While I have more characters (and pets) than displayed here, these are the ones I play regularly. Click images for embiggenment!

Durkonkell of Ironforge (and sometimes of Darnassus) (level 85 Dwarven Hunter)


Durkon’s my main and my first (and currently only) character to reach the level cap. He’s a beastmaster through and through and I suspect he always will be.

When he first left Dun Morogh he believed he could do more than simply hunt for subsistence. He set out with his grandfather’s blunderbuss, intending to accomplish something with his life by becoming an adventurer. Fight some evil, see the wars, make some gold and retire. He fought some evil, made some gold, spent it all on gear and training and is still out there now, retirement no longer a priority. His proudest moments so far are infiltrating and undermining the Dragonmaw clan (and the subsequent pledge of Jorus, his Netherwing Drake) and being adopted by a Spirit Beast. He likes a good drink and some fresh fish. It is his considered opinion that his animal companions are more intelligent than most humanoids.

Durkon’s Animal Companions:

portrait-RyokuRyoku – A Loque-type Spirit Beast. He’s naturally more intelligent than Durkon’s other pets, leading him to believe that they’re sentient in the wild. He’s also more aggressive than the others, defending his person with ferocity. He’s not easily fooled or intimidated, and once engaged he’ll stop for no-one but Kell.

portrait-NimitzNimitz – Nimitz is a spotted snowsabre. He’s the first beast that Durkon ever adopted, and he’s been a constant companion since nearly the beginning of his career. Nimitz responded particularly well to the enhanced intelligence granted to a beastmaster’s “tamed” companions. Like Ryo, he’s vicious on attack and dedicated in defence but he’s also quieter, more concerned with his person. Nimitz’s quiet, undemanding loyalty was an inspiration to Durkon as he fought his way to where he is now.

portrait-DraiganDraigan – A warp-stalker. Durkon found him in the Outland and he provided his own, special set of skills. Draigan’s very, very good at making people attack him and his ability to warp instantly short distances never gets old. He’s not as sharp as the other two nor does he hit as hard; he’s a defender. At least, we THINK it’s a he. Sexing warp-stalkers was never covered in hunter-training…

Amaras, Druid of the Claw (level 85 Night Elf Druid)


It is not so long since Amaras made the decision to venture into the unknown, following the path of his (missing) father and his sister, Elaara. His affinity as a natural shapeshifter was recognised quickly and with training and guidance it seems likely that he has the capacity for greatness. He is currently finding his calling standing at the front, defending others; the shield to their sword and spell.


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