A Skyrate’s Life, Part 7: The Darkness Under The Bar

Not a Schellen deck.

A Skyrate’s Life is a series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

Alternate titles for this entry: “So I sho’ ‘er, tae”; “Enter Manik”; “You obliterated my ten!”

Just when it seems like things are settling down, and maybe we’re done with the violence and shooting it turns out that we’re… not. It seems like after I left the previous evening, at least 2 – possibly 3 people were shot and someone threw knives at Markus. I’d only very recently told someone that it was normally much more quiet and less violent around here and then the very next evening is about as violent as we’ve seen so far.

Also today, we meet Manik who is… certainly a character and Zekkass and I play our first game of Schellen, the Skyrates-universe card game. Today’s notes and chat log are beneath the cut. For previous entries in this series, clicky!

New Characters:

  • Manik: Oh my. Manik. Where do I start? Male black boar, full name Manik Depra-Seeve (parents Depra and Seeve apparently). Must constantly drink coffee, or he… falls into a coma. Spends his time developing hybrids of coffee and other plants to produce different effects – he calls these ‘Breeds’. Always – ALWAYS carries a large thermos flask of coffee. A notorious mischief-maker, how he managed to survive into the next round without someone shooting him I don’t know.
  • Number Eight: He doesn’t appear in any of these logs, but he wanted to be listed anyway.


  • For some reason, Mairi starts off outside, asleep in the park. Markus brings her back inside, but I’m really not sure what that’s all about.
  • Let’s examine the events of last night – sadly not logged by me – as well as we can from Markus and Gunnar’s descriptions. You may want to read first, and then join me back here.
  • A pirate lass comes into the tavern and declares to everyone that she’s a pirate. There’s a fight, and she ends up knocking herself out. Gunnar – a well known pirate hater – drags her outside, intending to kill her. No-one seems to mind this, except for Manik, who comes up behind him and threatens to shoot him if he shoots the pirate. Gunnar goes ahead and fires anyway, so Manik shoots Gunnar with… a coffee syringe. He fails to take account of the point blank range, Gunnar falls and is knocked out. Manik comes back into the bar and announces that he’s shot Gunnar. Markus immediately draws and shoots him, but he’s saved by his thermos flask. Meanwhile, someone stabs Gunnar a couple of times and “tha’ little blighte’ o’ a kit tried tae shank” Markus, so he shoots her too. I miss all the excitement.
  • Manik leaves a note on the table after his dramatic exit. Everyone ignores it!
  • It appears that some OOC drama happened as well, perhaps something to do with a Vanessa. Was she the pirate? No-one specifically says what happened to the pirate, although it certainly sounds like Gunnar took a shot at killing her.
  • Zekkass and I discover Schellen! Schellen (‘Bells’) is the name for both the standard deck of cards (a Schellen deck) and for any one of a variety of card games played with that deck. A Schellen deck consists of 48 cards – 40 numbered cards (1-10 in four suits) plus 8 special cards. The special cards are Bells and Swords – there are four of each. We start off by playing ‘Points’, which is described in this Skybrary article, but the game rapidly mutates into something more suitable for a 1-on-1 duel. It would have been more sensible to develop our own ruleset at the beginning. Even so, our variant of Schellen seems to work quite nicely.

RP 19/07/08 2210

Circle: ((aaand again with the snowcone.))
Zekkass: Oh, don’t worry about it. I think my drink got to me last night as well.
Circle: I think we are on self serve time far as drinks go. Doesnt look to be a busy morning
Gunnar Matheson: ((Bad connection? =:())
Circle: ((yeah, but still an improvement over last night when the entire server borked))
Alex Webster: ((probably hit its maximum bloodshed-in-the-bar limit for the week…))
*Zekkass nods. “Thanks.” She goes behind the bar and fishes out her usual honey ale.
Gunnar Matheson: ((Last night’s bloodletting was outside on the runway tho =:>))
Circle: ((mmmm mead))
Alex Webster: ((adjust to bloodshed-in-the-RP then, damn it!))
Markus Jarnhann: ((eeeh? ))
Markus Jarnhann: ((there was shooting in the bar, too. Don’t forget that. I shot Rachel, and tried to shoot Manik.))
Zekkass: ((Zekkass is determined not to be shooting anyone today))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Ah right, thought she was shot outside and ran inside tho))
Circle: ((so far I have somehow managed not to point a gun at anyone ever))
Markus Jarnhann: ((she did.))
*Circle spins her bar stool.
*Zekkass has a seat. “So…where are you headed?”
Circle: headed? not really anywhere.
*Zekkass nods. “I’m heading towards Islo, this time.”
Circle: Oh? what for?
Zekkass: I’ve got some cargo that needs to get there, and I want to see what it’s like. Now that I can, I want to see more skylands.
*Circle nods slightly
Circle: Thats fair. Islo is certainly a sight to see. By far the smallest skyland included in the license program.
Zekkass: Interesting…
Circle: …You, know, I miss the wonder of seeing new places
Zekkass: Do you fly much?
Zekkass: ((I’ve got to go – quick mow the lawn, then I’ll be back.))
Circle: Yeah, all the time.
*Markus Jarnhann stumbles into the bar, bleary-eyed, carrying the still aslee form of Mairi. He glances around, practically *daring* one of the patrons to say something, as he makes his way towards the stairs in the back, grumbling the whole way.
*Circle snickers, but doesnt actually SAY anything
*Markus Jarnhann shoots Circle a tired death-glare, but makes his way up the stairwell with a decent amount of ease. He manages to get to her room, and realizes suddenly that the door is locked. He sets her down… carefully, and makes his way to the back of the bar, and fishes out a spare key, afterwhich he dashes back.
*Circle whistles and pretends to not pay attention
*Markus Jarnhann glares at Circle again in passing…. and grumbles as he fumbles with the lock. He *finally* gets the door open, and carries her into her room, setting her on her bed and tucking her in. He sighs, and backs out of the room, and heads to his, where he fishes out a notepad, and proceeds to scrawl a note, which he tacks to the inside of her door, a few moments later. Finally, he locks the room, and stumbles his way back downstairs, replacing the spare, as he takes a seat at his usual table.
*Circle stares straight ahead, definetely not smirking.
Zekkass: ((back ))
*Zekkass waves at Markus, curious, but she won’t ask.
*Markus Jarnhann grunts at Zekkass’s wave; it’s likely she’s unsure if it’s a ‘hello’ or a ‘sod off’. He shakes his head slightly.
Zekkass: Well. I haven’t been to all of the Skylands yet, so I’m still eager to see new places.
Markus Jarnhann: …jus’ lon’ as ye realize some places suck mo’ tha’ othe’s, ye’ll be alrigh’.
*Drama Llama wanders into the R&P, face unreadable
Gunnar Matheson: ((Day late and a chapter of grief short!))
*Markus Jarnhann grumbles, and cracks his neck, as he rolls his shoulder irritably.
*Zekkass waves at Drama.
*Drama Llama is deeply saddened
*Drama Llama missed last night, which, as the rumor goes, was full of drama both IC and out
Circle: ((man, that was a good long one. What happened after the llama showed up?))
Markus Jarnhann: ((sec, catching you on IRC.))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Nothing, actually))
Circle: ((aww, and I was going to preemptively shoot the llama with a ballista))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Gunnar Matheson: ((Day late and a chapter of grief short!))Markus Jarnhann grumbles, and cracks his neck, as he rolls his shoulder irritably.Zekkass waves at Drama.Drama Llama is deeply saddenedDrama Llama missed last night, which, as the rumor goes, was full of drama both IC and out))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Recap Complete.))
*Markus Jarnhann grumbles. “…Anyone ‘ear an’ wor’ ‘bou’ Gunnar?”
*Circle perks her ears
Zekkass: No? What happened to him?
Circle: I saw him last night
Circle: He seemed okay
Circle: Didnt get a chance to talk much though
Gunnar Matheson: [Hospital] *sneezes* Ow.
Markus Jarnhann: ….Tae la’ go’ sho’, las’ I ‘eard. Go’ intae a bi’ o’ a scrap meself o’er tae issue, didnae ‘ave a chance tae check up on ‘im.
Zekkass: Wow. I hope he’s alright..
Circle: WHAT?
Markus Jarnhann: Tae bugge’ Manik sai’ ‘e sho’ Gunnar. Sae, I trie’ tae shoo’ ‘im, then tha’ little blighte’ o’ a kit tried tae shank me, so I sho’ ‘er.
Circle: Where is he?
*Burrito Loco Makes his way into the R&P, it looks like he had another rough night, but he’d deny it to the last
Circle: Or.. hell, any of em
Alex Webster: ((is there any evidence remaining of the incident last night?))
*Circle stands up meaningfully
Markus Jarnhann: ‘ospital, lass.
Markus Jarnhann: I woul’ assume.
Markus Jarnhann: ((probably outside, perhaps some bullet holes inside.))
Burrito Loco: ((maybe some blood outside, not really though))
Markus Jarnhann: ((nothing more than the usual, at any rate.))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Mainly bullet holes and blood splotches (cleaned patches, now) on the tarmac outside))
*Zekkass nods and waves at Burrito.
Burrito Loco: Hey
*Markus Jarnhann glances at Loco, and nods slightly to the donkey. He shrugs a bit, and looks at Circle. “…I ‘magine ‘e’s ‘live, a’leas’, o’ someone would’ve ‘eard ‘bou’ it.
*Circle bolts across the room, taking out two chairs, a stray glass, and her own legs in the process. She picks herself up and continues out the door, moving slightly slower for a limp.
*Zekkass moves behind the counter. “He had better be alive, then.” She looks around, then shrugs. “Anyone want a drink?”
*Alex Webster passes the fast-moving giraffe on the way in. He looks confused. “What was all that about?”
Markus Jarnhann: …Gunnar go’ sho’ las’ nigh’ in wha’ migh’ be tae mos’ bizarre SNAFU in all o’ ‘istory.
Burrito Loco: Mmmm
Burrito Loco: I chose the wrong night to drink to passout?
Gunnar Matheson: ((Absolutely not, it was the perfect time =:D))
Markus Jarnhann: …Yeh, mate. Y’di’.
Markus Jarnhann: ((:P ))
Alex Webster: MORE shooting?! What was it this time?
*Alex Webster takes a seat at the bar, shaking his head in disbelief.
Markus Jarnhann: Gunnar go’ sho’ by Manik; I ‘eard tae sho’, waite’ fo’ ‘im tae come in. He comes in, an’ I draw on ‘im. I’ve warne’ tae la’ befo’ ‘bou’ doin’ stupi’ stuff. ‘E tells me I sho’ Gunnar. So, I sho’ a’ ‘im. ‘Is thermos miraculously stoppe’ me bulle’s. ‘bou’ tha’ time, Rachel threw a knife pas’ me ‘ead, an’ threatene’ me wit’ ‘nothe’. So’s I sho’ ‘er, tae.
Alex Webster: … Bloody hell…
*Zekkass shakes her head. “Lovely. Just lovely.”
Burrito Loco: Ugh
Markus Jarnhann: ((telle me he shot*))
Manik: ((Yah, I was wondering.))
Burrito Loco: I leave for one night and the crazies go on a rampage…..
Zekkass: Hi, Alex.
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs. “…I werenae tryin’ tae rampage, jus’ tryin’ tae sto’ i’ fro’ ‘appenin’ ‘gain.”
Alex Webster: I knew Manik had a screw lose, but… why would he randomly shoot Gunnar, and then tell you of all people about it…
Burrito Loco: not you
*Circle eventually makes it to the hospital, though when she reaches the front desk she is panting too hard to immediately say anything. The desk worker, used to such things, quietly gives a helpful smile and waits for the giraffe to blurt something out.
Markus Jarnhann: ‘E sai’ Gunnar were tryin’ tae ‘ur’ some lady, wha’ were tae pirate tha’ starte’ tae whole mess.
*Manik walks into the tavern, sipping his coffee, but notices Markus, and prepares a bottle.
*Zekkass spots Manik, blinks, then scoots down the bar, worried.
Markus Jarnhann: Some daf’ lass walks in, an’ declares tae t’worl’ befo’ magnus an’ all tha’ she’s a pira’. Tol’ ‘er tae leave, I di’. Gunnar wen’ tae go ge’ a weapon, an’… ::He glances at Manik, and gestures for him to put his hands down.:: “… all sae’s ‘e coul’ kill ‘er. I figger tae la’ ‘ates pirates mo’ than I dae. Cantrell appears, an’ tae mess ge’s mo’ confusin’, ’til tae daf’ pirate knocks ‘erself ou’. They drug ‘er ou’side, an’ tae res’ o’ i’ ‘appene’.”
Manik: Markus, Yes he was. The woman may have been a pirate, but I only fight pirates in the air.
*Manik places his hand down, the tiny bottle still in hand.
*Alex Webster ‘s eyebrows shoot up
Markus Jarnhann: Manik… I dinnae care wha’ ye sae. Ye’ve been warne’ mult’ple times ‘bou’ bein’ a pro’lem.
*Circle eventually makes it to Gunnar’s room, looking disheveled and winded.
Manik: Was I supposed to let him kill her?
Markus Jarnhann: Ye werenae s’pose’ tae injec’ yeself intae a volatile situatuion an’ shoo’ a patron.
Markus Jarnhann: Ye’ll kin’ly si’ down, an’ keep ye ‘ands where I can see ’em.
*Burrito Loco makes his way to the bar, for wide range of vision
Markus Jarnhann: I wouldnae wan’ tae ‘ave tae shoo’ ye afte’ ye were a goo’ spor’ an’ stayed ou’ o’ me sigh’ las’ nigh’.
*Manik sits down at a table, Breed 55: Ninja Dust lays on the table.
*Manik cringes at the irony of that last note.
Zekkass: ((Snowconed, what’d I miss?))
Circle: ((funny accents))
Manik: ((Markus iz goonnna keeelll meee!))
Gunnar Matheson: [Hospital] *blinks, waves feebly at Circle, trying not to dislodge the several tubes running into his arms and belly. The oxygen mask on his muzzle breathes in and out for him, but quirks slightly from the effort of a smile.
Zekkass: ((….okaaay. ))
Markus Jarnhann: ((when were you cwn’d))
Burrito Loco: ((I might help him))
Phedre Spitfire: ((can phe get in on the killing of Manik?))
Manik: ((*hugs his thermos for dear life*))
Zekkass: ((And to maintain solidarity, I’ll of course help out.))
Markus Jarnhann: Now.. Ye’ll listen an’ ye’ll listen well, la’. Nex’ time I tell ye tae stay calm, an dae nothin’, ye’ll dae wha’ I tell ye. I’d derive no p’ticula’ pleasure fro’ killin’ ye, bu tha’ doesnae mean I won’.
Manik: Understood, and the next time you see a women get attacked, I want you to stand there.
Manik: ((*digs deeper hole*))
*Circle [Hospital] tears up as she stumbles to Gunnar’s side, clearly wanting to touch him, but unsure where it wouldn’t hurt.
Burrito Loco: As I understand, you shot someone in the back?
*Zekkass moves closer to the conflict after a moment, listening and watching.
*Markus Jarnhann snorts. “…La’, tha’ were nae a woman. ‘Twere a pira’. I dinnae care as tae ‘er gende’. Gende’ doesnae matte’. She’s pro’lly taken sho’s a’ mates o’ mine an’ yours. Tha’ doesnae please me.”
Circle: [H] Gunnar, I’m so sorry.. I should have been there to help you…
Manik: Yes. I do apologize, the bottle I used was Skunk’s Kiss, all it was to do was make him smell bad, I never took into account point blank range.
Markus Jarnhann: Tha’s y’pro’lem lad.
Gunnar Matheson: [Hospital] *lifts a hand as though to stroke Circle’s face* Guten…ow. Nein…not fault, not say that.
Markus Jarnhann: Ye dinnae accoun’ fo’ thin’s.
Markus Jarnhann: E’er.
Markus Jarnhann: Now… Ye’ll answe’ Loco’s ques’ion.
*Manik pulls out the still empty bottle of Breed 60: Einstien. “What an irony.”
*Markus Jarnhann cracks his knuckles.
*Zekkass comes out from around the bar.
*Circle [H] gently takes Gunnar’s hand in hers and rubs her nose against his fingers, whimpering slightly.
*Manik places his fingers gently on the top of Ninja Dust, preparing to open it if need be.
Manik: ((Ninja dust is a smoke screen))
Burrito Loco: I don’t like people who shoot others in the back
Zekkass: Agreed, Burrito.
Manik: Man did I lose all my friends quickly. I said if he shot at her, I would shoot at him!
Gunnar Matheson: [H] *extends his fingers to caress the nose* Doctors say will be weeks…was bad for stomach, cannot walk for while. But will get better. Promise.
Circle: [H] How did this happen?
Manik: ((Circle is gonna turn into a gun toting avenger and kill me!))
Zekkass: I wasn’t here. You still don’t shoot people in the back.
Manik: He was pointing at her, he knew I was pointing at him, he still took the shot.
*Zekkass glances at Markus.
Gunnar Matheson: [H] Am…not sure. Was shot in back, left…agh…shoulder. Hurt to talk, little. When hit, was knocked over, hit ground, passed out…woke up with knives in belly. Crew was here earlier, said have been asking around…say Manik shot with coffee syringe. Have never heard of, but doctor confirms was twitching on arrival, caffiene overdose mit blood loss from knives.
Manik: ((don’t forget the smell!))
Gunnar Matheson: [H] Crew are telling me little girl threw knives. Took in custody to stand before judge. Am sure will get light or no sentence, since only ten.
Circle: [H] S-someone cut on you while you were down?
Gunnar Matheson: [H] *grits his teeth against a sudden pain*
Gunnar Matheson: [H] Am talking too much, doctor says not good for…ow…stomach.
Circle: Oh I’m so sorry..
Gunnar Matheson: ((Srsly, Gunnar doesn’t recall any smell. He was mostly out of it, and raving when not. =:>))
Manik: ((ok did not know.))
Circle: [H] Should.. should I leave you alone?
Gunnar Matheson: [H] *shakes his head slightly and grips Circle’s hand, letting his fingers do the talking*
Manik: ((brb ))
*Manik stands up and picks up the two bottles he left on the table.
*Circle [Hospital] nuzzles his fingers silently for a long while.
*Gunnar Matheson [Hospital] smiles softly and slowly fades into sleep. The drip-drip-drip of the IV is the only sound besides his slow, assisted breathing.
*Circle [H] eventually sits up and looks at the sleeping form. Slowly she leans forward and very gently kisses the cuts she can reach so they will heal faster.
Gunnar Matheson: ((There’s only two, they’re on his belly, and they have tubes going through the swath of bandages into them.))
Manik: ooc markus….anyone….?
Manik: ((in ooc phail))
Burrito Loco: ((you leaving or what?))
Alex Webster: Alright. So let me get this straight… You found someone in the process of shooting a pirate, and shot him. You then told Markus – bit of an error in judgement there, honestly – and he shoots you. You survive due to your thermos, and Rachel decides to start filling Gunnar with knives…
Manik: ((I would like something to happen so I can use Ninja Dust))
Alex Webster: I can’t see how this makes any more sense now than it did when I first came in, to be honest.
Burrito Loco: ((either you get shot or you leave peacfully))
Gunnar Matheson: ((And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mark of a true showman =:D))
Manik: Didn’t mean to tell Markus, my real mistake was returning to the tavern.
Burrito Loco: That’s what I’m up to, Alex
Burrito Loco: And….
Burrito Loco: best I can tell you are perpetuating this mistake
Burrito Loco: So it looks like you have two options at this point
Circle: ((cuts she can reach as opposed to hole she cannot))
Burrito Loco: get shot, or leave peacefully
Gunnar Matheson: ((Just kiss the bandages and geddouda here, ya goofy giraffe =:D))
*Manik smiles, seeing as how he doesn’t trust markus….at alll. He pulls the cork off Ninja Dust, letting a loud crack come from the bottle in his left hand, and a cloud of white smoke.
Circle: ((*does so*))
Alex Webster: Oh, for Magnus’ sake…
*Zekkass sighs, coughs, and crouches.
*Alex Webster drops down out of the potential line of fire.
*Manik slips silently out of the tavern, invisible.
*Alex Webster counts off a few seconds. Since no-one appears to be discharging their firearm, he cautiously gets back up, finds his barstool, and sits back on it.
Alex Webster: … Can someone explain why he couldn’t leave peacefully without the whole cloud of smoke thing?
*Manik :: the smoke slowly dissipates, a small scrap of paper left on the table::
Manik: ((becuase it is cool!))
Alex Webster: ((Alex finds it bemusing and slightly irritating :P))
Manik: ((ninjas = cool, dust = !, ninja dust = cool!))
Circle: ((heh, not quite sure thats how math works))
Alex Webster: ((I think it’s Internet Maths, circle…))
Manik: ((like internet grammar.))
Circle: ((but it was lower case and only had one !))
*Burrito Loco sighs
Manik: ((*walks off to watch 2001*))
Phedre Spitfire: ((ninjas are the scum of the earth))
*Zekkass sighs, straightens, and returns to her drink.
Gunnar Matheson: ((Wait, doesn’t that mean that Dust Ninjas = ! + cool = !cool?))
Circle: ((but we are in the sky, where the scum is mostly pirates))
Circle: ((sometimes bird droppings.))
Burrito Loco: ((is with Gunnar))
Gunnar Matheson: ((Come to think of it, Dust Ninja sounds like kind of a wussy sort of ninja.))
Phedre Spitfire: ((pirates are kickass))
Circle: ((sounds like something out of Naruto to me))
*Alex Webster hops off his stool, and heads around the bar to find himself a drink. “I wonder if someone will eventually shoot him out of sheer exasperation.”
Gunnar Matheson: ((Was thinking Dust Ninja vs Dust Bunny))
Circle: ((they have sound ninjas and leaf ninjas and sand ninjas I know))
Zekkass: ((Naruto also has Mist Ninjas))
Circle: ((aaand apparently nothing happens till Circle gets back to the bar))
*Circle gets back to the bar.
Zekkass: Well. Hi, Alex. Good to see you.
Alex Webster: Heh. That was mildly interesting at least. How are you doing, Zekkass?
Zekkass: I’m alright. I found myself a Diplomat to hire.
Alex Webster: Ah, okay. He any good?
Zekkass: She. She’s been helping with my missions.
Alex Webster: Whoops, heh. I suppose having a diplomat aboard would be useful. Still, more useful for you than for me right now. How’s your upgrade cycle going?
Zekkass: Not..entirely well. I can’t get to Tortuga yet.
*Burrito Loco dissapears into a corner with a book
Alex Webster: Yeah, long way out. Pretty heavily blockaded by pirates, too. Had to source my upgrades a little creatively, heh.
*Circle follows suit
Zekkass: You’ve made it there?
Alex Webster: No, haven’t got the range. Or, I think, the firepower. Been doing a bit of research though.
Zekkass: Oh! Alright. I’ve been skyland hopping and hunting.
Alex Webster: I’ve worked out that I can get most of the parts for upgunning her and the AP ammunition from a few of the Guild skylands towards the north.
Zekkass: Ah, alright.
Zekkass: I’m heading towards Islo, to see how to looks.
Alex Webster: Hm, interesting place, Islo. More like a tower than a conventional skyland.
Zekkass: If it has any interesting parts of planes, then I’m set.
Alex Webster: If you can’t get the bits you need there, I’ve been in touch with the ship merchant on Eltsina. I’ve sourced all the parts for upgunning my ship to 20mm from there and the AP ammo conversion kit from Gonk, which I reckon is about 2 hours north-east.
*Zekkass nods. “After Islo, I’ll see about Eltsina and Gonk. It can’t hurt to head North, anyways.”
Alex Webster: I’m flying out tonight, probably, to pick them up. Let me know if you want me to talk to the merchant, see if he’s got another load of parts. Heh, then I’ve got to work out how it all goes together…
Zekkass: ((Snowconed. What’d I miss?))
Alex Webster: ((what did you last get?))
Alex Webster: ((because if you saw my reply, you missed nothing…))
Zekkass: I said something about going to Eltsina and Gonk
Zekkass: ((oops ))
Alex Webster: ((Alex Webster: I’m flying out tonight, probably, to pick them up. Let me know if you want me to talk to the merchant, see if he’s got another load of parts. Heh, then I’ve got to work out how it all goes together…))
Zekkass: I always leave my radio on when I’m flying, so I’ll contact you if I’d like you to contact the merchant.
Alex Webster: Sure. Uh, I don’t suppose you’ve worked out this crazy hybrid steam-gas engine yet? I can’t seem to find any good schematics, and I don’t want to take it apart in case I can’t put it back together again…
Zekkass: I don’t know about that…I’m not a mechanic, even if I do know how to upgrade my plane.
Alex Webster: I just don’t want to end up ditching and being unable to repair the damned thing…
*Zekkass nods. “Good idea.”
*Zekkass hmms. “Have you considered enlisting in the Armada, or are you going to stay in Flight School for now?”
*Gunnar Matheson [H] *has nice dreams of necking with a certain giraffe* =:)
Alex Webster: Hm. Well, as you know, I’ve certainly considered enlisting. I’m content to just fly about for now, get used to my independence. Heh, I reckon that since defection gets you shot, I’d better be sure I make the right decision.
Gunnar Matheson: ((That said, I’m out for the day, ’cause no way Gunnar’s going to regain consciousness anytime soonish. Guten abend, y’all!))
Zekkass: ((See you, Gunnar))
Zekkass: Alright, then.
Alex Webster: ((seeya later on, Gunnar.))
*Zekkass eyes her drink. “This place needs some card games.”
Alex Webster: Agreed. Somewhere, out there, the new owner of my Phantom has my pack of cards…
Zekkass: Let me check behind the bar…you never know what the bartenders will keep back there.
Alex Webster: This is true…
*Zekkass moves behind the bar, looking for cards.
*Zekkass blinks as she finds a tall stack of boxes of cards tucked in the back of the shelves. “Huh.” She takes one and comes up. “They must be prepared for this.”
Alex Webster: Hey! Don’t remember seeing anyone playing cards here before, but obviously someone planned ahead…
Mahmoth: ((The Darkness Under The Bar has everything…))
Alex Webster: ((heh… ))
*Alex Webster Time to read the Schellen rules on the skybrary, then… :P
Alex Webster: ((ooc that, damn it!))
Alex Webster: What d’you want to play?
Zekkass: ((Uh. What games would they know?))
Zekkass: ((I know poker, but everything else would require googl))
Zekkass: e
Alex Webster: ((on the Skybrary, there’s an article. Prepare for a link!))
Alex Webster: ((http://skyrates.wikia.com/wiki/Schellen ))
Zekkass: ((I’ll have a look))
Alex Webster: ((apparently the skyrates continuity has its own card games, based around 48 rather than 52 cards. 10 cards per suit, no face cards. 8 special cards.))
*Alex Webster opens up the box, and pulls out the cards. Separating the top eight, he proceeds to shuffle the remaining cards.
Alex Webster: ((Cards: Wanted for the murder of RP, dead or alive…))
Zekkass: ((Snowconed, and a phonecall. Lovely.))
Alex Webster: ((heh, I shuffled the cards and that’s it, really. Your connection is worse even than mine, tonight…))
Zekkass: ((My wireless keeps flickering, basically.))
Alex Webster: ((Ah, wireless routers. Good fun.))
*Zekkass has a seat next to Alex.
Zekkass: What game are we playing?
Alex Webster: Ehm… you want to play points?
Zekkass: Sure thing.
Alex Webster: We’ll have 24 cards each, if there’s just two of us… Heh, should be interesting.
*Zekkass nods, sipping her drink and setting it aside.
*Alex Webster picks up the eight special cards and shuffles them in, before dealing the full deck out equally.
Zekkass: And the points to win?
Alex Webster: Always thought a thousand was a bit much. Should set it a little lower, uh… Two fifty?
Zekkass: Works for me.
*Zekkass takes her hand and examines it, making a face.
*Alex Webster tries to work out how to hold this many cards at once. He deliberates for a half-minute or so, shrugs, picks a card and places it face down.
*Zekkass carefully looks over her hand, then sets down another card – one that’s higher in value than Alex’s.
Zekkass: ((Oops ))
Alex Webster: ((Hax! ))
Zekkass: ((redo that so she places a card down facedown))
Zekkass: ((Sorry, I read that as card face-up))
Alex Webster: ((so noted. Let’s flip the cards…))
*Alex Webster turns his card over. It’s a seven.
Zekkass: ((to be fair, I’ll have a lower card.))
*Zekkass flips her card over. A six. She makes a face.
Alex Webster: Heh. That’s, ah, thirteen for me? We’re going to need to write this down…
*Zekkass scrounges in her pockets and pulls out paper and a pen. The paper is covered in doodles.
Alex Webster: Ah, right. Good.
*Alex Webster re-examines his hand, trying to remember how one puts together a half-decent strategy in this game…
*Zekkass scribbles the score down, then looks at her hand, picking a card and setting it face-down.
*Alex Webster finally chooses something and places it opposite Zekkass’ card.
*Alex Webster flips over the card, revealing a one. He was hoping that Zekkass would play a high card to try and win this round…
*Zekkass reveals a ten.
Alex Webster: Heh. Eleven for you, Zek.
*Alex Webster takes another look at his hand. That was one less ten she had, but what should he play next?
*Zekkass grins and writes down the score. This would be interesting…
*Zekkass puts down a card.
*Alex Webster runs a finger along his cards, half pulling one out, and then putting it back. He finally settles on a card, and places it down.
*Alex Webster flips his card over to reveal another seven.
*Zekkass flips her card. Three. Blast.
Alex Webster: Hmm. Interesting. Veeery interesting…
Alex Webster: That’s a ten. Hm. It occurs to me that the bells and swords rules won’t work properly with only two players…
Zekkass: Should we remove them from our hands?
Alex Webster: Shall we say that bells are no score for anyone in the round, and swords trump everything? Because otherwise we’ve got four cards somewhere that are useless, and four that will actually dock us points… Or, yeah, you could strip them out but that will probably leave one of us with less cards.
Alex Webster: *Chuckles* I guess we should have thought this out a little better in the first place…
Zekkass: Hey, it’s a way to pass the time. I like your idea – bells are no score, swords trump.
Alex Webster: Hokay. We’ll go with that. Should make things even more interesting, heh.
Zekkass: Yup.
*Zekkass shuffles her hand and lays another down.
*Alex Webster looks back down at his hand, and throws another card down.
*Alex Webster turns over the card. This time, it’s a nine.
*Zekkass turns her card up. She’s dumping low cards. A one.
*Alex Webster winces, having guessed that she’d go for this round. “Ah, well. I’ll take the ten points, heh.”
*Zekkass writes down the score again, and puts a card down quickly.
*Alex Webster considers a moment, before placing his card down.
*Zekkass flips. A nine.
*Alex Webster has, somewhat conservatively, gone for a three this round.
*Zekkass shrugs and writes the score down again.
Alex Webster: (Considering his cards) Hmm…
Zekkass: ((Let me count the score…))
Zekkass: ((Nine and three…))
Zekkass: ((Good lord, brain. That’s 12.))
Alex Webster: ((12 it is! I’ll BRB, just arrived somewhere so I’ll do the patrols.))
Zekkass: ((brb, helping mom start dinner))
Alex Webster: ((Roger. ))
Zekkass: ((Back ))
Alex Webster: ((I acknowledge your back-ness.))
Zekkass: ((The score is A: 45 Z: 11))
Zekkass: ((And I have a .doc file up so I can keep track of this))
Alex Webster: ((Good thinking…))
Zekkass: ((We’ve done five rounds so far, too.))
Zekkass: ((Out of what, 24 cards?))
Alex Webster: ((Yeah, 24 each…))
*Clio walks in and waves to everyone ‘hey people!’
*Zekkass waves, then returns her attention to her hand.
*Alex Webster looks up from his cards, and nods to Clio with a smile.
*Zekkass sets down a card.
*Clio looks at Alex and Zekkass ‘Oh what you playing?’
*Alex Webster taps his finger against the table for a couple of seconds, before pulling out a card and placing it down.
Alex Webster: (To Clio) Schellen. Points play.
Clio: Ohh sounds fun. do you mind if i watch?
Alex Webster: Please, go ahead. Want a drink?
Clio: yes please!
*Alex Webster flips over his card. “Bells” he says, with a quirked eyebrow…
*Zekkass blinks at the card. Hers is another six.
Zekkass: A drink, eh? What’ll you have?
*Clio says with a smile ‘Emmm I’ll just have some water with some ice please’
Alex Webster: I’ll get this, if you like Zek. No peeking, heh.
Zekkass: Oh, go ahead. I need to figure my cards out.
Alex Webster: Yeah, same here, heh.
*Alex Webster folds his cards into a single deck, and places them face down on the bar, before going to retrieve some ice water…
*Zekkass looks at the deck, then shrugs and stares at her cards.
Zekkass: ((tempted, but Clio’s watching))
Clio: ((i could drop somthing hehe.))
Alex Webster: ((heh, not honourable conduct for a military pilot such as yourself, Zek :P))
*Alex Webster returns with the water, and places it on the bar near to Clio. “There you go, Clio.” He scruitinizes his deck, and spreads it back out in his hand. He goes through and evenly spaces out the cards before picking one, and placing it down.
*Clio looks at Zekkass with a smile ‘im sorry, i dont think we have been properly introduced. I’m Clio, Alex here has helped me with some family issues iv been having’
*Zekkass puts down her card. She had to be more careful, and thankful as well – if she were gambling, she’d be losing mighty fierce.
Clio: Thank you alex
Zekkass: Good to meet you, Clio. I’m Zekkass. I’m just trying to be a regular here.
Clio: Me to hehe
*Alex Webster flips the card over. It’s a two. He’s obviously now trying to rid himself of the low-tier cards. “You’re most welcome…”
*Zekkass flips hers. A three.
Alex Webster: Heh. Lowest scoring round so far…
Zekkass: And yet I got myself a five. I think I’ll be alright.
*Zekkass sets down another card.
*Alex Webster regards his cards again. The trick would be to avoid giving Zek too many points before the big high-card battle at the end… He places another card down, a little hesitantly.
*Zekkass flips her card. An eight.
*Alex Webster flips over a five, and leans back, looking thoughtfully towards Zekkass. What did she have in her hand at this stage?
Zekkass: ((I have no idea. Some higher cards, some lower cards. A bell, to keep even.))
Zekkass: Well. Eight rounds down…
Alex Webster: ((works for me, I’ve got no real idea what Alex has :P. It was an IC question – Alex is trying to work out what Zek’s got left…))
Zekkass: ((I know, I just thought I’d try to answer it))
Alex Webster: ((heh, fair enough.))
*Alex Webster narrows his eyes, slightly, and throws down another card.
*Mairi wakes up in the park, confused and disoriented as she notices her white furred pillow, rubbing her eyes a moment to get her bearings
Alex Webster: ((Mairi, note that Markus brought you back inside, and put you in your room…))
*Zekkass places her card down. “Nervous?”
Mairi: ((well hell he said he’d tell me))
Mairi: ((*retcon* ))
*Mairi is REALLY disoriented, realizes she’s in her room and gets up
Alex Webster: ((heh… ))
Alex Webster: Not at all. Merely plotting your eventual downfall, Zek…
Zekkass: Of course, of course.
*Zekkass flips her card. A three.
*Clio looks confued at the card game ‘i have no idear how to play this game…. I’v never been to good when it comes to card games’
*Alex Webster reveals his card to be a six.
Alex Webster: Hmmm. Can’t have too many of those low cards left, eh, Zek?
Zekkass: I’m saying nothing about my cards.
Zekkass: My luck, on the other hand…
Alex Webster: Heh. (To Clio) S’quite a simple game to figure out, not necessarily easy to win it. A standard Schellen deck is delt evenly between the players. You pick a card from your hand, place it face down, and then once everyone has done that, you flip it over.
*Mairi wanders downstairs eventually in a change of clothes making her way to the bar
Zekkass: If you want to join in, you can after this round.
Zekkass: If you don’t mind, Alex..?
Alex Webster: Sure, no problems. Each suit has ten cards, 1-10. Whoever has the highest card wins the round. You add up the cards and whoever won gets that added to their points.
*Alex Webster notices Mairi, and an eyebrow goes up. He puts it back down again with some effort, before offering a wave…
*Zekkass waves at Mairi. “We served ourself drinks while you were out.”
Alex Webster: There are some special cards too, but they’re pretty simple. The one with the bells means that no-one scores in that round. The one with the swords trumps everything else, except another sword.
Mairi: that’s fine
Mairi: this place is for everybody
Zekkass: And we took a deck of cards, as you can see.
*Clio goes red in the face ‘ oh no i cant, i dont want to interrupt your game’
Alex Webster: Ah, we’ll finish up this game soon. You can jump in then, if you like.
Zekkass: Oh, it’d be no problem.
Clio: no please i will just watch for now, maybe another time
*Zekkass shrugs. “Alright.”
*Zekkass sets down another card.
*Alex Webster places down another card. “As you wish…”
*Alex Webster flips it over. It’s a ten.
*Zekkass flips her card. A bell.
Alex Webster: Argh!
Zekkass: Ha!
Zekkass: ((Bells mean no points, or are they simply zero?))
Alex Webster: Blast. I needed that ten. You sure you didn’t peek at my deck?
Zekkass: I’m sure. Clio was watching.
*Alex Webster smiles, rolls his eyes and looks over his deck, trying to work out his damage control strategy…
*Mairi chuckles, “sounds like a fun round” going to pour herself a glass of juice
Alex Webster: ((Bells are zero for everyone in that round, so you obliterated my ten :P))
Alex Webster: ((Let’s say that Swords are worth ten points while we’re here?))
Zekkass: ((Sure ))
Alex Webster: Heh. What’s the score?
Zekkass: 54 for you, 35 for me.
*Zekkass peers at the paper.
Alex Webster: Hmm. Right.
Alex Webster: ((any idea how many cards we have left at this stage? I may have slightly lost track…))
Mairi: ((hee ))
Zekkass: ((10 rounds.))
Zekkass: ((so 14 left))
Mairi: ((Bad Motivator would be proud, need to go read how to play again))
Zekkass: ((I like this game.))
Alex Webster: ((We adapted the rules a little for the 1-on-1, as they seem to be geared for multi-deck larger groups…))
Zekkass: ((But it works.))
Mairi: ((it’s flexible))
Alex Webster: ((Yeah. Only very minor adjustments needed, with the special cards.))
*Alex Webster shrugs lightly, and puts another card down.
*Zekkass follows suit.
*Alex Webster flips his card. It’s an 8.
*Zekkass flips her card. A six.
Zekkass: Blast!
Alex Webster: Aha…
*Zekkass sighs and lays down another card.
*Alex Webster briefly peruses his hand, before throwing down another card.
*Zekkass flips the card. A nine.
*Alex Webster reveals a four.
*Zekkass grins. “Yes!”
*Zekkass fixes the scores. Much better, only a twenty point difference.
Alex Webster: Alright, I see what you’re doing here…
Zekkass: What am I doing?
Alex Webster: Heh. You’re military, Zek, you should know not to discuss your strategy with an opponent…
*Alex Webster puts another card on the table.
*Knappekat makes his way through the tavern door, limping a bit, and heads to the bar. He nods to Mairi, Clio and the card players and goes behind the bar to fetch himself a cup of coffee.
*Zekkass waves her hand. “I never said a word about my strategy. Unfortunately, you didn’t say a word about mine, either.”
*Zekkass waves at Knappekat.
*Velen Snowdrop [Rabbit] walks into the bar, sighing and looking generally miserable even though his arm was out of the sling.
*Alex Webster returns Knappekat’s nod.
Zekkass: Hi, all! Now, where was I…
*Zekkass lays down a card.
Alex Webster: Maybe not… But I can’t let you know if I’m really onto you or not, can I?
Zekkass: True, true.
*Alex Webster hopes that he made his guess. He flips the card over. It’s a sword…
Zekkass: Oh, blast! Blast blast blast!
*Zekkass flips her eight.
*Velen Snowdrop [Rabbit] sighs, looking down at the table he sat by.
Alex Webster: Hahahah, that’ll do. Was hoping for a ten, but I’ll settle for that, heh.
*Zekkass sighs and writes down the new score.
*Alex Webster looks carefully at his remaining cards. One sword down, and he knew he didn’t have them all. Where to go from here?
*Zekkass lays down a card.
*Alex Webster considers for a moment longer, before plucking out a card and placing it down.
*Zekkass flips her card quickly. A bell.
*Alex Webster shrugs lightly. He flips over his one. He was hoping she’d put down a ten or sword, but taking out a bell was okay too.
*Alex Webster leans back and considers. He was burning through a lot of his tactical options. He hoped that this wouldn’t come and bite him later on…
*Jelani Mpunju : A craft not matching any known manufactered variety comes lumbering into the airspace of the skyland harboring the R&P. Part Bismark, part leviathan, and many others parts- this flying scrapheap is the Ndege, an exploratory vessel commanded by Jelani Mpunju for his expedition.
Zekkass: Alright…
*Zekkass finds another card after updating the score.
Alex Webster: Are those… airship stabilisers?
*Jelani Mpunju : Other Eland inside the craft ready mooring lines and make docking preparations as they approach the airfield. Jelani is in a good mood- his mission goes well. He meditates in a special room at the core of the Ndege as his bretheren bring the craft to its temporary home.
*Alex Webster shrugs, and finds another card to put down.
*Zekkass flips hers. A six.
Moros: ((jelani- you might want to give me a concept description and i’ll see what i can whip up in sketchup =P))
*Alex Webster reveals a five.
Jelani Mpunju: ((nifty! I’ll send you a PM via the forums, sound good?))
Alex Webster: Eh. You win some…
Zekkass: Works for me.
*Zekkass updates the score.
Moros: ((cheers. i’ll give it a shot if RL doesn’t overwhelm me))
Zekkass: Hey, Clio. Any advice?
Jelani Mpunju: ((Roger. You know anyone who might be able to do a sketch of Jelani himself? I’ve been itching to get one…))
Moros: ((i’m not that much of an artist (kyra may beg to differ, but it’s true). try tommy or gunnar))
*Jelani Mpunju finds his way to the pully-driven elevator on the port side of his craft, and descends to the tarmac below. Upon exiting, he gives a few orders to his crew, but it is merely a formality- his kind are well-versed in following their clan’s warrior’s orders and wishes. He strides purposefully towards the hospital.
Jelani Mpunju: ((will do.))
Alex Webster: ((I think clio has done the whole falling-asleep-at-the-bar-due-to-RL thing…))
Zekkass: ((Ah well.))
*Zekkass puts down another card, shuffling her hand.
*Alex Webster runs his fingers over the face of the cards, before plucking one from the pack and laying it down.
Clio: ((sorry hehe was just looking at somthing on the net))
Zekkass: ((No worries!))
Alex Webster: ((What, there are things on the rest of the net?! Cool! Welcome back :P))
Clio: ((thank you :)))
*Jelani Mpunju : Upon arriving at the hospital’s front desk, the eland bows and asks the receptionist about an ‘Ennia.’ He mentions that she was most likely admitted due to gunshot wounds.
*Zekkass flips it. It’s a sword.
Alex Webster: Heh. Can I get an ‘Argh’?
Zekkass: Yes, sure thing.
*Zekkass grins.
*Alex Webster turns over his last nine.
*Zekkass laughs. “Excellent!”
*Zekkass updates the score. It’s not there yet, but she’s close.
Alex Webster: Excellent indeed. Operation: False sense of security is well underway!
*Alex Webster taps the table as he sorts through his cards. Which way would she go now? He pulls a card out, and places it.
*Mairi finishes her juice and heads outside for a bit, wandering toward the park
Mairi: ((afk a while))
*Knappekat waves to Mai and idly watches the cardgame.
*Jelani Mpunju is told by the receptionist that the patient is sleeping, and cannot be disturbed. Besides, he’s not related. He nods an understanding of the matter, and leaves, destined for the R&P.
*Zekkass sets down another card.
*Alex Webster after a brief pause turns over his card. A three.
*Zekkass flips hers. A five.
Zekkass: Now we’re tied…
*Zekkass writes the score down.
Alex Webster: Hm. Interesting…
*Alex Webster considers carefully. Two swords down, and two bells. Can’t be many low cards left, but there must still be some out there. He picks out a card, and puts it on the table.
*Zekkass sets down another card.
Jelani Mpunju: ((Aw, nuggets. GF’s been busy doing who knows what all day and mere moments after wanting to RP she’s a-calling. And that certainly takes priority. So, Jellani’s decided to not get a drink tonight.))
Alex Webster: ((Fair play, Jelani. Reality always trumps RP :)))
Jelani Mpunju: ((especially a grilfriend! They trump other IRL duties, and therefore RP didn’t stand a chance. Just poor timing, is all. :P TTYTomorrow?))
HK-47: ((To be exact, woman > rp))
Alex Webster: ((I’ll probably be about, talk to you then.))
Clio: ((GF= FTW and soon i must go meet my GF))
*Alex Webster flips the card over, to reveal a ten.
*Zekkass blinks. She flips a ten.
Alex Webster: Heh. Draw another card. Winner takes all four.
Zekkass: Sweet.
*Zekkass sets down another card.
*Alex Webster considers briefly, before setting down his card.
Zekkass: How high did you go?
*Zekkass flips her eight.
*Alex Webster flips his one remaining bell.
Alex Webster: Sorry, Zek. Couldn’t risk you using your sword there.
Zekkass: Ouch. Not nice, but that’s the way of the cards.
*Zekkass updates the scores.
Alex Webster: ((hands left now?))
Zekkass: ((19 rounds))
Zekkass: ((out of 24 = 5))
Zekkass: And we can call one round enough, if we want
Zekkass: ((that was ooc, right))
Alex Webster: ((right. ))
Alex Webster: Alright. This is where it gets interesting, eh?
Zekkass: Oh yes.
*Zekkass takes a sip of her drink, and looks at her hand.
Clio: ((just so i know, is there anyone at the bar?))
*Alex Webster examines his cards, trying to decide which way he should go…
Knappekat: ((Knappe is.))
*Zekkass lays down a card.
*Alex Webster taps the desk a few more times before laying his card.
*Alex Webster slowly turns over his card, revealing… a two…
*Clio just getting up says to Alex and Zekkass ‘do any of you want a drink, im just going up there?’
Alex Webster: I’m alright, but thanks for the offer…
*Skymaster walks into R & P, looking around to see who is here and what they are doing.
Zekkass: I’m alright…
*Zekkass waves to Sky and flips her card. A three.
Skymaster: ((are they playing poker?))
Alex Webster: Ah. Also, interesting…
Zekkass: http://skyrates.wikia.com/wiki/Schellen
Zekkass: ((That’s what we’re playing))
Skymaster: ((what is?))
Zekkass: ((Schellen. It’s in the SKybrary))
Zekkass: ((*Skybrary ))
*Knappekat sips his coffee and gives a slight nod to the newcomer.
Zekkass: Good luck, then
Clio: ok. I’ll be right back
*Clio walks to the bar ‘can i get another ice water please?’
Alex Webster: ((I don’t think anyone’s on the bar, Knappekat is AT the bar, heh…))
Clio: ((-.- ))
*Knappekat sets down his mug and pours a glass of ice water for Clio.
Zekkass: ((*pokes Alex*))
Knappekat: ((was actually lounging behind it, fortunately!))
*Zekkass sets down a card. Four left.
Knappekat: Here you go… don’t think we’ve met. Knappekat, or Knappe for short.
Silura: ((Does anyone have a way of contacting Vanessa?))
Zekkass: ((Try a PM?))
HK-47: ((I have an aim, but she’s offline so far as I know))
*Alex Webster leans back, regarding his cards harder than ever. With every card he played, the chances of Zek playing a special increased. He places a card on the table. Two in Four. Not stunning odds.
Zekkass: ((Wait. So I have two special cards? Two swords?))
Skymaster: ((what variation?))
Zekkass: ((I was keeping track of the game, not the card situation))
Zekkass: ((Point ))
Clio: Hi im Clio, pleased to meet you
Zekkass: ((With modified rules for two players))
Alex Webster: ((Have you used up both your bells, already? If not, I figure you have a sword and a bell left.))
Burrito Loco: ((Vanessa might not be around much…..))
Zekkass: ((Okay..thanks. ))
Alex Webster: ((heh, I’m assuming an unrealistically fair card distribution for this game…))
Zekkass: ((That’s fine. I’m sure we’ll get to play again))
Jelani Mpunju: ((Moros, message sent.))
HK-47: ((Vanessa got jaded on the RP, last night. >_>))
Knappekat: “Pleasure, Clio.” *he offers his paw to shake*
Cecil Lancaster: ((Try ‘lynch mobbed’))
Jelani Mpunju: ((Also, my RL duties seem to be merely writing thank you notes. :( Ah well, multitasking time!))
*Alex Webster takes a breath, and flips his card over. Six.
Zekkass: ((Alex, do you have AIM?))
*Zekkass flips her card. Four.
HK-47: ((Tomato, tomahto))
Alex Webster: ((I do not, at the moment. Might pick it up, since Skyrates integrates with it…))
Zekkass: ((Ah, alright. If you do, I’d be willing to say hi on it))
*Alex Webster arches an eyebrow. “Heh, I’ll take the points…”
*Zekkass shrugs.
Alex Webster: ((I’ll let you know :) …))
Alex Webster: ((four cards left, or was that the fourth we just played?))
Zekkass: ((Three cards left))
Alex Webster: ((Hokay… ))
*Zekkass eyes her hand. Pretty good chances…but she’d have to see. She puts down a card.
*Alex Webster considers. He was hoping to drag out one of her specials there. He draws out a card, and lays it on the table.
*Clio walks back to where Alex and Zekkass are playing cards ‘so whos winning?’
Jelani Mpunju: ((what kind of card game are you playing?))
Alex Webster: Dead heat right now.
Jelani Mpunju: ((also, Skyrates integrates with AIM?))
HK-47: ((I think that’s experimental))
Alex Webster: ((Jelani: See Schellen on the Skybrary, and your options menu for the AIM bit…))
Jelani Mpunju: ((a german card game? :P))
Knappekat: ((pretty sure the AIM bot has been broke for many many moons. Could be wrong, haven’t heard anything on it for a long time.))
*Zekkass hmms, then flips her sword.
Zekkass: ((The game is in the Skybrary. Anyone want the link?))
Alex Webster: Eeeee…
*Alex Webster turns a seven over.
Zekkass: Ha ha!
*Zekkass writes up the score.
Silura: ((I seem to remember the devs saying that they have a problem that AIM keeps designating their bots as spambots))
*Alex Webster glances at his last pair. He had a 50% chance of drawing the bell. The question was, where would she drop it? He knew what he would do, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything. He makes a snap decision, pulls out a card and places it on the table.
*Clio get up ‘good night everyone’ :yawns: ‘I’ll see you tomorrow most probly’
*Zekkass sets down one of her two cards, and leans back.
Zekkass: Bye, Clio.
Talon Karrde: ((aimbot was broken as of…let’s see…the move to skyrates.net))
Alex Webster: Mm? Oh, heh. Seeya Clio.
Alex Webster: ((So noted.))
Clio: bye
*Alex Webster looks at the two face-down cards. It would either be the bell, or it wouldn’t. He reaches out and flips over a sword, the last remaining special card.
*Knappekat nods to Clio as she goes.
*Alex Webster taps the table a little more rapidly as he waits to see Zek’s card…
*Zekkass flips over her seven.
Zekkass: Blast, and double-blast!
*Alex Webster grins, and then frowns. If that was the seven, that means they were tied again, and the next card was a bell…
Zekkass: ((No, we’re not tied…))
Zekkass: ((You’re winning?))
Alex Webster: ((Are we not? I be confused…))
Alex Webster: ((I shall examine the logs…))
Zekkass: ((Z: 108))
Zekkass: ((A:113 ))
Alex Webster: ((Ah. Yes. Retcon mode engage!))
*Alex Webster grins. It was pure luck that she didn’t use the bell, but nevertheless, it was still in her hand. He threw down his last card…
*Zekkass sets down the bell.
*Alex Webster turns over the last card, showing a five. It didn’t matter though, as the bell neutralised the scores for that hand…
Alex Webster: Haha! That… was too close, heh…
Alex Webster: If either one of us had played those cards the other way around… Good game, Zek.
Zekkass: You too!
Alex Webster: ((Now, I wonder how many cards we played more than four times :P Must remember to keep track of that next time…))
Zekkass: ((Sure thing. Can do.))
Zekkass: Well, that’s enough cards, I think. Care to play anothe round later?
Alex Webster: Yeah, most certainly. I’ll look forward to it!
*Alex Webster gathers up the cards, and starts picking out the specials.
*Zekkass looks around, then stands. “I need another drink.”
*Jelani Mpunju enters the bar, looking in rather good spirits. A brown shawl covers his upper body and he is wearing khaki pants as well. He bows deeply to the bar patrons.
*Zekkass waves. “Hi there, stranger.”
Jelani Mpunju: “It is a pleasure to see you again, Alex Webster. I trust everything goes well with you?”
Alex Webster: Heh. I’d have a victory drink, but I should be getting back to my ship. Haven’t slept properly for days, heh. Hey, Jelani. Everything goes well with me, how’s your exploration going?
*Jelani Mpunju bows again to Zekkass- “Appologies for not introducing myself. My name is Jelani, of the Mpunju clan. I have come from far to the east here in search of cultural knowledge.”
Knappekat: *quietly, just before he takes a sip of coffee* “Heya, Jelani.”
Jelani Mpunju: “I just travelled to Goldenrod- it is very strange- some of their own customs seem too much alike my own for it to be coincidence. This is perhaps a cultural remnant of the times before the Upheaval. I have noted this and plan to investigate further.”
*Jelani Mpunju bows slightly to Knappekat. “A pleasure to see you again as well, Knappekat. How go your own travels?”
Zekkass: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jelani. If you’ll excuse me – I need another honey ale, and then possibly it’s time to go check on my Veng.
Alex Webster: Interesting. I expect culture was more easily spread before the upheaval. Honestly, I have problems imagining all the ground down there with the sea…
Knappekat: Eh, not too bad.
*Knappekat pulls a honey ale, having heard Zekk mention it.
*Zekkass moves over to the bar and takes the drink when it’s ready. “Thanks!:
*Alex Webster separates the eight special cards and places them at the top of the pack, before placing them back into their box.
Jelani Mpunju: “This is all good to hear.” *the large Eland turns to Zekkass* “I do not believe I caught your name, traveller.”
*Zekkass sips her drink. “I’m Zekkass.”
Jelani Mpunju: ((Zekkass- species check?))
Zekkass: ((Female orange fox.))
*Alex Webster heads over to the bar, motioning for Knappekat to stow the cards underneath. “Thanks. Uh, well, I’ll be off, ladies and gentlemen. Zek, I’m leaving for Eltsina tomorrow morning. Jus’ give me a call on the radio if you’d like me to talk to that merchie.”
Zekkass: Sure thing, Alex. Thanks for the game.
Jelani Mpunju: “Best of luck to you in your travels, Alex.”
Jelani Mpunju: ((tender? ))
Alex Webster: Heh, no problem. Thank you for finding the cards in the first place… And good luck to you too, Jelani. Seeya later on, all…
*Alex Webster heads off in the direction of the skylet’s hangar, waving to anyone looking as he heads outside.
Knappekat: *accepting the cards and putting them away* “Bye, Alex. Blue skies.”
*Zekkass waves and has a seat at the bar.
Knappekat: Righto. Anyone else need a drink?
Zekkass: I’m set.
Jelani Mpunju: “I would certainly appreciate a glass of wine. Last time I tried [insert some random Red wine here], are there many other varieties?”
*Knappekat makes a noncommittal gesture and hunts up a bottle of decent Pisan red.
Knappekat: *pouring a glass for the eland* Here ya go… we got some white wines from the same place, too.



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