitates just a moment before smiling, “Morning. Breakfast, Trys?”
*Josiah gives the newcomer a silent nod. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full of delicious waffle.
Markus Jarnhann: ‘E migh’ also be calle’ tae ninja win’bag, bu’only tae ‘is face. ::He grins toothily, before finishing his plate of eggs and bacon.::
Zekkass: I’m Zekkass. It’s good to meet you.
JackCross: Hello, Tryst.
*Trystero smiles. “Is there any fruit around?” He quirks an eyebrow at Markus. “Hey, Jack, how’s the pirate hunting business?”
*Mairi shoots Markus a scolding look before pouring more batter onto the waffle iron
Mairi: yeah, sure. anything specific? there’s plenty in the fridge
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles. “…’Twere a joke, Trys. I mean’ nae mo’ disrespec’.” ::He sticks his tongue out at Mai.::
*Mairi wrinkles her nose at Markus and heads for the kitchen door, pausing to wait for Trystero’s answer
Trystero: I’ll go take a look and grab something. You should keep an eye on the waffles. ::takes on a solemn look:: Permission to enter the kitchen?
*Mairi chuckles and pushes open the door, waving Trystero in with a chuckle, “be my guest”
*Trystero smiles placidly at Markus. “I don’t know. ‘Ninja windbag’ sounds pretty good, but maybe only half-true.”
JackCross: Nah, I was in Sakuran islands for vacation, not hunting for 2 weeks.
*Trystero disappears into the kitchen.
Trystero: ((bbiaf ))
JackCross: And I didn’t found Ninja in there.
*Mairi watches the kitchen door close for a moment before heading back to the bar, a more pensive look on her face as she turns out the waffle onto another plate, keeping this one for herself
Markus Jarnhann: Ye wouldnae…. Ninjas wouldnae be ninjas if ye coul’ fin’ ’em wit’ou’ ye permission.
*Markus Jarnhann quirks an eyebrow at Mai, but says nothing, as he still grins toothily. He’s in good spirits this morning, to say the least.
*Mairi sits down at a nearby table after adding syrup to the waffle, cutting it into smaller pieces with her fork
JackCross: Sounds pretty hard.
*Alex Webster notices that Markus looks unusually happy for a man who was recently shot, but shrugs his shoulder. If it was any of his buisiness, he’d hear about it at some point. “Uh… I’m going to make some tea. Anyone want a drink?”
*Tommy Chong wanders into the tavern with his paper fan, as usual. He spots Jack, and slowly approaches him.
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs a bit. “….Jack made up some coffee, if ye’d be sae kin’ as tae po’ me a cup, an’ slathe’ i’ wi’ cream an’ suga’, tha’ woul’ be pleasan’ o’ ye, Alex.”
Tommy Chong: “Hey, Jack…” he said with an unusual solemn tone.
Alex Webster: I will be most happy to do so. Any other requests?
JackCross: Hello, Tommy.
Markus Jarnhann: Nae, I thin’ tha’ shoul’ do. ::He glances up at the newcomer, whom he’d never seen before, as he talks to Jack.::
JackCross: I remember what you said to me, are you going to tell me anything?
*Alex Webster heads around the bar and starts the kettle boiling for the tea, before picking up the coffee pot, pouring it into a cup and adding a generous amount of cream and sugar.
Tommy Chong: “… maybe. Jack. It’s meant for your ears only, though…”
JackCross: Well, we may talk about it in the hangar. *stands up and heads out* You come?
Tommy Chong: “… My intention, really.” he follows Jack towards the hangar, where he parks his large Hades.
*Mairi finally takes a bite of the waffle and leans on the table with one elbow
Alex Webster: Cream, sugar, with a little coffee. There you go, Markus.
JackCross: [H] So what’s the words you need to tell me?
*Alex Webster tries to remember where the tea lives.
*Tommy Chong looks around warily from time to time. Without replying to Jack’s question, he points to the opened hatch of his Hades, beckoning him to continue the conversation in there.
*JackCross enters the hatch with Tommy.
*Markus Jarnhann grins, and nods his thianks to Alex, as he drinks from his cup.
Alex Webster: ((I’ll BRB. I have a sudden need for some cheese on toast…))
*Tommy Chong follows. There’s nobody in the salvage craft.
Zekkass: ((I’ve got to go. RL stuff. See you all later.))
*Zekkass finishes her drink, looks around, and heads for the door. “G’bye, all.”
JackCross: It’s empty, so, will you tell me now. *grins*
*Trystero emerges from the kitchen munching on an apple and holding a bunch of grapes in his hand. He resumes his seat at the bar.
Tommy Chong: “You probably saw this before… Jack” he leads Jack to the section where they saw the Thunderbolt’s wing.
*Mairi pushes another piece of waffle around in the syrup, lost in thought as she finally takes another bite
*Markus Jarnhann nods to the fleeing form of Zekkass, and works on his coffee, in relative silence.
Tommy Chong: ::There’s now a completed model like Felia Zero Shiki suspended within the craft. Except it’s red and the gunpod’s loaded with rockets.::
Tommy Chong: “…… what do you think?” he turns on the lights within the built-in hangar, revealing the craft.
*JackCross stands there and stares at red Tbolt for a while. “It’s….. a good copy.”
Tommy Chong: “You think?” he turns to face Jack, his eyes never really looking at him.
JackCross: But I’ll say it’s for different purpose, still, this is not really a Zero Shiki, ain’t get soul in it. I could tell it by just looking at it.
*Trystero turns on his barstool and, plucking three grapes from their stems, begins to juggle them. After a few passes, he tosses one into his mouth and, without missing a beat, plucks a replacement and inserts it into the pattern.
*Markus Jarnhann watches Trys, and chuckles as he shakes his head.
JackCross: It’s a great threat to zepplins and skylands, I admit, but….I’ll say this plane can’t compare with my Felia. Aside of it, they really like red color don’t they?
*Mairi leans on her elbow and dredges another piece of waffle through the syrup idly
Tommy Chong: “I don’t know, Jack…” he paused. “they… gave this to me.”
JackCross: Who? Your band? Client?
JackCross: ((Done, another RP article. In SCC.))
Tommy Chong: “…” he remained silent. There’s a dull thump from where they boarded the craft, it’s the sound of the hatch closing.
*Alex Webster finds the tea, and waits for the water to finish boiling
JackCross: Close the hatch? Is this really THIS serious?
Cecil Lancaster: ((Heh, the *one* time Trystero arrives some way other than the skylight…))
*Markus Jarnhann whistles a tune to himself, quietly, as he slides the plate to the side for the moment, and fishes out his carving knife, and the small maltese cross he’d been working on for some time. He looks it over, considering it, again.
Markus Jarnhann: ((He arrived from the skylight))
Tommy Chong: “… If I were to tell, will you believe me then?” he folds his paper fan and his hand slide into his pocket.
Cecil Lancaster: ((Whoops. Missed that.))
Cecil Lancaster: ((He would have seen Cecil and Amarra snuggled under a blanket on the roof.))
JackCross: Just say it out, Tommy.
JackCross: I’m not going to eat you.
Markus Jarnhann: ((*insert eyebrow quuuuuirk*))
Trystero: ((He would have noted it and not commented. :D))
Markus Jarnhann: ((Temptation to Deus Ex Machina rain = strong!))
Alex Webster: ((heh, I was very tempted to say “Whoa, pouring with rain out there today!” when I came in :P))
Tommy Chong: “… haha…” he starts to laugh. The sound of the engine starting can be heard. There’s other people on the craft.
Cecil Lancaster: ((You people are so mean!))
Markus Jarnhann: ((yeeeah, but you know you enjoy it))
JackCross: ((Damn, my mom want me to go to sleep NOW. It just start looking fun!))
Tommy Chong: ((aw, bummer. XD))
JackCross: ((To be continue? I really need to leave))
Tommy Chong: ((alright ))
Alex Webster: ((Dun Dun Duuuun! *Cut back to the bar*))
JackCross: ((Bye, Tommty))
JackCross: ((Tommy* ))
Tommy Chong: ((seeya ))
*Mairi pushes aside her plate and leans back in her chair
*Josiah quietly flips through his accounts, jotting notes in the margin every so often, thoroughly engrossed before he notices how quiet it is.
Josiah: Are the mornings always so still?
Trystero: ((Hey… does Skytopia have any newspapers?))
Mairi: heh.. was pretty busy for me..
Mairi: ((yeah, dunno if they’re good, but some people read them))
Tommy Chong: ::The hefty Hades took off in a hurry, leaving nothing behind::
Ellington: ((Cidade, at least, has to have one))
Markus Jarnhann: ((I get my news from ERN. :P))
Knappekat: ((I just read the trade reports and bounty scoreboard. Oh, and the Grimby coverage.))
Josiah: Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.
*Cecil Lancaster drowses awake again. He snuggles with the sleeping vixen for a few more minutes before deciding it’s time to find food. He gently disentangles himself from her and makes himself somewhat presentable before heading down through the skylight.
Alex Webster: Well, less people in here in the mornings than the evenings.
*Cecil Lancaster walks over to the bar. “Any chance of breakfast?”
Alex Webster: What is it with you people? I mean, what’s wrong with the door?
Mairi: pour your own, bowl’s on the bar
*Alex Webster rolls his eyes, and finishes making his tea.
Josiah: What with all the goods to be traded, pirates to be sho- heavens be!
*Josiah clutches his trade logs to his chest as Cecil plunges from the skylight, eyes fixated on him as he walks over to the bar.
Cecil Lancaster: Ah, the infamous Maimai waffle batter?
Mairi: mhm

[Power Failure]

Alex Webster: ((Argh, power failure AGAIN. Miss anything?))
*Mairi looks up at Ell and opens her mouth to say something, but shakes her head instead
Markus Jarnhann: ((what was the last you’d gotten?))
*Clio wakes up and walks down stiars looking a mess
Clio: I don’t do mornings
*Markus Jarnhann snorts. “…’Sgoo’, seein’ as ’tis afte’noon, lass.”
Alex Webster: ((Eh… I think it was somewhere around the sugar burning stage. I’d check, but… yeah, power failure.))
*Ellington smiles and scoops up what he can of his mix, then drinks the rest from the bowl “Thanks Mirri, that was really good. is there any more?”
*Mairi nods toward the kitchen, “In the fridge”
Markus Jarnhann: ((coming in stages.))
Markus Jarnhann: ((Mairi gets up and goes to the table grudgingly, spooning sugar from the bowl over the custard cup and lighting the torch, carefully carmelizing the top layer of sugar before setting the custard dish down again, pushing it toward Ell without a wordEllington: thank you Mirri. *grabs his spoon and starts in on the custard* yummy!Mairi shrugs and goes toward the couch with shoulders slumped slightly before flopping down onto it and picking up her sketchbook again))
Clio looks at the time ‘ahh so it is, well it looks like i dont do afternoon’s as well’
Markus Jarnhann: ((Markus Jarnhann rolls his eyes skyward, and shakes his head. On one hand, one of his best friends had suffered traumatic brain injury… on the other… he was being pleasant to the woman he had feelings for. Would wonders never cease?Ellington looks at his scotch, and the custard, then the scotch, then the custard….. slowly reaching for the scotch to pour some of it on the remains of his creme, tasting it hesitantlyAlex Webster: ((Argh, power failure AGAIN. Miss anything?))))
Markus Jarnhann: ((there ya go. :P))
Alex Webster: ((Cheers, Markus!))
*Markus Jarnhann grins toothily at Clio. “…’twoul’ seem ye dinnae.. E’erythin’ alrigh’?”
Alex Webster: Heh. Overslept, did’ya clio? Flew all the way out to Fuseli and back since you’ve been unconscious.
Clio: yeah everthing is ok. I’v had a chance to think about my farther and i know what im going to do
*Ellington nods and slides out of his chair, going into the kitchen, before sticking his head out the door “anybody else want some?”
Alex Webster: This is good. What did you decide, if you don’t mind telling us?
*Alex Webster puts a hand up in a ‘Thanks, I’m okay’ gesture towards Ellington.
Markus Jarnhann: Heh… nae thanks, Ell.. ‘ppreciate i’, though.
Clio: iv got to follow my heart and if my farther cant see that then… well i dont know, we will just need to wait and see what happends
Alex Webster: Hm. Well, I think you’ve made the right choice. Get you a drink?
*Mairi sighs and scribbles more dark twisting lines over the page from before, frowning and curling up at the end of the couch
Markus Jarnhann: ‘Attagirl. Jus’ fly straigh’ an’t true, an’ dinnae irritate any o’ me clien’s, an’ ye’ll be alrigh’. ::He shrugs a bit, and stands up, pushing his chair under his table, as he makes his way towards Mai’s couch. He plops down on the opposite end, unceremoniously.:: “…An’ ye’ve been terr’bly quie’ o’ a sudden.”
*Clio smiles at alex ‘just a tea please, 2 sugars please’
Alex Webster: It will be done!
*Mairi shrugs and shades with more lines, the whole page nearly filled with dark swirling cloud shapes
Clio: Thank you alex
*Alex Webster reboils the kettle, and prepares a cup of tea. He passes it over the bar to Clio. “There you go, my friend. Sugar’s in the pot just there. Milk?”
Clio: no thank you. ill be fine
Alex Webster: Very well. And with that, I need to get going. Got some research to do into where I’m going to get the parts to upgun my new ship. See you people later on!
Alex Webster: ((need to get going. It be time for dinners!))
Markus Jarnhann shrugs back, and leans over to have a proper look at what Mai’s drawing.
Clio: bye alex, hope to see you soon
Clio: ((c ya))
*Ellington comes out of the kitchen with another bowl of custard “Hey Markus, wanna try your welding skills on something a little more delicate?”
*Alex Webster heads out of the bar in the direction of the hangars, waving to anyone who happens to be watching.
*Mairi frowns more and scribbles in several more long dark curling lines
*Markus Jarnhann hrms. “….Uh, sure.” ::He glances at Mai quick, before getting up, and making his way to Ell’s spot.:: “…Jus’ go’ t’scorch i’, righ’?”
*Clio takes her tea and sits down by the window
Ellington: yep!
*Mairi pauses and opens her mouth again to say something, then shuts it quickly, setting her jaw and going back to her drawing, digging her pencil in nearly as she adds a tiny object within the swirling maelstrom
*Markus Jarnhann picks up the blowtorch, and turns it on, probably way hotter than it needs to be. He shrugs.. and starts applying scorching-ness to the custard.
*Ellington frowns a bit, watching him do it
*Markus Jarnhann pulls the torch away, shutting it off. “…I ‘ope tha’s righ’, mate. Ne’er done this befo’.”
*Ellington grins “well, as long as Mirri is willing to mix it up you can always practice torching it more” Picks up his spoon and thunks it into the torched sugar….. then thunks it again, harder, and grins when it breaks through
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs, and shakes his head, chuckling. This was almost surreal. He heads back to Mai’s couch, and sits back down. He tilts his head at her, and grins lopsidedly. at the way she’s got her jaw set.



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