Breaking News: Nothing happens.

Not actually true, strictly speaking – it is the opposite of nothing happening which is causing it to appear as if nothing is happening around here. Real life has been pretty busy, chaotic and mostly unpleasant and this has prevented me from working on any of the 7+ posts in my drafts folder recently. I haven’t forgotten about this place, but nor have I been able to devote any time to working on it (and the time I have had, I haven’t really been able to focus).

It doesn’t seem to be a localised effect though – EVERYTHING seems to have slowed down, at least on the parts of the Internet that I frequent. No-one seems to be updating things very often at the moment. Maybe they’re just updating at the same speed as normal, and I’m just noticing it a little more as I’m relying on the Internet for some light relief every day?

Regardless, here’s the stuff that I’ll probably eventually publish and won’t end up just deleting:

  • A Skyrate’s Life Part 8 and onwards from there. Apologies if you’re following this series, I’ll get on with it when I have some time.
  • Some thoughts on the Cataclysm expansion now that we’re pretty much at the end.
  • The first actual BF3 war story which I’ve been ineffectually working at for bloody ages.
  • More things… at some point.

Anyone who’s still about: Thanks for your patience!



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