A Skyrate’s Life, Part 8: Horrible make-up.

What's Drawception?

A Skyrate’s Life is a series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

It’s been a while since the last one of these, and for that I apologise. I’ve also got some updates to do to previous entries’ notes based on what people in the community (principally Phedre Spitfire and Talon Karrde) have told me. I will get around to that, but I have to find the lurker chat logs first as I didn’t actually make proper notes for the corrections. Whoops.

What’s in this entry, then? Below the cut, you’ll find more Schellen, Kincaid’s birthday (which doesn’t go as well as you’d hope), Rimdar being perplexed at the lack of applause and Burrito Loco emitting a beeping sound. For those of you with accent allergies, this entry contains small quantities of Markus. For previous entries in this series, clicky!

New Characters:

  • Blargdina [Rose]: A female walrus in horrible make-up. I think we’re done here.
  • Jugan Kannouteki: I don’t know anything about this character. No entry in DP, and he doesn’t appear again.
  • Kanephren: Doesn’t appear in DP, although he does turn up in a few future logs.
  • Kincaid: Male bear, blue faction. Ennia’s partner and Mairi’s closest friend. I have the feeling that I should remember more about this character. Maybe I’ll update this once I’ve read through some of the later logs again.


  • Later on in this log, we have some people at the hospital and some people in the bar. This was long, long before location tags were in use, so you just have to remember who’s where and sort it out in your head.
  • Mairi really does try to make Kincaid’s day better, except that no-one’s told him yet that Ennia’s been shot. That goes about as well as you’d expect. Poor Mai!
  • Zek and I actually made some kind of effort to track what cards we played today, so we’re hopefully not playing 12 cards the same or only one two.
  • See if you can identify the reference to the Blues’ hat obsession somewhere in this entry.

RP 21/07/08 0330

Zekkass: ((Anyone mind if Zekkass tries to get a drink and some entertainment?))
Kairyu-shin: ((Go nuts. Maybe Ikky’ll come in and “entertain” the masses.))
Zekkass: ((Alrighty then.))
Cantrell: ((Whee! ))
*Zekkass enters the tavern and heads for the bar. No one seems to be here at the moment, but the door was unlocked…?
*Zekkass shrugs and moves behind the bar, getting her usual drink and a pack of cards.
Alex Webster: ((Alex’ll most probably be in at some point…))
*Zekkass walks to a table and has a seat, setting down the drink and cards. She lays them out, putting together a Skyratesversion of Solitaire.
*Blargdina waddles into the bar, puffing energetically on a cigar that is dwwarfed by her massive frame. She sees Zekkass and waves a flipper, “Well howdy there, darlin’! All by yer lonesome?”
Zekkass: Seems s, but not anymore, now that you’re here. Hello!
Zekkass: ((Zekkass is a female orange fox, for your information.))
Blargdina: ((Thanks. Blargie is a female walrus in horrible make-up.))
Cantrell: ((Big walrus. :D))
*Blargdina sits down nearby, the chair creaking beneath her massive weight. “Aww. Playin’ solitaire?”
Bouchie Topturner: ((isn’t she the one who ran away crying last time I saw her?))
Cantrell: ((Prolly. ))
Bouchie Topturner: ((pwnsome. I’ll enjoy the show.))
Blargdina: ((I bet.))
Zekkass: Yes…I just got here, actually.
Blargdina: Ah see yer wearin’ th’armada’s colors. A flyin’ ace, are ya, sugar?
Zekkass: Not yet – trying to be though.
Zekkass: I’m Zekkass – who might you be?
*Blargdina gasps. “Why, Ah’m Blargdina Rose, th’loveliest an’ deadliest pilot in th’skies!” She flutters her horribly made-up eyelashes. “….well, Ah will be.”
Alorwin: ((Think she’s already the deadliest))
Zekkass: ((My goodness.))
*Concupiscense cracks teh tavern door open a bit and peeks through, looking around before shuffling in standing at the end of the bar.
Zekkass: It’s…a pleasure to meet you.
*Zekkass waves at Connie.
*Concupiscense waves back shyly, and squeezes herself behind the bar after a long hesitiation. She pours herself a ginger ale and takes a seat at the bar, the stool creaking under her weight.
*Blargdina belly laughs. “You as well, sweetheart!” She waves a flipper energetically, the dishes on nearby tables wrattling. “Well hello there, sweetie!”
Tethran: ((Is connie the one that has the thing about women-women relationships?))
Zekkass: ((Yes ))
Zekkass: ((She was terribly embarassed))
Concupiscense: ((connie has a thing about a lot of things))
Tethran: ((>=D ))
*Concupiscense takes in Blargdina out of the corner of her eye, and her glass rattles against her little sow tusks as she sips.
Zekkass: If you want a drink, I can fetch you one. They have everything, it seems.
*Blargdina blinks with a lipstick-smeared smile. “Aww, what’s th’matter hon? Y’all’re welcome here!”
*Concupiscense takes a deep breath and turns to face Blargdina a bit more fully. “H-h-hello. um… um…”
Zekkass: Connie, this is Blargdina. Blargdina, this is Connie.
*Alex Webster ‘s Vengence flares slightly before touching down on the skylet’s short runway. Decelerons along the wings deploy, slowing the plane to a speed where steering the craft is feasible. Alex taxies off the runway and finds himself an empty hangar before hauling the plane inside and cutting its engine. He hops out, and inspects the latest bullet holes. Seeing nothing that requires immediate attention, he dismisses Sun – his navigator – and heads in the direction of the bar.
Concupiscense: oh, um… pleased to meetyouthenI’msure.
*Alex Webster watches Sun scamper off in the direction of the skylet’s small town. She always insisted on going shopping, but never seemed to actually bring anything back. In confused the hell out of him, but it’s just as well – there wasn’t a lot of room aboard Basilisk in the first place. He pushes open the bar’s door, waving to Zekkass and giving a polite nod towards Connie and Blargdina.
Blargdina: Connie! What a lovely name!! Pleased ta meetcha yerself!
*Concupiscense tries to shrink into herself, a surprisingly difficult task given how much of her there is to shrink into.
*Zekkass waves at Alex.
Concupiscense: *whispering, very nearly* “oh… and um.. hello, Alex, Zekk…”
*Alex Webster heads behind the bar, in search of something to drink. He comes up with a bottle of Midgardian lager, and pours off a pint of it into a glass.
Alex Webster: Lo, Connie. Can I get anyone else a drink?
Zekkass: I’m fine, thanks.
*Zekkass taps the card deck. “I’d be willing to play a round, if anyone wanted to join in.”
*Silura makes her way into the bar. She seems to be walking quite a bit easier, very little trace of her limp remains.
*Zekkass waves at Silura.
*Blargdina ‘s eyes light up as she spots Alex. “Well hello there little sailor.”
Alex Webster: Eh, heh, actually I fly planes. Like sailing but in the sky…
*Alex Webster arches an eyebrow at the walrus’s choice of description…
*Blargdina lets out a loud guffaw. “Sky sailin’, then!!”
Alex Webster: Heh, If you like. Alex Webster. I don’t recall seeing you here before…
*Zekkass sips her glass.
*Blargdina extends a flabby flipper. “Blargdina Rose, sweetie pie.”
Blargdina: …an’, sadly, I must be goin’. Toodle-loo!
*Alex Webster shakes the flipper. “Ah, right. Pleased to meet you, Blargdina. Good flying…”
*Silura nods to Zekass and makes her way to the bar. She’s once again smiling.
*Blargdina stands and lumbers away, turning to wink at Alex. She barely fits through the door.
*Concupiscense watches Blardina go, one small conical ear twitching slightly.
*Alex Webster shrugs lightly. “Well, I’m up for a game. Zek. Can’t start assembling my new cannon till I work out how it all goes together anyway, heh,”
*Zekkass nods, and sorts the cards. “Now…do you want a bell and a sword each, or random shuffle?”
Alex Webster: Dealer’s discretion. Make it more tactical if the specials were divided evenly, but random distribution can be interesting too…
Zekkass: I’ll go for the even distribution.
*Silura looks around to see if anyone’s tending at the moment
*Zekkass deals the cards.
*Rimdar Klall enters the bar, humming a fast-paced jazz tune. He waves to those he knows and takes a seat at the piano, still humming.
Alex Webster: Lo, Rimdar.
Zekkass: Hi there.
*Concupiscense manages a tentative nod to Rimdar, and an even barer acknowledgement of Silura’s presence.
Rimdar Klall: “How’s the flying, Alex?” *he begins to warm up, trying to not play such simple things too loud.*
Rimdar Klall: “Howdy, person playing with Alex. What’s your name, friend?”
*Zekkass sets down the two hands. “Take your pick.”
Rimdar Klall: “And… is that schellen?”
Zekkass: I’m Zekkass – who might you be?
Alex Webster: Good, thanks. I mean, I seem to attract a lot of bullets, but that’s why I have a rotary cannon. And this is, indeed, a Schellen deck.
Zekkass: We’re playing a two-player version of Points.
Rimdar Klall: “Name’s Rimdar Klall, captain of the Allegro Assai- I’m known for the musical goods I ferry, and the musical crew I command.”
*Rimdar Klall finishes warming up. He’s been away at a jazz festival for the last 3 or so days, and has had plenty of time to play with the jazz band he was transporting. He cracks his knucles, and seems to be waiting for the right time.
Zekkass: Good to meet you.
Rimdar Klall: “If we have any Blues, you might want to hold onto your hats…”
Zekkass: Not that I’m aware of…
*Rimdar Klall launches into an extremely fast piece- his hands are flying, the piano almost groaning to keep up. He’s missing the occasional note, sure, but to ears unaccustomed to the tune it sounds amazing. The song clearly wasn’t made for a piano, and Rimdar seems to be struggling to keep the balance of the high and low parts in check.
*Silura smiles slightly and makes her way behind the bar to get herself a drink. There’s something… Far more relaxed about the injured vixen than there has been in the past.
*Zekkass looks at Alex. “You get to pick your hand.”
*Rimdar Klall is singing, but his playing takes the majority of his attention. The piano/squirrel duo are locked in battle, neither one showing signs of giving in to the song’s high tempo and complexity.
*Alex Webster picks one of the hands, at random, and tries to fan it out in his left hand. He has a sip of his drink as he regards his cards.
*Zekkass takes the other hand and looks at it.
*Zekkass then lays down a card.
*Silura fetches herself a beer and then moves back around from behind the bar and towards one of the comfortable chairs. Sitting down she leans back and, beer still in hand, closes her eyes and sighs softly.
*Alex Webster isn’t done considering his hand yet. He thinks about it for a few moments, and then puts a card down.
Alex Webster: ((I’ll start tracking cards laid. Do you want me to do scoring this time?))
Zekkass: ((I’ll do scoring.))
Alex Webster: ((Very well…))
Zekkass: ((flips the card. Starting high – an eight.))
Zekkass: ((We can both do it, and see who comes out higher..?))
*Zekkass flips the card. Starting high – an eight.
*Rimdar Klall is no longer really singing, but has quieted down his piano playing and is now scatting the trumpet part, freeing his left hand to focus on the bass and trombone.
Alex Webster: ((Sure, why not…))
*Alex Webster turns his card over. It’s a seven. Worst possible result for the cards on the table…
*Zekkass grins. “Excellent!”
*Concupiscense takes a deep breath, obviously feeling obliged by Manners. She turns to Silura.
Concupiscense: H-h-h-hello.
*Zekkass lays down another card.
*Kincaid steps inside the tavern with a yawn. He pauses to give a nod to the crowd which is followed by another yawn. He shuffles his tired looking self to the bar and leans over, fetching a bottle from the shelves.
*Alex Webster also places a card down.
*Rimdar Klall finishes playing the fast-paced song, sweating slightly. He seems a bit perplexed when the tavern does not erupt in appluase, but then remembers he’s not where he was yesterday, and doesn’t have his crew playing with him. He shrugs, and basks in memories for a minute.
*Zekkass flips hers. A two.
*Alex Webster flips a two as well. “Interesting.”
Zekkass: Er. What now?
Rimdar Klall: ((tender would be…?))
Alex Webster: Draw again, winner takes all four.
Zekkass: Oh yeah, thanks.
*Zekkass eyes her cards, then puts down a card.
Alex Webster: ((No tender right now. We’re in self serve mode.))
*Alex Webster frowns at his cards slightly, before picking something out and laying it.
*Concupiscense claps three times, having realized the song was over a bit late, then stopping as soon as she realizes no one else is clapping.
*Kincaid takes a long pull from the bottle, eyeing Connie warily before smirking.
Zekkass: This had better not be the bell this time…
Alex Webster: Heh. Let’s find out…
*Alex Webster flips a ten.
*Zekkass grumbles and flips her four.
Silura: ((Sorry Connie – I ended up switched to world for some reason))
Alex Webster: Heh. Expected you to go for that one, Zek.
Zekkass: Then I am too predictable.
*Jugan Kannouteki walks into the tavern, most of his clothing and face looking blackened and smelling of smoke. He sits down at the bar, helping himself to something that’s probably a bit too strong for him, and takes a long drink from the bottle.
*Silura opens her eyes, one icey blue and the other a milky white and looks to Connie. “Hey there”
*Zekkass waves at Jugan.
Alex Webster: I mean, I expected you to try and win it… Actually, I don’t know why I explained that. I could use the advantage of you thinking I’m omniscient, heh…
*Mairi wanders in from the hangar and makes her way to the bar
*Zekkass shakes her head and lays down another card.
Mairi: another game? who’s winning?
*Jugan Kannouteki throws a casual wave over his shoulder. “Met the oddest guy today. Called himself ‘Wukong Bar Hopper’. Hauled me here after I got my butt handed to me by pirates.”
Zekkass: He is, at the moment.
*Rimdar Klall smiles at Connie. “Thanks.” He’s snapped out of his daze, and closes up the piano.
*Silura looks at Mairi as she enters and does her best to hide herself into the soft chair she’s on
Rimdar Klall: “I guess I’d just spent a little too much time at the festival.” *he has a big grin on*
Alex Webster: Heh. Only three rounds in, so far. Could go either way yet…
*Mairi waves to everyone and looks around for someone tending
*Alex Webster places another card down.
*Kincaid nods to Mairi with his bottle.
*Zekkass flips her card. A six.
Mairi: Kinky!!
Mairi: ((where is Kincaid?))
*Burrito Loco :: A shadow and a whisper pass over the R&P a few minutes later BL wanders into the R&P
Kincaid: ((At the bar, leaning against it.))
*Zekkass waves at BL and Kink.
*Kincaid smiles a bit tiredly. “Heya Mai.”
*Mairi tackles Kincaid with a giant hug, “you jerk, you stood me up Monday. Happy birthday”
*Alex Webster reveals his card – it’s a three.
Zekkass: There we go….
*Kincaid grins and hugs her back, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Sorry about that. Things… just moved faster than I thought they would.”
*Zekkass writes down the score.
*Concupiscense tries a tentative smile for Silura.
*Alex Webster nods to Burrito, upon noticing him, and returns to his cards.
Mairi: it’s okay, I still have everything
*Mairi grins, “So, lemme know when you’re ready”
*Kincaid blinks and smirks, “Not sure if I should be worried or not. Well, don’t want to make you hold onto it forever…”
Silura: ((Connie, you know about Silura’s visible injuries right?))
*Silura smiles back at Connie and takes a drink of her beer.
Concupiscense: ((yup – facial scar, blind in one eye, burn scars on hands, right?))
Silura: ((Pretty much. Facial scars rather than scar.))
*Zekkass sets down a card.
*Rimdar Klall stands and stretches. “Whoo, nothin’ like a god weekend to clear the head, hm?” *to noone in particular. He then heads to the bar*
*Rimdar Klall decides to serve himself seeing no definitive bartending going on, and fetches himself a scotch.
*Alex Webster plucks a card out, and slides it across the table.
*Mairi gives Kincaid a peck on the cheek and skips off to the kitchen
*Concupiscense looks down at the glass clutched in her hands.
*Zekkass flips it. A four.
*Kincaid chuckles and sits down at the bar.
Rimdar Klall: “Had a birthday recently, Kincaid?”
*Alex Webster reveals a five. He tilts his head at Zek’s choice of cards, trying to work out her strategy this time.
*Kincaid nods to Rimdar. “Yesterday… or the day before. The week sort of blurs together.”
*Jugan Kannouteki takes another swig and wipes the smoke and dirt from his face with his glove.
Burrito Loco: I know how that goes
*Alex Webster immediately places another card down.
*Mairi eventually returns from the kitchen with a tray covered with a cloth, setting it down on the bar before darting upstairs to her room with a quickly shouted “No peeking!”
Rimdar Klall: “Well, hope it went well, whenever it was!”
*Rimdar Klall sees the thoroughly dirty fur at the bar. “Woah, what happened to you?”
*Zekkass blinks, then sets down her card.
*Alex Webster raises an eyebrow at Mairi’s activities. He looks back quickly after Zek places her card down.
*Rimdar Klall sees the plate on the counter, and says with a grin, “Do you think she just meant you, or everyone?”
Jugan Kannouteki: ((brb ))
*Kincaid eyes the tray, paw stretching over to play with a corner of the cloth. “Eh, it went alright…” He eyes Jugan.
*Alex Webster reveals a nine.
*Zekkass flips up her two.
Alex Webster: Hm.
Alex Webster: ((one more two out there…))
Zekkass: ((Aye ))
*Mairi hops down the stairs with something wrapped in paper hand painted with cutesy bears and airplanes, setting it on the bar beside Kincaid as she smacks the paw tugging at the cloth gently
Rimdar Klall: “Heya Mai. Looks like you spent a good deal of time putting this together!”
*Alex Webster plucks another card out, and drops it on the table.
*Silura ‘s smile slowly falls as she watches Mairi with the present for Kincaid.
Mairi: only the best for my best friend ::beaming a smile at Kincaid::
Mairi: okay which do you want first?
Rimdar Klall: “Go for the plate, Kincaid!”
*Kincaid smiles at Mairi, withdrawing his paw quickly at the smack. “Err, I guess we’ll go for the plate.”
*Zekkass shrugs. “Well, while we’re playing…where are you headed, Alex?” She lays down a card.
*Mairi laughs, “okay, well.. this one I wasn’t sure on, but I wanted to do something different. If you want a cheesecake instead I’ll make you one”
Alex Webster: Right now, here. Probably going to be spending the next couple of days taking my plane apart, and putting it back together in new and interesting ways, heh.
Zekkass: I guess you want to see how it works intimately?
Jugan Kannouteki: ((back ))
Alex Webster: That, and I finally got all the parts for my new cannon. How about you?
Kincaid: I’m sure it’ll be fine.
*Mairi tugs off the cloth, revealing a tray full of honey soaked flaky triangles of baklava
*Rimdar Klall eyes the platter. “Woooah, haven’t seen anything like those in a looong while…”
Kincaid: Ooooooo.
Ennia: ((Dude, now I’m hungry.))
*Kincaid continues to make the ‘ooooo’ sound as he picks one up delicately, nibbling at the corner where his ‘ooooo’ turns into a happy groan.
Zekkass: I’m still looking for better upgrades, but that’s alright. Mostly, I’m checking out Skylands and getting to know the skies.
Burrito Loco: As resident old man I am requisitioning at least one of those
*Burrito Loco plucks a pastry
Kincaid: ‘ey!
Rimdar Klall: “Wow, wish I had friends like that.” *pulls a :P face and finishes his scotch*
*Alex Webster reaches out and turns over his card while listening to Zek’s reply. It’s a three.
*Concupiscense finishes her ginger ale with a slurp, and looks around warily to see if anyone noticed the noise.
*Kincaid quickly noms his pastry and covers the tray, eyeing the people around him warily while he licks his claws clean.
Rimdar Klall: “Hey, wish I could stay to see what else you’re getting, but I’ve got some calls to make around the skyland. I’ll catch you later. Happy Birthday again, by the way.”
Alex Webster: How far out have you been, so far?
Kincaid: Mmm, thanks! Have fun with the music and whatnot.
*Rimdar Klall waves a goodbye to all and heads out towards the hangars, humming a slower but still uptempo jazz piece. “Will do! And indeed did!”
*Silura slowly stands and makes her way from the tavern, her smile having disapeared.
Rimdar Klall: ((Movie time with GF, sorry I can’t stay. Ta-ta!))
*Alex Webster waves to the departing Rimdar.
*Phedre Spitfire walks into the tavern.
*Mairi giggles, “so, good?”
*Kincaid grins and nods. “Fantastic, love.”
*Phedre Spitfire smiles at everyone she knows and moves behind the bar, to fix herself a drink.
*Kincaid nudges the wrapped object, “You didn’t have to go through for all this…”
*Burrito Loco watches Rim and then Silura leave
*Silura sits down just outside the tavern, bottle of beer in hand.
*Zekkass flips over her card. A five. “I’ve been doing pretty well..”
*Mairi shrugs at Kincaid, “you’re my best friend. I told ya, you’re not getting out of it. Plus this one I kinda owed you anyway”
*Kincaid smirks and begins unwrapping the present. “I don’t think I’m smart enough to want to get away, love.”
*Mairi giggles at Kincaid unwraps the gift, under the paper is a blue hat, not unlike the one previously mutilated in a knife fight at the kitchen door. Inside the brim in simple tiny stiches is embroidered, “I’m sorry” punctuated with a tiny heart, followed with “Mairi”
Alex Webster: I think Aleut is the furthest I’ve been from home. Cold up there. Very cold…
*Alex Webster lays down another card.
*Burrito Loco finds an empty bottle, rinses it, fills it with water and heads outside
*Kincaid aws softly and puts the hat on, shifting it a bit before flashing Mairi a grin. “Thanks love.” He gives her a half hug.
*Mairi beams another smile at Kincaid and captures him with a full hug, squeezing tight a minute before finally letting go
Mairi: Happy Birthday, Kincaid
*Zekkass nods, then ruffles through her pockets and pulls out a map, checking it as she lays down a card.
Zekkass: The furthest north I’ve been was Eltsina, and Fuseli and Islo are pretty far off as well…
Burrito Loco: Hey, Silura
*Kincaid smiles, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks love. How has the place been while I’ve been gone, anyways?”
Alex Webster: Yeah, bout the same then, really. I haven’t got the charts to go out any further, and probably not the range even if I did.
Zekkass: I do have the charts to get to more places, but my range is lacking, sadly.
Mairi: meh. violent
*Kincaid chuckles and nods, “Same ol’, same ol’, then?”
*Alex Webster flips his card over. A five.
Burrito Loco: ((hmmm, it appears Silura is gone….))
*Zekkass flips her card. A nine.
*Jugan Kannouteki takes another swig from the bottle, and belches loudly. “S’cuse me…” He mutters, before sets down the now half-drained bottle.
Alex Webster: Hmm…
*Burrito Loco can’t find Silura and/or she’s asleep and thus heads back in
Zekkass: Much better!
*Phedre Spitfire finishes her drink and moves to a couch to take a nap.
Mairi: meh, same enough
Mairi: except worse
Burrito Loco: Yeah, coupla nights ago there was some huge mess, I heard
Mairi: missed you though
Burrito Loco: and night before that En-
*Kincaid smiles and stands, mussing up Mairi’s headfur. “Missed you too.”
Mairi: have you seen Enny, Kin?
Kincaid: Uh, not since I left. Why?
Mairi: She’s okay now… but she was shot a few days back
Mairi: but she’s okay, stable, in the hospital
*Kincaid blinks.
Kincaid: Wait… what?
*Alex Webster plays another card. “Let’s hope I have better luck with this one…”
Burrito Loco: Yeah
Mairi: some guy came up and shot her outside the tavern
*Kincaid looks over to the door and takes a step.
Burrito Loco: Yeah, she’s alright though
Mairi: Markus and BL chased after, winged him, but he got away
*Kincaid stops, paws tightening into a fist.
Mairi: I think Markus had his jacket or something, Phe identified it as belonging to Larkos
Kincaid: She’s in the hos–
Kincaid: I… I should go.
*Kincaid frowns and heads to the door, “Watch over those treats for me, okay?”
Mairi: Kincaid…
Mairi: want help?
Kincaid: I.. don’t even know what I’m gonna do, Mai.
Kincaid: Just watch over her for me?
*Concupiscense quietly shuffles off her stool and out the door, with tiny waves to her few acquaintances.
Mairi: okay. I have been
*Mairi gets up and goes over to the door, pulling Kincaid into one more hug
Mairi: take care of you, too
*Alex Webster waves back at connie.
*Kincaid sighs while in the hug. “I… wasn’t there for her.” He mumbles before extracting himself and heading out.
Mairi: Kincaid… ::sighing helplessly as she watches him go::
Burrito Loco: Let him
Mairi: I know. I just wish I could do something
*Mairi goes back over to the bar stool, sighing as she covers up the tray with the cloth again
Burrito Loco: Just be there
Mairi: well. that was what, 15 whole minutes of something nice. right?
Burrito Loco: Heh
Burrito Loco: Take what you can get
*Kincaid slowly walks over to the hospital, pausing outside and looking at the bleak building. He takes a deep sigh, retightens his fist and heads inside, getting a room number from the front desk.
*Ennia is in the hospital, looking marginally better than yesterday, but still not looking too hot, but is at least mostly awake, although drugged.
*Zekkass lays down a card. “Alex?”
*Mairi sighs and folds her arms and lays her chin on them against the bar
*Kincaid :: There is a soft knock on Ennia’s door, a figure moving infront of the door window. After a moment, the door opens and Kincaid pokes his head in.
Alex Webster: ((Already laid a card down :P))
*Ennia grins widely. “KIN!” she sounds a bit weak, but looks overjoyed.
*Kincaid smiles weakly, walking quickly over to her bed to wrap her, albiet a bit hesitantly and delicately, in a hug.
Zekkass: ((oops! ))
Zekkass: ((Sorry! ))
*Zekkass flips her card. A one.
*Ennia hugs him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Happy birthday.”
*Kincaid can’t help but laugh, giving her a kiss. “You need to work on your present technique, love.”
*Alex Webster flips his card over, showing a 6. “Eh. Seven points I didn’t have a moment ago, at least…”
*Ennia returns the kiss. “I was workin’ on it… then I got here.”
Alex Webster: ((heh, no worries…))
*Kincaid leans back, paw moving to gently stroke her cheek. “What… Are you alright?” He asks, obviously concerned.
*Zekkass shrugs and picks another card.
*Burrito Loco emits a beeping sound
Burrito Loco: Ooop
Burrito Loco: Gotta run
*Burrito Loco heads out to his plane
*Alex Webster deliberates for a moment, before pulling and throwing down a card. He offers Burrito a wave on the way out, but the mule is in a hurry and doesn’t seem to notice.
*Ennia smiles at him. “The doctor said I can’t leave for ‘nother week or so…. but I’m fine, aside from the gaping holes…” she kisses his paw. “Better now. “
Alex Webster: ((Donkey, don’t know where mule came from…))
*Kincaid frowns, round ears flicking slightly, “I.. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.”
*Zekkass flips her card. It’s a ten.
*Alex Webster grimaces, and turns over his card. Eight.
Zekkass: Yes!
Alex Webster: Ai. Tactical error…
*Zekkass grins and puts down another card.
*Ennia smiles softly at him, stroking his ears. “You’re here now, that’s what matters.”
*Alex Webster taps the desk a few times before drawing his next card.
Zekkass: Ready?
Alex Webster: Heh, trying to pressure me into making mistakes, Zekkass?
*Alex Webster puts the card down.
Zekkass: Not at all!
*Zekkass is innocent, flipping her five over.
*Kincaid nods slightly, “So… What happened?”
Zekkass: ((brb, feeding cats))
*Alex Webster turns over a one. What was his problem today?
Alex Webster: ((So noted. Cats can be insistent.))
*Ennia shrugs, squeezing his paw. “I was walking into the Tavern and this guy asked me to come over and then he shot me…”
*Kincaid finds himself growling softly and coughs. “Did you get a good look at him? A name by chance?”
*Ennia shakes her head. “No…”
*Kincaid nods and kisses her on the nose. “Well, you get some rest, ‘kay?”
*Ennia smiles weakly and nods at him. “I love you…”
Alex Webster: Hm. This does not go as well as planned…
*Kincaid smiles warmly and nuzzles her gently. “Love you too. Can I get you anything?”
*Ennia closes her eyes. “No…. I’m just glad you’re here.”
Zekkass: ((Back ))
Zekkass: Nope!
*Zekkass updates the scores.
Alex Webster: ((back after the combat battle action…))
*Kincaid leans down and gives her a soft kiss, his paw squeezing hers as he takes a seat next to her bed.
*Alex Webster sorts through his cards, considering his next move with some care…
*Ennia turns her head to watch him, a small smile on her lips. “How was your trip?”
*Zekkass sets down a card.
*Kincaid shrugs tiredly. “Eh, got back, so there is something.”
Ennia: That bad, huh?
*Alex Webster finally picks out a card, and places it on the table.
*Zekkass flips her card. “I picked at random, this time.” She says, revealing an eight.
Kincaid: Just went like I thought it would, is all. Didn’t help I missed you the entire time.
*Alex Webster turns his card over. “I didn’t. Have a ten. Heh, I need the points…”
Ennia: I missed you too…You didn’t get shot up too, I hope.
*Markus Jarnhann slides into the tavern, whistling to himself. He glances left, glances right… and hops over the bar, rummaging for something underneath. With a victorious cry, he comes back up with a dusty bottle of a heffeweissen, and pulls the cap loose. He chuckles, and takes a long drink from the bottle. “…Oy, ‘sgoo’ tae be ‘ere.”
*Ennia grins a bit, shaking his paw playfully.
*Kincaid smirks, “Only wounded self esteem here, though next time I’ll work on it.”
*Zekkass waves at Markus, grinning.
Alex Webster: Lo, Markus. In good spirits?
*Ennia grins. “Eh, don’t work too hard. I prefer you in one piece.”
*Mairi lifts her head some from the bar and reaches over, fishing for nothing in particular
Batty Den: ((good spirits are in Markus))
Kincaid: Just one piece with a bunch of holes, neh?
*Kincaid grins.
Alex Webster: ((heh, apparently so.))
*Mairi pulls up a bottle and wrinkles her nose, setting it back down
Batty Den: ((well, they are now. Sorry, not here really. I’m at work.))
Ennia: I could do without those….You look much better without them…
*Markus Jarnhann grins over at Mai, and examines the bottle she pulled, as he leans up against the boozeahol racks. “…Ye alrigh’, m’dear?”
*Kincaid chuckles and kisses her paw, “Well, we’ll see what shape I’m in when you get out of here.”
*Alex Webster takes a moment to rearrange his card before picking the next one, and placing it on the table.
*Zekkass picks at random again and lays down the card.
Mairi: meh, yeah
*Ennia smiles at him a bit worriedly.
*Mairi stands and picks up the cloth covered tray, taking it back into the kitchen and putting it away
*Alex Webster reveals a seven.
*Kincaid shrugs back at her, simply responding with a quick kiss. “Should let you get back to resting up.”
*Zekkass shows a six.
*Ennia holds the kiss for a bit longer. “I’m glad you’re safe…. that’s what matters.”
Alex Webster: Heh. We’re gonna run into a load of special cards soon…
*Burrito Loco finds his way back to the R&P
*Kincaid murrs softly and nuzzles her. “Well, one of us is up and going, just need the other half, neh?”
*Mairi comes back to the bar and goes behind it, reaching for a particular bottle from the top shelf along with an empty glass
Zekkass: Oh dear…
*Zekkass plays a card.
*Markus Jarnhann watches Mairi from his spot behind the bar, and quirks an eyebrow, as he takes another drink of his beer. “If ye’d aske’, I’d ‘ave gotten i’ fo’ ye.”
*Alex Webster puts his card down.
Mairi: hm? yeah, sorry
*Zekkass flips her card. Three.
*Mairi shrugs and takes both and flops down on her couch, pouring herself a glass of the single malt and sipping slowly
*Ennia smiles. “Don’t go getting into the hospital over me, ok? I don’t really like being in here more than I have to.”
Burrito Loco: That was fun….
*Markus Jarnhann shakes his head slightly, and says nothing to Mai as she sits down. He then looks over at Loco. “…Wha’ were tha’?”
*Alex Webster turns his card. It’s a one.
Zekkass: Huh.
Alex Webster: Ah, wonderful, I successfully reduced the impact of your… three…
*Zekkass laughs.
*Kincaid chuckles and sets his new hat on her head. “I’ll be careful. He won’t get away with this.”
*Alex Webster grins, and consults his cards… He picks one out, and lays it down.
*Zekkass sets her card down.
*Alex Webster turns his over. It’s the first special card, a bell.
Burrito Loco: Oh, there was a pirate outpost raided and they thought I needed to know about it
*Zekkass flips hers. An eight.
Burrito Loco: Which I did, but not right away….
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles and shakes his head. “…Such is tae life o’ bein’ in charge, mate.” ::He shrugs slightly, and makes his way towards Mai’s couch, walking around the long way. He plops down on the coffee table, next to her bottle of topshelf booze and her glass, leaning over so that he was pretty much face to face with her.:: “…Hiya.”
Alex Webster: Heh, I was hoping you might go for one of the higher cards there.
*Ennia sighs, a bit, chuckling slightly at the hat. “Don’ do anything silly, love.”
*Mairi sips from her drink and looks up at Markus, “hi”
*Zekkass sighs. “Oh well. Coulda been a ten, or a sword.”
*Markus Jarnhann keeps his head right there, mostly passive, but with a hint of concern. “…Ser’sly, m’dear… wha’s eatin’ ye?”
*Alex Webster plays another card. “This is true…”
*Zekkass lays down another card.
Mairi: meh, just had to tell Kincaid what happened to Ennia
*Zekkass flips her card. It’s a ten.
*Kincaid grins, giving her a playful kiss on the neck. “Mmm, for you, silly seems just about right.” He pulls back and smiles.
Burrito Loco: It’s better you told him than not
*Alex Webster turns over a nine. “Ouch!”
*Markus Jarnhann half-flinches. “…Yeh… I’d ‘oped tae catch ‘im ‘fo’ anyone else sae I coul’ do tha’.” ::He sighs slightly.:: “…Sorr’, Mai.”
Burrito Loco: Be happy you got to tell hims she was in the hospital and doing well
*Markus Jarnhann nods at Loco’s comment.
*Zekkass cheers, updating the score.
Burrito Loco: It’s a lot easier than telling a mother which stone he’s under
Alex Webster: Argh. This is not the stage of the game for me to be doing that…
Zekkass: Nope, not at all.
Alex Webster: Oh, good. Sympathy as well, heh.
Mairi: yeah, well.. I couldn’t just not tell him. Tried to do something nice for him for his birthday, thought he knew already
*Ennia smiles at him. “Be careful, please…”
*Alex Webster smiles wryly, and reconsiders his cards.
Markus Jarnhann: I’m sure ‘e ‘ppreciate’ ye tryin’, love, fo’ wha’ ’tis wort’. An’, ye can always continue tae dae sich.
*Zekkass sets down a card.
Kincaid: Yes ma’am. Now, off to sleep or I’ll never be able to sneak away.
*Kincaid grins playfully.
*Mairi shrugs
*Ennia grins back at him. “Stop teasing me and I might. It’s not nice.”
*Alex Webster places his next card on the table.
Zekkass: Round seventeen….
*Zekkass flips her card.
Mairi: take what you can get, I guess
*Mairi sips her drink
*Zekkass blinks. Whoops, wrong card. It’s a four.
Mairi: so says Pappa Rito
Kincaid: Just can’t help it.
*Markus Jarnhann nods. “‘E’s righ’, tae.”
*Burrito Loco smiles widely
*Alex Webster reveals a seven.
Burrito Loco: It’s good to hear people repsecting their elders
Zekkass: Blast.
*Ennia grins sleepily at him. “I’ll go to sleep…”
*Zekkass updates the score and studies her hand.
Alex Webster: Hm…
*Markus Jarnhann snorts at Loco’s comment. “…Jus’ know when someone’s righ’, e’en if ‘e’s an ol’ far’.” ::He takes a drink of his beer.::
*Alex Webster selects a card, a little hesitantly, and drops it on the table.
*Kincaid grins and gives her a long kiss before drawing back. “Y’sure you don’t want anything? Parts magazine? Favorite wrench?”
Mairi: yeah… he’s right. so ten minutes of some sort of genuine happiness is good. really good, ya know. Especially after all I’ve seen, I mean it’s the best you’re gonna get, right?
*Ennia smiles. “Thanks, but Mairi’s taken care of me with magazines… Tell her thanks… and BL…and Markus…”
Burrito Loco: The best? Hopefully not
*Zekkass hms and places a card on the table as well.
*Kincaid nods and gives her paw a squeeze. “Will do.”
Markus Jarnhann: Nae, no’ the bes’ ye’re goin’ tae ge’. Look… ‘is lass is alive, an’ she’s goin’ tae be alrigh’. He’s go’ plen’y o’ ‘appiness tae look forw’ar’ tae. An’ sae d’ye, if ye’d jus’ accep’ tha’.
*Ennia kisses his paw. “Now get outta here and let me sleep.” She grins at him, squeezing his paw.
*Alex Webster flips the card. It’s his turn to have a four.
Mairi: I’ll give mine to him, maybe collectively it’ll amount to something
*Zekkass flips her card. The bell.
Alex Webster: Hm. That actually doesn’t work out too badly for me. There can’t be much lower than a four left now…
*Mairi sighs and sips at her drink before laying her head back and looking up at the ceiling
Zekkass: Lovely.
*Markus Jarnhann shakes his head, and takes a deep breath. He drops off the coffeetable, and sits on the floor. “…Wha’ ‘ave I go’ tae dae tae make ye see i’? Life ain’ always goin’ tae be un’appiness an’ pro’lems fo’ ye. Ye ‘ad a goo’ nigh’, las’ nigh’ di’ ye no’?”
*Alex Webster Hums, and starts tapping the table again. He throws down another card.
*Zekkass puts down a card, and flips it. A seven.
*Kincaid nods and gives her paw a kiss, “You get better, ‘kay? I’ll be back soon.” He steals another kiss before heading out, his hat still with her.
*Alex Webster turns over the sword.
Alex Webster: Heh. Unlucky, Zek.
Zekkass: Ouuuch.
Mairi: if you mean a few spaces of nobody shooting or drinking hallucinogenic coffee… I’d say halfway
Alex Webster: Ouch, perhaps, but there are five rounds left, three swords and two bells. This… is going to be interesting…
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs a bit. “…’swha’ i’ ‘s, m’dear.”
Zekkass: In-deed.
*Zekkass plays a card.
Mairi: yeah. a few moments of peace are good enough
Mairi: I’m fine
Markus Jarnhann: Ye dinnae seem i’. ::He shrugs.::
Burrito Loco: There’s more than a few people here who’d say you’re well more than fine, I’d wager *smiles*
*Alex Webster plays his card as well. He flips it over immediately, to show a one.
*Markus Jarnhann quuuuirks an eyebrow in Loco’s general direction.
Mairi: heh. good enough, at least
*Zekkass shows a bell.
*Mairi puts on a smile before sipping her whiskey again
Alex Webster: Well, I never thought drawing three ones would work in my favour, heh…
*Zekkass grins.
*Markus Jarnhann shrugs, and drains the rest of his beer, setting it down on the table, saying nothing further, for now.
*Alex Webster scans over his remaining cards, before placing one down.
*Burrito Loco finds himself a seat with Markus and Mairi
*Zekkass places a card.
*Markus Jarnhann nods to Loco, from his spot on the floor next to Mai.
Markus Jarnhann: Gla’ ye joine’ us, mate.
*Mairi moves her legs so BL can sit
*Zekkass flips up. One of the swords.
Burrito Loco: THanks
*Alex Webster shows a three. “Not particularly inspiring. What can I say, you need to shuffle these cards better, heh.”
Burrito Loco: Always, Markus
*Kanephren walks in, seemingly thinking about something and looking at a finger
*Zekkass grins. “I shuffled them just right.”
*Alex Webster barks a laugh. “Sure you did.”
Markus Jarnhann: ((afk a sec, phone))
*Zekkass sets down another card.
*Alex Webster wavers between two cards. He eventually picks one out on impulse, and places it down.
Kanephren: Do any of you know much about selling planes, and not just as trade-in?
*Zekkass flips her card. It’s her final sword.
*Mairi leans on Burrito Loco and sips at her drink, otherwise curled up on herself
*Alex Webster looks at the sword with some surprise. He turns his card over – it’s another sword!
Alex Webster: Uh… whoever takes the next round will more or less win outright…
Zekkass: ((What now?))
Zekkass: ((ah ))
*Zekkass plays her final card – a nine.
Zekkass: ((Unless it should be something else?))
*Alex Webster plays his eight.
Alex Webster: Aaaargh, should have belled it!
*Markus Jarnhann stealthily slides a hand up… and pokes Mai gently in the ribs.
*Kanephren shrugs at the lack of response, and goes to get a glass of water
*Mairi wrinkles her nose at Markus and scoots nerer to BL so there’s room on the other side of her
*Zekkass cheers again. “Good game, Alex!”
Alex Webster: Blast. That’s, what… 37 points in a single round?
Zekkass: Yup.
*Markus Jarnhann chuckles, and moves to sit up on the couch. “…Doc sai’ I can ge’ me stitches ou’ nex’ week.”
Alex Webster: Eaargh. Well played, Zekkass.
*Mairi nods
Zekkass: Maybe next time we can bet on the game….you too. You’re good at this.
Mairi: good
Burrito Loco: Good to hear
Burrito Loco: I just got mine out not that long ago
*Markus Jarnhann nods a bit. “…Yeh. ‘s somethin’. ‘s already feelin’ near ‘nough back tae useful.”
Alex Webster: Yeah, perhaps. Heh, I guess I can spare some money from my ‘shoot the pirates’ fund…
Kanephren: Things heal, most of the time.
Zekkass: Whatever works for you. Now, I need another drink…
Moros: ((hey mairi, did you read the draft? :)))
Alex Webster: And I need to go and track down my navigator before she tries to buy the skylet…
*Mairi nods again and sips her whiskey, leaning forward and refilling her glass
Zekkass: Alright…I guess I’ll see you later?
Mairi: ((yep :) be glad to see the next one))
*Kanephren sits down and takes a sip of the water “Would any of you know someone after a second-hand plane?”
Alex Webster: Yeah, certainly. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the hangar, but I expect I’ll be in and out of here a bit too, heh.
Moros: ((ok, cool. if i have a creative burst i can hopefully finish it in the next sitting =P))
Zekkass: I’ll drop by the hanger sometime, then.
*Alex Webster picks up his empty glass and returns it to the bar. He stretches, and then waves in the direction of Mai, Markus and BL.
Mairi: ((only thing I would have are minor nitpicks, I like it so far))
*Markus Jarnhann tosses a wave to Alex with the arm that’s not being leaned on by Mai.
*Zekkass waves and moves to the bar
Alex Webster: Sure. Maybe we can work out how the engine comes apart, heh. I’ll see you people later on.
*Mairi waves to Alex and sips her drink
Burrito Loco: Have fun with that
Alex Webster: I intend to. I just hope it goes back together again…
*Alex Webster heads out in the direction of the hangars…
Burrito Loco: That’s the fun part
*Kanephren shrugs “I guess not.” He finishes the glass of water and walks back outside.
Kanephren: ((never mind this, probably unnecessary.))
*Markus Jarnhann adjusts, and shifts on the couch, slinging his arm over the back to give Mai some more room, as he scooches agains the armrest.
*Zekkass yawns, then blinks. “I probably should go, instead of drinking more…” She shrugs and sets her empty glass down. “I’m going to go. See you later, all.”
Markus Jarnhann: Late’, Zekk.
*Mairi tucks up her knees and makes herself smallish squished comfortably between BL & Markus, leaning her head on BL’s shoulder
*Burrito Loco smiles down at Mairi
*Zekkass leaves.



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