About YBS

This is a internet-weblog about Electric Computer Games. It was originally about Beast Mastery Hunting in World of Warcraft, with occasional forays into the worlds of Druidism, science fiction and maybe other stuff too. I still write about those things – it’s just that my horizons are a little bit broader now.

It is powered by steam, overcharged capacitors and wordpress.com.

Let’s be more specific.

Your Best Shot is a combination of Durkonkell and PsySniper. PsySniper is good at things and Durkonkell talks a lot. Durkonkell writes most of the posts on here, but you can find PsySniper’s contributions under the name ‘Semseye’. We also make videos about the blinking coloured pixels which appear on our computer monitors which you can find on our Youtube channel right here.


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