Hunter Guides!

What is a Hunter Blog without Hunter Guides, eh?

Here you may find my collection of completed and published guides. Mostly they concern Hunters, but there’s the odd ‘general’ guide and in the future possibly Druidy stuff too. I’m working on something new most of the time, so this list will be expanded. Do you have a suggestion? Spotted something missing / confusing / horrendously incorrect in one of my guides? Leave me a comment and I’ll get on it! I really value feedback, especially if you catch an error that I missed.

Hunter Guides:

Guides for the modern Cataclysm hunter.

4.0.1 Guides:

These are written specifically for the early Cataclysm era.

Editor’s Note: I fully intend to go through the guides written in 3.x and update them for 4.x, but that hasn’t happened yet. Older guides below.


(Old) Hunter Guides:

Good hunting!


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