Command and Conquer Alliances

So, Durkonkell’s not about very much at the moment. Fortunately, here’s Semseye! He volunteered to play C&C Alliances so you don’t have to. Truer sacrifice has never before been seen.

Command and Conquer games for me have started to go down hill since Renegade come out. They decided that people didn’t want to play the typical “Command and Conquer” game that they already knew people loved, and headed in the direction on the FPS (First Person Shooter). Although this game did have some fun moments I just couldn’t get into it. I think the main problem was that, because it was running with the C&C title, people expected different things from it. There was no base build mode for one. One of the main things I love about a C&C game is making a base, building walls around it and making it impenetrable. I will add that Red Alert 2 and the Yuri’s Revenge add-on were also good games, and will probably be more then happy to play them today. If we jump ahead a bit it looks like they just couldn’t be asked any more. They decided to take one of the main thing I loved about C&C. Base building was no more! Someone decided that people didn’t like building bases and set the game up so that you have a certain amount of units from the start of the mission and you use these to complete it. But anyway, I am here to talk about the new C&C interweb game that is now on an open beta for everyone to try and is meant to be “Free”… Hmmmm.

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