Command and Conquer Alliances

So, Durkonkell’s not about very much at the moment. Fortunately, here’s Semseye! He volunteered to play C&C Alliances so you don’t have to. Truer sacrifice has never before been seen.

Command and Conquer games for me have started to go down hill since Renegade come out. They decided that people didn’t want to play the typical “Command and Conquer” game that they already knew people loved, and headed in the direction on the FPS (First Person Shooter). Although this game did have some fun moments I just couldn’t get into it. I think the main problem was that, because it was running with the C&C title, people expected different things from it. There was no base build mode for one. One of the main things I love about a C&C game is making a base, building walls around it and making it impenetrable. I will add that Red Alert 2 and the Yuri’s Revenge add-on were also good games, and will probably be more then happy to play them today. If we jump ahead a bit it looks like they just couldn’t be asked any more. They decided to take one of the main thing I loved about C&C. Base building was no more! Someone decided that people didn’t like building bases and set the game up so that you have a certain amount of units from the start of the mission and you use these to complete it. But anyway, I am here to talk about the new C&C interweb game that is now on an open beta for everyone to try and is meant to be “Free”… Hmmmm.

The game itself it kind of straight forward in that you collect tiberium to build structures and advance more into the game. Once you create an account you are asked what side of the map you want to go on. The map itself is huge! Once you have picked an area you are presented with build screen, which is where you can start constructing your own base! You start off with a construction yard (As you do in most C&C games) and move on to things like the refinery, harvesters and power plants. That was always the same build in C&C with the next building being a barracks. Not so much in this game though. Next it is the factory and then a command center. The command center is where you get the unit points to build and “command” your tanks. Annoyingly, with each upgrade you only get 5 extra points, and to build a new tank costs 10. So to get a small army of just 4 tanks you need to upgrade the command center a crazy amount of times.

The game itself is ok… Its one of those games that you can jump on for 30 mins or so and spend your money on upgrading your base/units and attack some bases. It will never live up to most of the C&C games, but then the game itself isn’t meant to. Its just something you can play from time to time. You could say its like Skyrates, in the sense that you can log on, Set up your trade route and then leave it to finish the route on its own, logging on from time to time to do your attacks. With C&C Alliances the wait is for when you have spent all your tiberium and you have to wait around 4 hours till you have enough to upgrade the next building. You might be thinking “Well why don’t you attack bases until you get the right amount of tiberium to do things”. This wouldn’t be a problem, but you can only attack so much as well. You have command points that you need to spend each time you attack a base. The higher level the base, the more points are required. The max points you can have (From what I can tell) is 100, and to give you a little idea. to attack a level 8 base it costs 13 points. That’s 7 attacks you can do and it tends to take 2 attacks to destroy a base. First attack to find out where the construction yard is and the second to take it out.

The attacks themselves are not that impressive. When you attack you get to move your units along several points and in different attack waves. Each wave is 10 seconds after the other, so if you have 4 units and you put them all in the same point but line them up in different attack waves it will take 40 seconds for all your units to join the battle. IMO they should make it more around 5 seconds as there’s no reason for it to take that long really. Once you have your units where you want them, you let them unleash hell on the rebel base. They then move up the map staying in their lane. I guess they get a court martial if you deviate from it?! Reminds me of World War I – if you didn’t “walk” towards a group of solders shooting at you then your own officer will shot you! But anyway, they head up to the base and attack anything that comes into range. If you manage to take out the construction yard then all the buildings, that were rigged with C4 from the looks of things, explode leaving you the victor! And that’s pretty much the game in a nut shell.

I’m not sure its the type of game for me. I used to play the browser game “Ogame” but I’ve always found myself getting to a point and thinking “ok what do I do now”, and 9 times out of 10 I leave the game and stop playing it. The same could be said for Alliances. I’ve found that I’m already at that point and thinking “ok, so I will upgrade this building so I can get another tank… Then what. Get enough money to upgrade the same building so I can get another tank… Hmmm”. You really couldn’t look at this as a Command and Conquer game… Because it just isn’t. All this is, is a Farmville style game. EA see that Farmville had made a bucket load of money and decided that they could do the same thing, but better. But what you want and what you get are two different things and this is just a money maker with no enjoyment from anything C&C related.





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