A Skyrate’s Life, Part 6: Narcolepsy

A Skyrate’s Life is a series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

Still no Mahmoth, so another mundane and easily understandable title today.

This is the final post of the 3 logs taken pretty much sequentially. Between parts 4, 5 and 6 we have the best part of an entire 24-hour R&P day! In pre-lurker times I imagine this was a fairly rare event, particularly with the server occasionally disconnecting you for no adequately explained reason. Anyway, in this entry Mairi explodes, Markus drinks heavily (the two are related), we discover a disturbing fact about the denizens of the R&P aand… we talk about aircraft a bit as usual. Don’t miss the flustered boar sow towards the end!

New Characters:

  • Gunnar Matheson: Male giraffe, blue faction (as of Skyrates 2.5 – he has no DP entry for 2.4 when these events took place). Hails from Reichland, a skyland a significant distance beyond Uurwerk – off the edge of the Skyrates game map in any case. Gunnar is the main connection between Reichland and the rest of Skytopia.
  • Concupiscense: Female boar (sow), yellow faction. Perpetually nervous. Another alt of Knappekat! (Thanks, Phedre)
  • Circle: Female giraffe, blue faction. Was apparently involved with Gunnar at some point.


  • Mairi’s meltdown is complete, and she explodes at Markus for being ‘so damned nice to me’. It turns out that recent events aren’t the only things that went badly for Mai – she has a pretty tragic backstory. The belief that letting people be nice to you causes them (and you) to be hurt is completely irrational, but also quite human.
  • Who’s the friend with brain damage who wants to kill her?
  • There’s a colossal OOC wall in the middle of this. It does explain quite a lot about the behaviour of the bar’s patrons, though…
  • This is the post where Markus refers to Zekkass and I as his apprentices. There are a few people who Alex looked up to in Skyrates – Mairi, Mah, BL and Markus primarily. If I was going to describe one of them as a kind of mentor though, it would likely be Markus. Torn as I was between blue and red, it seems fairly likely that I would’ve joined Zekkass and Markus in the Crimson Armada eventually.
  • What Connie says next is sadly lost to us. We may never know the rest of that conversation.

As you might expect, today’s chat log is below. For previous entries in this series, hie thee.

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A Skyrate’s Life, Part 3: Action! Adventure! Shooting!

A Skyrate’s Life is a self-indulgent series of posts reminiscing about my time in the Skyrates roleplaying community, primarily through posting and talking about my remaining RP channel logs.

Once again, we appear half way through something and have to work out what’s going on the hard way. For once, this isn’t the fault of my Internet connection – I’m not participating in this entry, I just happen to join the server at this point.

Last week’s entries were characterised mostly by people relaxing and chatting in the tavern, exploring their relationships and the more recognisable, human aspects of their characters. I mentioned in the notes that one of the things that really works about this style of RP is that it gives us a chance to look at the mundane, day-to-day lives of our characters in between the action and adventure.

Our Skyrates don’t have the same sort of lives that we do – I certainly don’t have to fight three groups of pirates on my journey to work. I don’t even fly to work, I use a car! This is because the world hasn’t yet cracked into small islands and floated up into the air. Spending time in the Tavern lets us look at what we’d be like, and what kind of people we would encounter in a world like this.

But then, it’s not always so peaceful around here. When I said ‘between the action and adventure’, I wasn’t merely referring to the flying and shooting that our characters do ‘off camera’. In a world this inherently dangerous, nowhere is completely safe.

It all starts fairly normally. Just another day in the Rotor and Prop…

New Characters:

  • Amelia Brightmoon: Female wolf, it seems. No DP entry, and I didn’t interact with her personally.
  • Knappekat: Male cat belonging to Red. Has appeared before, but for some reason I didn’t write an entry for him then.
  • Jelani Mpunju: Male eland from a distant region. He appears to be here as some manner of ambassador or explorer. He is rarely seen without his spear.
  • Larkos: Male boar. Ooh, a mysterious stranger! No entry in DP, naturally.
  • Ennia: Female squirrel, Green faction.
  • Darkstar (Lars): Ennia’s Brother.
  • Frank Whittle: Male monkey, doctor at the local hospital. He has no entry in DP, and I’m not even sure if he was ever seen again!


  • I left my client running overnight to capture the entire event. Unfortunately, it broke and lost connection shortly after I went to bed, so I got very little.
  • At the beginning this entry doesn’t look so remarkable. Amelia and Silura are flirting outrageously just outside the R&P while Mairi is most irritated at for an unknown reason and decides to drink everything. For the most part the other patrons shrug and get on with whatever they were doing.
  • What was the argument in the hangar about? Whatever it was drove Mairi to drink. It can’t have been Markus, as he hasn’t arrived yet. I don’t think Karrde was back at this stage either, so who was responsible for Mai’s foul mood? I fear it need remain a mystery.
  • Towards the end, at least half a line is just not there. This isn’t my HTML or find-and-replace tool screwing up, it’s like that in my original plain text logs. I think I used to just do select all, copy and paste, so I have no idea what happened there…
  • We’ll be able to see the consequences of today’s events in the next log, but the actual EXCITING ACTION is lost. I wonder if there’s another log of this event out there somewhere?

The log – such as it is – is after the cut.

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